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a new secure browser for Android

If you are concerned about the privacy and security of your communications, you are in luck. We introduce you Krypton Anonymous Browser, a browser for Android operating system which is specifically designed to keep our privacy and security safe. An important feature of this browser is that, for example, it does not store any cookies, history or any data from the visited website on the device.

This web browser offers a very neat interface but at the same time simple. Incorporates as default search engine to DuckDuckGo, widely known for being an alternative to Google, but that protects our data and does not store anything on its servers about us. This way, Krypton will not know anything about you, and it will help others to know nothing about you either.

One point that we must highlight is that it is compatible with the Tor network, we can hide our IP address in a really easy way and also force the HTTPS mode to navigate safely (HTTPS Everywhere). With the aim of increasing our security, each tab is managed through an individual process isolated in the system, to avoid communications between them.

This application is open source, in this way any security expert and programmer can see its source code to detect security flaws or incorporate more tools. In addition, this application is completely free and has no ads, you can download from Google Play but we must note that it is in beta mode, and therefore it is periodically updated with improvements in security and stability.

Source: The Free Android