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A script succeeds in blocking Spotify Web advertising

In the past week, several changes have been made to the streaming music platform Spotify. The first, and most important, is that smartphone and tablet users will be able to play music for free from these devices, although with some logical limitations. The second thing is that the Open accounts disappear, leaving only the initial Free ones, without reproduction limits except for the advertising that appears during it. Several scripts have appeared on the net that allow blocking this advertisement from the Free version of Spotify Web.

The first thing we must do is know a platform that allows us to insert javascript scripts easily from our browser. For all users of Google Chrome and Chromium, the extension Tampermonkey allows us to manage scripts and have them run automatically on the webs.

We can download Tampermonkey for free and install it in our browser from the Chrome Store.

Once downloaded and installed, we must access the userscripts web to search for any type of script that users have uploaded to this platform. There are a large number of these uploaded here for a multitude of platforms. In our case we are going to perform a search for “Spotify” to see the scripts related to this platform.

The script in question that we are going to install on our system and that will run automatically with Tampermonkey will be Swyter Tweaks for Spotify. From the previous link we will click on the «Install» button and the script will be automatically added to our Tampermonkey.

With this, when using the Spotify Web platform, when an advertisement is going to jump, this locks automatically and skip to the next song in the playlist. The jump is not instantaneous, but half a second of the advertisement will be played (the time it takes for the script to run) and it will automatically cut off its reproduction to continue with the music.

This type of scripts actively harm the music reproduction platform since in this way it does not report any benefit to the company that has to assume expenses to pay artists and record companies and that is offering the service for free to users to change of advertising.

Despite this, Spotify will not take long to update its website to block this type of “cheating” to force users to use its service legally, with all the consequences of using the Free version. We must also be careful as the company could impose sanctions on users who use these “tricks”.

For users who still do not know the Spotify playback website, they can access it from the link below.

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