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Analyze and disinfect your computer with Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a tool (developed by Microsoft as its name indicates) that will allow us to carry out this type of analysis in search of viruses on our computer using its own databases without having to install additional software or maintain a continuous analysis process as they do. the main antivirus applications. Microsoft Safety Scanner could be defined as a portable antivirus.

We can download Microsoft Safety Scanner from the following link. This application does not need installation and will expire automatically 10 days after downloading it, after which we will have to download it again from its website to be able to analyze our system again. This helps users to always use modern, up-to-date versions with the latest virus signatures.

Once the download is finished, we run the application. The first thing we will see is a window with the license terms. We accept them and continue.

The next window will inform us that although some data will be copied to our hard drive, Microsoft Safety Scanner will not replace any security tool previously installed on our computer.

Microsoft Safety Scanner Notice

We click on «Next» and the program will ask us what type of analysis we want to carry out. As with the main antivirus on the market, we can choose between a quick scan (scan only the items prone to being infected), a full scan (scan all files and folders on the computer one by one) and a personalized scan with which we can scan only a specific folder.

Microsoft Safety Scanner scan type

In our case we are going to carry out a quick analysis. We continue and automatically Microsoft Safety Scanner will begin to analyze the computer. The process may take several minutes depending on the performance of the computer and the items to be analyzed.

Analyzing the system with Microsoft Safety Scanner

When the process is finished we will see a summary window where the antivirus itself will tell us if threats have been detected or if our system is clean and protected.

Microsoft Safety Scanner scan results

As we said this tool is not an antivirus solution to run in the background analyzing all activity. If what we are looking for is a constant security application, we must choose to install complete antivirus software such as, speaking of Microsoft, Windows Defender (for the most recent versions of Windows) or Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows Vista and 7).

How about Microsoft Safety Scanner? Do you use other portable antivirus to check the security of your computer?

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