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A call from 954328526? Don’t return it, it’s a silent call

The calls take place mainly from Monday to Friday in the morning, since it is in this time slot when most users are still at home. When picking up the hook, for a few seconds the user can check that no one answers until finally and after five seconds of the call it comes to an end.

When many users see what happened they check which phone number has called to dial it. This is an error, since we are dealing with a phone that a priori is linked to a marketing company. These types of practices are quite common to know if the user is at home and that a salesperson makes the call later.

954328526 It is not a dangerous phone but it can be annoying

Although on some occasions users are victims of special rate telephones, on this occasion the user should not see their bill jeopardized, but after a while it can become annoying, since at least one call is made during the day and almost always in the morning.

This type of practice is usually associated with broadband and telephony operators, although recently it has also been extended to banks and insurance companies.

To avoid this problem, today almost all fixed telephone operators have a call rejection service that can be activated (it has an additional cost) or use an advanced router to which the telephone terminals of the home can be connected and filter this type of call.