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Applications incompatible with Google Chrome: what to do with them

Applications incompatible with Google Chrome

Basically apps inject code into Chrome to modify the behavior of the browser itself. A security program might want to add some additional checks to the navigation, or even a malware might want to spy on how we use it.

The application may simply want to use code injection with good intent. However this can cause problems when interfere with chrome code. The developers of the browser do not consider how that additional code might behave. This can cause instability problems.

Those responsible for Google Chrome are no strangers to this problem. That is why they plan that the browser definitively block code injection. This is something they have been working on for some time, but until now it has not been carried out in a definitive way.

It was planned, at least initially, that this code injection lock would arrive during this month with the version of Chrome 69. However, at least as seen in the Beta version, it seems that it will not be like that. It could be expected to arrive definitively from January.

But can this really cause serious problems? Surely many users are alerted when the browser announces that there is an incompatibility or even urges to uninstall an application. However, even if Chrome warns about incompatible apps, this doesn’t have to be a problem. At least on paper.

Actually what the browser does is inform the user over any software that injects code into the browser. There are no reasons why there could already be problems for that alone. The software we have installed may be working correctly.

Obviously everything would change if, along with the Chrome warning, we notice that the browser hangs. Then we should check that this application is really causing serious incompatibility problems.

How to know which applications are incompatible with Chrome

Normally when there is a serious problem of this type, the browser informs us by means of a message. It tells us to remove or update that app. However, we can check it before reaching these extremes. We can see if we have any software that can create incompatibility with Chrome by injecting code.

For this we have to access the menu, enter Setting, access to Advanced settings and go to the bottom of the page. Here we will see the option Update or remove incompatible apps. If we click, it will take us to a window where we will see a list where these applications appear. In case it is empty, there is no problem. If on the contrary we see some, we will have to decide if they really are important or we prefer to avoid any kind of problem with Google Chrome. If we have an antivirus installed, we may see it reflected here.