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Ad Plus, an AdBlock Plus fake available on the Play Store

According to Kaspersky Lab, Ad Plus is a malicious advertising program that performs a work totally bet on that of AdBlock Plus, that is, it loads many more ads, even on pages or applications where they are not available, using to This is dedicated programs that are installed in the mobile terminal.

In addition to installing other applications, the software is in charge of accessing users’ files, including confidential information stored in the terminal’s records. It also carries out the modification of the security functions of the terminal, modifying the configuration of the Bluetooth or the access point to share the internet. To this we must also add that he has access to use the data located in the text messages and also to be able to send them without the user’s consent. Not to say that you can also delete any type of file autonomously.

It has already been removed from the Play Store

Everything seems to indicate that after more than six hours available the application has been withdrawn by those responsible. However, this does not mean that it can appear in advertisements or in other alternative application stores where the control is not so exhaustive.

However, despite the exhaustive control, these types of errors are becoming frequent in the filtering that is carried out in the Google application store, putting the safety of users at risk.

What is worrying is that a study shows that more than 20% of the applications available in the Play Store are considered as malware or spyware.

Source | very computer