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What to do so that the router does not heat up and turn off

The router overheating problem

This is something that can happen with many devices. Surely on some occasion it has happened to us that, beyond the router, we have had problems with a video player, television or similar, which gets caught and we have had to turn it off a bit and turn it on again.

It is true that technology has improved remarkably in this area in recent years. Teams are already more optimized to consume fewer resources and have fewer problems with heating. However, it is not something that has completely disappeared and we can see it with the example of the router.

The way in which we use these devices is going to influence a lot. It will depend largely on the user whether we may have problems or not. In case we suffer overheating in the router it could translate into loss of internet speed, micro cuts and stand still, without responding to requests from other devices. This is a problem that we can easily solve if we consider a few tips.

Especially when the temperature rises, as it happens in the summer months, this type of device can have problems. We can run out of signal and the reason is usually a overheating. It can happen at a specific moment, for example if it is working at its maximum, but it could also be something more extended in time.

Tips so that the router does not get too hot

It is important to take care of our appliances so that they have the best possible performance and extend their useful life. Normally only with making small changes we can achieve it. Therefore, we will see the main recommendations to prevent the router from heating up.

Place it away from other electrical appliances

Something very important is to avoid putting the router near others electric appliances. If for example we put it next to the television, next to a video player or even next to the computer tower, we can have problems.

All of these devices can affect the performance of the router. They could cause overheating and malfunction. Therefore, one of the main tips is to place it as isolated as possible, always with a good separation of heat sources that can cause other domestic equipment that we use in our day to day life.

Watch out for windows and direct sun

This is another typical mistake. On many occasions we place the router near a window and, even if it is far from other devices, the direct sunlight. This can be very damaging to any appliance.

This means that we should recommend avoiding putting the router near a window where it can receive direct light at some time of the day. We could have major problems that even permanently affect the device.

Avoid placing things on top

Of course we must also avoid putting anything on top router and that may obstruct the free passage of air. For example, we must avoid putting a book on top or any object that can cover it.

The best thing, once again, is that the device is as insulated as possible. We must place it on a table, connected to the current and, furthermore, away from power strips and anything similar that can give off heat. But we should never put something on top.

Avoid getting dusty

It should also be borne in mind that over time the router may pick up dust. This is something that happens to any device, such as our computer. However, the accumulation of dust can seriously affect the circuits of the device. It could cause overheating.

The best thing to avoid this is to have continuous maintenance and that the surface is clean at all times. The goal is to prevent dust from building up inside the router and causing problems.

Keep it up to date

To avoid overheating in the router it is also important to have it updated. In this way we will ensure that it will work correctly, that it will make the most of the available resources and that it will not have any type of vulnerability.

It could happen that there is a failure in that particular model and that, when it comes to handling connection requests, it overheats or cannot respond properly and needs to use more resources than necessary. These failures are usually solved thanks to patches and firmware updates.

Know if the router is up to date

Return to factory settings

In case we have everything correct and we see that it continues to heat up excessively, it is possible that we have some bad configuration or that we have touched some parameter of the router. This could cause malfunctions that result in overheating.

Our advice would be to go back to the factory settings. Basically what we are going to do is reset the router as it came when we purchased it. We will have to put a new password, name to the network, etc. This can sometimes be very useful to solve faults that may appear.

Use USB fan

One option we have available to avoid overheating in the router is to use a USB fan. This is very useful for laptops, for example. Normally modern routers have a USB port where we can connect other devices. In this way we can have an improvement in cooling.

In case we do not have a USB port integrated in the router, we could use any other device that we have nearby and connect the cable. So we could have this device under the router and cooling it much better.

In short, overheating of the router is a major problem that could weigh down the speed of the connection and its proper functioning. It is important that we always keep our appliance safe, in a good place and away from heat sources.

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What is SEO poisoning and how does it affect users

How SEO Poisoning Works

We can say that SEO poisoning is one of the security issues that can affect a web page. A main objective for any private user or company that has a website is to position it correctly in search engines. In this way, visitors enter Google, for example, and through a series of terms they can reach that page.

This is what is known as SEO. It is all that entails that this same article becomes relevant to search engines. Now this can also be used by hackers to increase traffic to certain sites that are actually malicious. This is also what is known as Black Hat SEO.

Basically what a hacker is going to do with SEO poisoning is optimize a page so that it appears in the first results when search in Google or any search engine. The victim will click on that site thinking it is relevant, but they will find that they have actually accessed a page that may be dangerous.

Keep in mind that search engines more and more they improve their operation to know how to detect this problem. However, as with many types of attacks, pages that are fraud can sometimes sneak in and appear among the first results.

This is usually a website that belongs to the attacker. They can create it to report on a certain topic, promote a popular product or anything that can be successful and receive many visits. But they could also use a legitimate site, which they control and modify for their purposes.

What can they achieve with a Black Hat SEO attack?

We have explained what is SEO poisoning or also known as Black Hat SEO. It is something that logically could put Internet users at risk. Now let’s see how it could affect us. We are going to explain what cybercriminals can get with this technique.

Sneak malware

One of the most common uses of a website with SEO poisoning is trying to sneak malware To visitors. They can upload malicious files with the aim that the victim downloads them thinking that they are legitimate and that nothing is going to happen.

We already know that there are many varieties of malware. Many kinds of malicious software they can put our equipment at risk. In many cases they arrive through downloads that we make on sites that are not legitimate. Hence, cybercriminals make use of these techniques.

Stealing passwords with Phishing attacks

Of course they can also position a website well with the aim of steal passwords of the users. They can create a page to carry out Phishing attacks. In this way, the victim will log in thinking that they are in front of an official page, but in reality they are handing over their access codes to cybercriminals.

Redirect traffic to other scam sites

Another issue to take into account is that that web page could be used as a bridge to reach other places where the threat really is. That is, they could use SEO poisoning to attract traffic to a created website and this page has links that redirect to content hosted on other servers and that are really a danger to computer security.

This technique is also widely used for the two cases that we mentioned above: the theft of passwords and the delivery of malware. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to lure victims to dangerous sites.

Promote fake products

Of course they can also use Black Hat SEO to promote certain products that are actually a fraud. For example, let’s say a new mobile, a novel smart watch or any device comes out. They can create a fake page to attract users and even sell that product but in reality it is a hoax.

Malware on the network

How to avoid falling victim to SEO poisoning

Now we are going to talk about the most important thing of all: how to avoid being a victim of this problem. We must take into account certain recommendations that can help us to reduce the risk of having security problems in our equipment.

Verify that the website is official

Something basic will always be to verify that the website we are accessing is official. Must check url, the information they show and the general appearance. In this way we will avoid giving our data or downloading a file on a site that is actually false and has been created only to attack, but has appeared in Google in a good position due to SEO poisoning.

Always check the links we access

Another issue to take into account is to always check that we are going to click on a link and see that we are really going to a legitimate site. We have seen that a Black Hat SEO strategy is to redirect traffic to dangerous pages. Therefore, you always have to maintain common sense and not enter a URL that redirects us to a page that has nothing to do with what we expect.

Keep computers protected

On the other hand, the importance of keeping our devices properly protected cannot be overlooked. We must maintain security at all times. Intruders must be prevented from entering by security programs, in addition to having all the updates. In many cases vulnerabilities can appear that are exploited by cybercriminals, hence we must have all the patches.

In short, SEO poisoning is a problem to take into account when browsing the Internet and conducting a search. We must always check that we are entering a legitimate site and never put our equipment at risk.

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Thousands of servers and cloud services are vulnerable

Remote work brings security problems

A group of security researchers has discovered hundreds of thousands of servers, ports and cloud services that are insecure. They can especially put children at risk remote workers, which have increased considerably in recent months. They are widely used services that are part of the day-to-day life of many companies and organizations.

It is especially necessary to highlight the danger of cloud services. We live in an age where it has become very popular. We have a wide range of possibilities and we are increasingly using this type of tool more and more. However, everything related to the pandemic has exposed many companies when using cloud services.

In many cases remote work was introduced without much margin. This meant that there was no adequate preparation, that the systems were not properly updated or protected. Many services had vulnerabilities And the fact that more users are using them has opened a significant opportunity for hackers.

We speak for example of remote desktop, the use of VPN or applications to work from home in a group with other users. All this has gained a very important weight in the last year. This allowed workers to perform their duties away from the corporate network. But of course, this has also brought certain complications in the form of vulnerabilities and bugs.

The cybercriminals they can exploit these exposed cloud services and servers to steal information, passwords, or sneak malware. They are based on existing vulnerabilities that are not fixed. They could, for example, log in remotely as if they were actually the victim and gain access to inside information of an organization.

Servers and cloud services, the most affected

These security researchers of which we echo have discovered a total of 392,298 servers that are exposed, 214,230 ports and 60,572 services in the cloud. All this after analyzing hundreds of companies.

In most cases, organizations are unaware that they really have servers, ports or services exposed on the network. They do not update the equipment and do not correct any bugs that may be present. Even in many cases they do not use correct encryption for the networks.

They have detected many vulnerabilities rated as high or critical severity Uncorrected. Should an attacker discover these flaws, they could carry out cyber attacks such as stealing information, passwords, or even carrying out ransomware strategies.

We must be aware that today a large amount of sensitive data is shared over the Internet. This means that in case of suffering any vulnerability that affects cloud services, it can seriously compromise all this information that we send and receive.

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Many VPNs Find Uncorrected Vulnerabilities

Many VPN programs are not patched

First of all, it should be noted that the vulnerabilities and security flaws they are very present in our day to day. We can run into problems that affect the operating system and the different programs we use. This means that we must always keep everything updated, with all available patches.

The problem now affects VPNs. According to a safety report from SpiderLabs of which we echo, remote work has led to a considerable increase in the use of this type of program. It is something that we have been able to see a lot in the last year.

However, the important point is that 5% of all installed VPNs have uncorrected vulnerabilities. This means that there are many users who, without knowing it, are using a program that has a flaw that can be exploited by a third party. This logically puts security and privacy at risk.

It should be noted that a VPN will manage all the our network traffic. This means that our personal information, the sites we visit or the programs we use on the web, could be exposed. If we use a tool that has a security flaw, which can be easily exploited, we could run the risk that our privacy is affected.

We have seen on occasion that cracked programs are dangerous. We can also apply this to VPNs. Many of them are free and we can even find supposed offers or ways to download them from the Internet without paying. However, with this we would also be putting security at risk.

More VPN usage, more attacks

This is something that happens frequently. The hackers they set their sights on what has the most users or what is most used at any given time. Ultimately in this way they will have a greater chance of success.

And if we talk about VPN, in recent times its use has grown a lot. This has also sparked increased interest from cybercriminals. We have more and more possibilities for our day to day, but not all of them are going to be safe. Not all the services that we use are going to be guaranteed and we could even run into certain vulnerabilities without correcting, as we have seen.

Our advice is to choose the VPN very well. But beyond that, it is essential keep safe and do a periodic review. In this way we can solve certain errors that may appear and avoid attacks against our devices. A VPN could even allow you to use Google as if you were in another country. This is very useful at certain times, but it must be done safely.

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Buy Windows 10 Pro for € 11.76 in Cdkdeals and Office cheap

Offers in licenses using the discount code «RD35»

Today and for the next few days, at you can find a large number of offers on Windows licenses and also Office licenses. Depending on your needs, you can buy the versions of Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, and even a pack of two Windows 10 Pro licenses that is cheaper. You can also buy the popular Office office suite in its version of Office 2016 and Office 2019, in addition, you can buy license “packs” where you will save even more money.

All Windows 10 on sale

Although the normal price of the licenses in Cdkdeals are much cheaper than in Microsoft’s official website, if you apply the discount coupon “RD35” in the shopping cart, you can have a direct 35% discount when you buy all the licenses Windows, either a single license or the two-license pack. You can see all the prices below:

If we enter the official website we can see the normal prices of the different Windows 10 licenses, the first thing we must do is register on the website with a valid email, then we can add it to the shopping cart and, later, apply the corresponding discount coupon to have the best available price.

All Office on sale

If you are interested in buying the office suite par excellence, Microsoft Office, today you can buy very cheap licenses for the Office 2016 version and also Office 2019, ideal to save a large amount of money. A very important detail is that you must apply the discount coupon “RD35” and obtain an additional 35% discount on the price that is marked on the official website.

Windows and Office in a bundle for even more savings

If you want to save more money, you can buy the Windows 10 operating system and also Office at the same time in a single pack, in this case, you will save a lot of money than if you buy it separately. Below, you can see all the prices of the different “packs” that we have available, remember to apply the discount coupon “RD35” to save even more money.

All these licenses that you can buy are unlimited, that is, once we activate the operating system or the Office suite, we can use it unlimitedly. These licenses are OEM, however, once you activate the license you will not be able to make deep hardware changes on your PC.

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Expanding the RAIDz in OpenZFS will be possible very soon on your server

What’s new in future versions of OpenZFS

One of the most demanded novelties by system administrators is the possibility of increasing the number of disks in a RAIDZ, the developer and founder of OpenZFS Mattheew Ahrens has announced that he is finishing a new functionality that will allow the user to expand the size of a single vdev from RAIDZ1 on ZFS. In this way, if we have a vdev configured in RAIDZ1 with three disks, we could expand it to four, five or more disks without the need to carry out a backup and its subsequent restoration, because until now, this was only possible by losing all the data of the discs.

We must remember that the ZFS structure is organized in zpool which is in the upper part, just below we will find the vdev that can be configured in “Individual”, “Mirror”, and the different levels RAIDz1, RAIDz2 and RAIDz3, depending on the level of security to the integrity of the data you want to provide. A pool can contain several vdevs, it is not necessary that the size of the different vdevs be the same.

Until now, if we wanted to expand the storage of a zpool, it was enough to add an additional disk if we had it configured as “Individual” or as “Mirror”, however, this was not possible in the RAIDz of the different levels. Now this has changed, and we can increase the number of disks in a vdev configured as RAIDz. At a domestic and business level, as the number of disks in a vdev could not be increased, it was very necessary to do a good planning and know in detail the future storage needs, because once it was done and configured we could not do anything else to be able to expand a vdev, the only thing we could do is add an additional vdev.

Currently in the typical RAID that we can use with the EXT4 file system, we can expand and even change the type of RAID in certain cases, with the aim of expanding storage or data integrity, however, with RAIDz this does not it has been possible from the beginning, until now.

Now the zfs command “zpool attach” will not only be able to add one more disk in a configured mirror, but also in the existing RAIDz in a vdev. For example, we could expand a RAIDz1 of three disks into one of four disks, although what we can never do is change from a RAIDz1 to a RAIDz2, for example. We can only expand the number of disks within a RAIDz without changing the type of RAIDz.

The negative part of this new functionality is that it will take time to arrive. It is not part of any version of OpenZFS yet, the next version of OpenZFS 2.1 will not incorporate this very important functionality, however, it will surely be incorporated in the next major version of OpenZFS, but it is still unknown when it will be, the most important thing is that it will end arriving, surely the next year 2022.

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what to do to encrypt it with password

Why it is important to protect our accounts

Any account that we create on the Internet must be properly protected. We must generate a password that is strong, that prevents the entry of any intruder. We should never leave our records unprotected.

Keep in mind that our personal information they have great value on the net. This will cause a possible intruder to collect information that can be put up for sale on the Internet, use it to attack our contacts on social networks, create personalized Phishing campaigns …

All of this makes us always properly protect any account In Internet. This also applies to the different programs and services that we use and where we are going to host personal content or data that may relate to us.

On many occasions we can make mistakes when protecting a registry or a device. Sometimes just creating a key is not enough, as there could be leaks. This makes it interesting to apply two-factor authentication whenever possible. This will add an extra layer of security. But without a doubt something that can not be missing is to have a periodic review and change the access code from time to time and thus avoid a possible leak that could affect us.

Steps to protect Google history

We have mentioned the importance of always protecting our accounts or whatever services we use. Now we are going to explain what to do to protect Google history. The search giant is going to store what we previously searched for. It will save our activity to offer us more personalized results and even also so that we ourselves obtain certain data.

Google allows you to protect this information. It allows us to encrypt the history and thus prevent a possible intruder from accessing the data that we have saved. This can be very useful in order to preserve privacy at all times.

The first thing we have to do to protect the Google history is to log in with our account. Once inside, we have to click on the Settings icon and enter Manage your Google account.

Subsequently, in the menu on the left you have to click on Data and personalization. It is the third option that appears. We have to go down until we see Activity and timeline. There you have to click on My activity.

A new window will automatically open. There we have to give Manage verification of My Activity.

Manage account verification

We have to mark the option of Need additional verification. We simply have to hit save.

Additional verification Google

From that moment on, Google will ask us for the account password in order to view the activity history. If, for example, someone has access to our computer or we leave the account open on the work team, it would be necessary to enter the access code to show the history.

Tips to protect your Google account

But we want to give some more tips to protect our Google account. We speak in a general way, some recommendations to prevent intruders that could compromise our privacy. We need everything to stay in good shape.

Create a strong password

Something essential is going to be creating a key code make it strong and complex enough. This means that we must create a unique password, which has letters, numbers and other special symbols. All this also in a random way. We should never use the same one that we already use in other services.

Ultimately this is the main barrier that will allow us to keep intruders out. We must have good protection and thus reduce the risk as much as possible. We can use key managers to help us generate strong passwords.

Enable two-step authentication

But the password is not the only security barrier we can have. There are more and more services in which we can use the two-step authentication. One of them is the Google account. We can add this extra layer to protect our account.

For this we have to enter once more in Settings. Later we go to Security and click on Verification in two steps. We will have to configure it as we want, since we can receive an SMS with a code or even use an application on the mobile.

Google 2-Step Verification

Use official apps

A very important issue that we must take into account is to use official applications. It is true that today we can count on many third-party programs that offer the possibility of surfing the net, logging in or making use of different features, but without becoming official programs.

If we use this type of software we run the risk of using something that has been maliciously modified. We don’t really know who may be behind that tool. This makes it very important to always opt for legitimate, official programs.

Common sense

On the other hand, one more point that we can take into account to protect our Google account is the common sense. We should never make mistakes such as logging in through a link that may be insecure or downloading programs from sites that are not legitimate.

Most cyber attacks are going to require user interaction. They are going to need us to click somewhere or download some dangerous file. Therefore, if we maintain common sense at all times we will have a lot of money to protect our Google account or any other service that we use on the Internet.

Ultimately, in this way we can protect the google history. We have mentioned the importance of keeping your account safe and also some recommendations to avoid problems at any time.

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What to do to prevent intruders from entering your computer

Methods they can use to get into a computer

The cybercriminals they constantly refine their techniques to attack users. They always look for a way to break any vulnerability, to sneak malware, to put computers at risk. When we talk about methods for them to enter our computer, they can use different ones to achieve their objective. Let’s see the main ones.


Undoubtedly one of the most used methods to be able to control a computer in an illegitimate way, to be able to access a computer, is through a trojan. There are many different types, but basically we can say that it is a malware that allows remote control from another device.

Trojans can sneak in, creating a back door on your computer. The antivirus does not detect it and the hacker would have full access. It could control system functions, change settings, sneak even other varieties of malware, etc.

Vulnerabilities in remote desktop

Today it is very common to use the remote Desktop. Very useful to work without having to be physically in a place. Windows and other operating systems have a large number of options. Some of them are integrated, while we can also make use of external programs.

However, on many occasions there may be vulnerabilities. We may be using programs without patching, without updating correctly. This could be exploited by hackers and carry out their attacks. They could access our computer through this type of failure.

Malicious program download

Another widely used method is by programs we download from the internet and they are not safe. They can sneak in any variety of malware that allows a hacker to access your computer. For example, Trojans could sneak in, as we saw earlier, but also other varieties that can compromise us.

This is a very common reason for our computers to get infected. The software we download may have been maliciously modified and contain any variety of malware that affects us.

Insecure Wi-Fi network

Of course they can also use insecure wireless networks to steal information or access our equipment. Nowadays it is very common to enter a Wi-Fi in public sites like a shopping mall, airports, etc. Intruders could be on that network without our knowledge, waiting for the victim to connect.

Detect intruders on your computer

We will also see different methods that can help us detect intruders on the computer. They can tell us that something is wrong and that we need to take action as soon as possible. Only then can we improve security.

Analyze the system

A basic initial step is to perform a system analysis. For this, we must have an antivirus installed that allows us to detect possible varieties of malware. For example, it could detect Trojans, something that would alert us that something is wrong and could mean that there are intruders on the computer.

Notice a malfunction

Another important issue to consider is whether we notice a malfunction general computer. For example, if we notice that it works slowly, that when browsing the Internet there are errors, that the network speed is very limited …

All this could indicate that our computer is malfunctioning and that there could be a cybercriminal. This would help us make decisions with the aim of improving security and preventing personal data from being stolen.

View programs or folders that shouldn’t be

Did we notice anything weird about the team? They may have appeared programs or files that were not there before. This could be software that an intruder has installed or folders that have been moved. This could also give us a clue that our computer has been infected and a cybercriminal has taken control.

How to prevent them from entering your computer

It is very important to always keep our equipment safe. We are going to give some essential recommendations to avoid intruders on the computer and to minimize the risk of being victims of any type of attack.

Always use security programs

Something basic and that cannot be missed is the use of security programs. We are talking, for example, of a good antivirus, as well as a firewall that can protect the network. There are many security threats on the Internet. Many types of attacks that in one way or another affect us.

Thanks to security software we can prevent hackers from taking control of our computer. We can reduce the risk and also avoid other varieties of malware that can compromise us.

Windows Defender Security

Upgrade systems

On many occasions, security flaws appear that can be exploited by cybercriminals. We have discussed the case of remote desktop programs, but it could also affect the operating system itself.

Our advice is to always keep the updated equipment adequately. You have to avoid any obsolete program or have without updating the firmware of the network card or any device. This is very important to reduce the risk of problems.

Download only from legitimate sources

Of course, something else we should mention is the fact that you only download from sources that are official. We must avoid downloading files from third-party sites, since they could have been maliciously modified and be a threat to our computers. We must always use pages and platforms that are legitimate.

Common sense

Yet another issue is the fact avoid making mistakes. We should not, for example, download email attachments if we suspect that they may be a threat. Also, do not open links that could be malicious.

In most cases, the intruders will need the interaction of the victim. They are going to need us to take some action. This makes common sense vital to avoid security concerns.

Therefore, these are some essential tips to prevent them from entering our computer. It is essential to maintain security and not take any kind of risk.

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Bargains on Amazon on routers and devices to improve Wi-Fi

The router is the most important device when we talk about connecting to the Internet. It is the device that allows us to connect multiple computers in our home and be able to surf the web and use the different services and platforms. Normally users use the one offered by the operator, but sometimes errors may appear. We can buy a new one and thus improve the speed, quality and stability. Let’s see some interesting router deals on Amazon.

Wi-Fi routers on sale at Amazon

Not all routers are the same, of course. We must always take into account its main specifications. In this way we can choose which one best suits what we need and be able to have the best results when connecting to the Internet.

Tenda AC10

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Speed ​​up to 1200 Mbps
  • Four external antennas
  • Beamforming + technology
  • Control via app
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Sale price: 30.99 euros.

Huawei WS5200

Huawei WiFi WS5200

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Four external antennas
  • Speed ​​up to 1200 Mbps
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Sale price: 34.90 euros.


  • Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Four convertible antennas
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Speed ​​up to 6100 Mbps
  • Ai Mesh
  • QoS
  • Ideal for playing online
  • Sale price: 197 euros.

TP-Link AX3000

TP-Link AX3000

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Router
  • Four external antennas
  • Low latency
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Speed ​​up to 3000 Mbps
  • Sale price: 79.99 euros.

Tenda AC23

Tenda AC23

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Speed ​​up to 2100 Mbps
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Multiple external antennas
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Sale price: 58.99 euros.

Devices to improve Wi-Fi on offer

In many cases there may be problems browsing the Internet wirelessly. Luckily we can take into account the possibility of using different devices to improve Wi-Fi. We speak for example of repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices. We are going to see some interesting offers that we can find on Amazon.

TP-Link TL-WA855RE

TP-Link WA855RE

  • WIFI repeater
  • Speed ​​up to 300 Mbps
  • Ethernet port
  • Two external antennas
  • WPS button
  • Sale price: 18.95 euros.

TP-Link RE330

TP-Link RE330

  • Dual band Wi-Fi repeater
  • Speed ​​up to 1200 Mbps
  • Ethernet port
  • Supports up to 32 devices
  • WPS button
  • High compatibility
  • Sale price: 24.99 euros.

Netgear EX6250

Netgear EX6250

  • Wi-Fi Mesh Amplifier
  • Dual band
  • Universal compatibility
  • Covers up to 110 square meters
  • Supports up to 20 devices
  • Sale price: 49.99 euros.

Netgear EX7700

  • Wi-Fi Mesh Amplifier
  • Speed ​​up to 2200 Mbps
  • Dual band
  • Universal compatibility
  • Covers up to 150 square meters
  • Sale price: 89.99 euros.

Devolo Magic 1

Devolo magic

  • Kit of two PLC devices
  • Speed ​​up to 1200 Mbps
  • Ethernet ports
  • Integrated power connector
  • Great compatibility
  • Sale price: 120.35 euros.


  • Kit of two PLC devices
  • Speed ​​up to 500 Mbps
  • LAN ports
  • Sale price: 59.99 euros.

Tenda NOVA MW3

Nova MW3

  • Kit of three Wi-Fi Mesh devices
  • Speed ​​up to 1200 Mbps
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Great compatibility
  • Sale price: 74.99 euros.

Network switches on offer

Another type of device that we can find on sale at Amazon are network switches. We are going to see some of the most interesting ones, with which we can connect more equipment by cable in our home. An alternative to using Wi-Fi and thus have greater stability.

TP-Link TL-SG105E

  • Network switch with five Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Metal housing for better heat dissipation
  • Plug and play
  • Energy saving
  • Easy setup
  • Sale price: 21.99 euros.

Zyxel GS-108BV3

Zyxel GS-108BV3

  • Network switch with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Metal casing
  • QoS traffic prioritization
  • Easy installation
  • Sale price: 21.49 euros.

TP-Link LS108G

TP-Link LS108G

  • Network switch with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Metal housing to dissipate heat
  • Energy saving
  • No configuration required
  • Sale price: 21.99 euros.

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Noticias Seguridad

Malware can fool antivirus and attack a computer

A hacker can fool the antivirus

Antiviruses are the main security bar that users install on their computers. However, we must bear in mind that it is not the only thing we can count on. We can also install firewalls and other tools that will also help increase protection.

Keep in mind that many antivirus have ransomware protection. It is one of the threats that have been most present in recent years. There are also Trojans that are capable of hiding themselves on a computer and waiting until the right moment to attack or serve as a gateway for cybercriminals.

However an attacker, through a malware, it could manage to fool the antivirus. You can do it so that it allows the entry of a specific malicious software, but also so that this malware is the one that activates the button so that other different types of threats, such as ransomware, could penetrate without being detected by the security program .

One of the most used methods to cheat the antivirus is control an app make it reliable. The security program will not detect this tool as dangerous. Therefore, what the cybercriminal is going to do is control that legitimate software, link it to malware, and thus enter the computer without being detected.

This could even allow ransomware to enter. After all, there are legitimate programs that have access to certain folders. If the attacker manages to control them, they could encrypt them through a variety of ransomware.

I could also just stop the antivirus. It could in some way modify certain functions of the computer or even simulate the movements of the mouse to go to the security program and stop it. This would allow free entry for other varieties of threats.

Antivirus is not enough for security

This we mentioned makes it not enough to have an antivirus to maintain security. It is necessary that we have other programs, tools and of course take into account certain recommendations to maintain maximum protection.

First of all, remember the importance of always keeping the updated equipment. Hackers can take advantage of many vulnerabilities that appear in the computers and applications that we use. They could exploit those glitches. Thanks to patches and updates we can easily fix them and make everything work fine.

Another essential point is not to trust everything to the antivirus in terms of security programs it means. We can have other tools, such as a firewall or even extensions for the browser that can detect the entry of malware.

But without a doubt something that cannot be missing is the fact that avoid making mistakes. Maintaining common sense is always going to be the best protection of all. Avoid downloading files that may be malicious or clicking on links that may be Phishing in order to steal information.