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Amazon Music Unlimited arrives, a new rival for Spotify

Amazon Music Unlimited is the music streaming service of this company with which it intends to stand up to Spotify and continue to expand the variety of products offered under the “Amazon” brand. This music streaming platform has more than 50 million songs of all kinds, in addition to a wide variety of previously created playlists and several stations to listen to music of a certain type in a similar way to the radio.

Although this service has been available for a long time in the United States, it has not been until now that Amazon has finally expanded the reach of its Amazon Music Unlimited platform and, finally, made it available in Spain.

The entire music library of Amazon Music Unlimited will be available both to listen to it on the computer, from the platform’s web application, and from practically any mobile device, both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and, of course, the company’s Fire devices.

If we want to test this new platform, from Amazon offer us a proof of 30 days of unlimited access, after which we will have to choose one of the different plans that offers:

  • 9.99 euros per month for one person.
  • 99 euros a year for one person, if we are Amazon Prime users.
  • 14.99 euros per month for 6 people.
  • 149 euros per year, for 6 people, if we are Amazon Prime users.

In addition, as an introductory offer, Amazon Prime users will be able to get a 10-euro discount for seniors on the annual subscription until October 14, 2017.

Can Amazon Music Unlimited stand up to Spotify?

When we talk about streaming music platforms, the most popular is undoubtedly Spotify. This platform, in addition, is the only one that allows us to access its immense library for free (if we endure the advertising), which, from the outset, makes it gain a large number of users, and that is, despite being in 2017, there are still many who refuse to pay for certain “digital services or products”, like this one.

If Amazon Music Unlimited or Google Play Music allowed you to use their platform for free, although with advertising or some time restrictions, many users would give it an opportunity, and that is, although Spotify is the most used, it is not exactly the best.

Further, Amazon Music Unlimited does not offer anything different than what rivals offer. Spotify has its free plan and Google Play Music has unlimited free storage of 50,000 own songs that we can listen to for free in streaming. The new Amazon platform, for the moment, has nothing that can differentiate it from its rivals, so we will have to wait to see if it manages to win the trust of users in a market that, for better or for worse, is very closed, at least in Spain.

What do you think of the new Amazon Music Unlimited? What is your preferred streaming music platform?