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Arduino Day 2015, the anniversary event of this programming board

Arduido Day is an annual celebration that coincides with the birthday of this little free programming board. An event takes place for 24 hours, organized by both the community and the Arduino team itself where users get together, carry out different events and share opinions and experiences in order to continue expanding their knowledge.

Any user, regardless of their knowledge or profession, can attend any of these events simply by sending the corresponding subscription. The main official events have been prepared in different countries such as the United States, Italy, Sweden, India and Hungary, although thanks to the community, events have been prepared throughout the world to commemorate this day.

In Spain there are a total of 8 events scheduled to celebrate this day, which will be tomorrow 28th March:

We can see the location of these events and more information about them from the main event website.

Just as users can attend these events freely, those in charge of organizing them have the support of the platform, who provide them with a series of elements to carry out said event:

  • Official posters on the occasion of Arduino Day.
  • Pamphlets (“flyers”) of the event.
  • Official signaling system.
  • Badges and graphics.
  • 10% discount to buy in the Arduino store.

Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity that any user of this programming environment should take advantage of and attend the event, where they can meet people with similar tastes and share experiences with other people from the world of electronics.

Are you an Arduino programmer? Will you attend any of these events?