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A major fire at OVH affects many websites and online services

A fire in the OVH data center affects many websites

The data center of OVH is located in Strasbourg, in France. A great fire has caused the service of many web pages, mail services or even access to VPN servers to be crashed. The company has instructed its customers to implement disaster recovery plans, since there are several data centers that have been affected.

Specifically, this fire has affected French data centers SBG1, SBG2, SBG3 and SBG4. It started in SBG2 and they quickly had to be shut down to try and contain the problem. Firefighters arrived at the scene but could not control the rapid spread of the fire. It should be noted that it provides VPS servers and dedicated servers, as well as many other online services.

Many important websites have been affected. Here we can include the cyber threat intelligence company Bad Packets, the free chess server, the cryptocurrency exchanger Deribit, the encryption tool VeraCrypt or telecommunications companies such as AFR-IX.

OVH founder and president Octave Klaba has indicated that the fire is already under control, but that services are expected to are not available at least today. They do not yet have access to the site and therefore it is to be expected that the SBG1, SBG3 and SBG4 servers will not restart in the next few hours.

Octave Klaba has also reported that the most affected servers have been the SBG2, where the fire originated, and the SBG1. Respect for the SBG3 has also taken a risk, but the SBG4 is assured. Of course, as we have indicated, all of them have been deactivated.

Many inaccessible web pages and services

Logically all this has affected a large number of websites that are hosted on these servers, as well as other email services or even VPN to access the company remotely.

This has led OVH to recommend to affected customers that they take into account the disaster recovery plan and can be back up and running as soon as possible. It is something that many have had to put into practice immediately.

This fact demonstrates once again the importance of generate backups and have a good backup not only of files at the home user level, but also from any large organization. This fire has affected one of the largest hosting servers in the world, where, for example, WikiLeaks was hosted. Backups in the cloud are not always secure and must be taken into account.

In the event of any complication, such as this fire reaching the extreme, it can damage the proper functioning of many websites and services on the Internet that would stop providing service to users.