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Content streaming services cry out against Kodi and its add-ons

Many of these available software allow you to enjoy television channels worldwide, obtaining access to thousands of series and movies, with licenses that often do not exceed local borders. There are a large number of pages that allow you to enjoy series, sports and television programs. They are content services that live in parallel with Netflix, HBO or other legitimate services, like the aforementioned plugins.

Analysts have confirmed that during the past year the Kodi add-on store registered twice the activity than a year ago, which means that when we finish this, the figures will be higher than in the previous stage analyzed.

At this point, it could be said that Kodi, or rather its add-ons, are falling prey to their own success.

The authorities urgently ask to regulate Kodi

The reason is economic. This is something that was clear. The owners of the services streaming of contents indicate that, during normal use, the user in many cases views advertisements for which financial remuneration is obtained. Thanks to this, servers can be maintained and performance increased without the user having to pay an additional toll, in addition to the annoying advertisements they have to deal with. But users who use Kodi add-ons are not only not seeing these ads, they are making additional server utilization that some platforms cannot allow.

Some managers indicate that the add-ons of this software are a real headache that at times make it impossible to offer a service in an optimal way due to the additional workload generated.

Block plugins

Some responsible for this type of service have declared war on these software elements. This means that they are actively blocking them, at least until they wait for a regularization to be applied to them and benefit from a hit to software that, like them, is illegal.

As we indicated, they are victims of their own success, and in the next year it is not at all unreasonable to think about blocking these add-ons or even certain obligations imposed on Kodi, even if it has nothing to do with their development.

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What movie and series service do I contract to enjoy Adamo?

Each of the services that appear in the list have a series of points in common. The first of all of them is that the contents can be accessed through iOS and Android. The second is quality, being at least FullHD, although some already have 4K content, the next reference resolution.

List of movies and series services to enjoy the 1,000 Mbps download from Adamo

Rakuten TV

Of all the options that we are going to talk about in this list, perhaps it is the one that most resembles an online video store. It is the successor to Wuaki TV, a content streaming service whose life was not excessively long.

Of all the services, it is the most difficult to describe. Mainly we could say that it is a selection of films and series accessible for an approximate price of 6 euros. However, as we have indicated, the user has a kind of “Box office”, where he can access premieres, as if it were a video store. The price of these products ranges between 2 and 7 euros. It obviously depends on the content and relevance.

The user can enjoy on their iOS device, Android or entertainment systems. It has content in FullHD and 4K quality.


Of all the services that are going to be mentioned, we could be the novelty and the one that has been available for the least time in our country. However, it is also true that it will be the one that offers something “different” from the rest. What we are referring to is the possibility of watching linear TV channels, and not just content on demand. To be clear, the following channels can be displayed:

  • The League 1,2,3
  • National Geographic
  • Fox
  • Fox life
  • Comedy central
  • History
  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney Junior
  • TCM
  • TNT
  • SyFy
  • 13TH Street
  • MTV

They indicate that they are working on incorporating new channels soon. The list is not bad at all, although it does not have a dial such as that of Movistar + or Vodafone TV.

It has an Android player that allows you to view the contents of the platform in a simple way. At the time of writing this article there is a promotion, being able to buy the player for a price of 10 euros, when before it cost 25.

The user will mainly have Fox series, but also some of their own production. The movie catalog is not what I like the most about the platform. Taking into account that they have just started, the catalog of content and TV channels is not bad at all.

Although the first month is free, the user must pay 10 euros every month. A price that is in tune with that of other services.


A service that hardly needs a cover letter. For 7.99 euros, the user can enjoy a range of interesting series and movies. However, paying 13.99, you will have access to ultra high definition content and the possibility of using the service on four devices simultaneously.

There is an application for mobile devices and entertainment systems. In addition, after trying several services, we have realized that it is the one that offers the most fluidity when it comes to browsing.

We have to say that, we don’t like it the most. We are quite cinephiles and their catalog of films is quite current with a fairly wide repertoire that covers different styles.

Amazon Prime Video

For 19.95 euros per year, we believe that it is one of the options to consider. It can be viewed from iOS and Android devices, with applications for entertainment systems. We can say that it is the most neutral service when it comes to quality and quantity of movies and series. We could say that it has a bit of everything, but without standing out too much. We don’t forget about self-produced content, such as The Grand Tour or The Man in the High Castle.

For quality / price, and if you want to see something on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, we could say that it is not bad at all. If you want to be up to date in series, it is not the best option.


This option could be the winning horse, especially for those who are fans of Game of Thrones. For 7.99 euros, the user will have access to simultaneously play a wide catalog of content, including more than 5,000 episodes.

The movie catalog is also quite extensive, although we believe that it is not up to Netflix.

For that price it can be enjoyed on two devices simultaneously, being compatible with iOS, Android, entertainment systems and Chromecast.

What service should I choose?

Now is the time to opt for one. We are going to get wet, and we are going to configure three possibilities.

What should I do if I want to watch TV channels and series?

In this case, the best option is to hire Sky and later opt for Netflix or HBO.

What if I want to watch series?

In this case, we would opt with the purchase of Netflix and HBO and with these two services a fairly wide range of content is fulfilled

The cheapest?

There is no doubt, Amazon Prime Video is the best option.

The best service of the 5 mentioned?

Obviously, this is a personal opinion after trying each of the services for a month. For the quality of content (series and movies), price and operation of the applications, we are left with Netflix.

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And now it turns out that …. The IMF was also attacked!

After Citigroup, Sony PSN, Sony pictures… and more victims, now it is also revealed that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has long been affected by an attack.

Hackers carried out an attack that lasted for several months against the servers used by the IMF.

Despite the fact that the IMF’s services are currently operating “completely normal,” security officials are still unaware of the magnitude of attack, which has not been made public until now and which has been kept to such an extent that not even IMF personnel had been aware of this attack to date.

The database is of great political interest

The sources consulted suspect that there are many countries interested in the content of the databases of the IMF, which not only contains essential information on the rescue plans for Portugal, Greece and Ireland, but also stores communications between international leaders, as well as other types of agreements that are “political dynamite for many states.”

The scope of the attack was so serious that the World Bank (whose headquarters is located directly opposite the IMF headquarters in Washington) even cut its link with the Fund’s computers as soon as it became aware of the attack; a measure that, according to a WB spokesman, was adopted simply out of “an excess of caution.”

The technique used was phishing

Those in charge of the investigation are practically convinced that the attack was carried out using a technique known as “spear phishing”, which begins when the user executes a link to the Internet with malicious content. This type of attack is currently used to steal information from users, mainly banking entities.

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Speed ​​comparison between Pepephone 4G (Movistar) and Pepephone 3G (Vodafone) in Guadalajara

Some users who chose Pepephone for the Vodafone coverage are concerned about how it will work under the Movistar coverage, it is inevitable that some users will be somewhat harmed by the coverage in certain areas, however others will benefit from the new Movistar coverage. In RedesZone we are going to present you a speed comparison between Pepephone 3G (Vodafone) and Pepephone 4G (Movistar).

When we do our in-depth analysis of the Pepephone 4G connection (Movistar coverage) In the city of Guadalajara, we also did speed tests with the old Vodafone coverage at the same time, date and place, to check the differences between both data networks. The tests carried out by Pepephone 3G were with a Google Nexus 4 and the Speed ​​Test application for Android.

Pepephone 4G (Movistar coverage)

In the following table you can see the speed comparison with the Speed ​​Test application, on a Sony Xperia Z3 and with the Pepephone 4G operator (under Movistar coverage). Screenshots of these speed tests can be found in the article on the in-depth analysis.

Location Download speed Upload speed Latency
33.63 Mbps 6.05 Mbps 144 ms
Plaza constitution
42.36 Mbps 5.92 Mbps 120 ms
38.85 Mbps 8.83 Mbps 134 ms
Cardenal González de Mendoza Street
53.15 Mbps 14.34 Mbps 127 ms
Infantado Palace (location 1)
37.58 Mbps 12.49 Mbps 120 ms
Infantado Palace (location 2) 38.90 Mbps 6.48 Mbps 120 ms
town hall
46.12 Mbps
13.39 Mbps 91 ms
52.49 Mbps 8.33 Mbps 120 ms
Orange and Yoigo stores
67.74 Mbps 13.94 Mbps 120 ms
Santo Domingo Square
30.94 Mbps 15.92 Mbps 138 ms

Pepephone 3G (Vodafone coverage)

In the following table you can see the speed comparison with the Speed ​​Test application, on a Google Nexus 4 and with the Pepephone 3G operator (under Vodafone coverage).

Location Download speed Upload speed Latency
8.90 Mbps 1.20 Mbps 123 ms
Plaza constitution
11.40 Mbps 3.36 Mbps 131 ms
9.03 Mbps 4.36 Mbps 142 ms
Cardenal González de Mendoza Street
11.86 Mbps 3.38 Mbps 1312 ms
Infantado Palace (location 1)
9.10 Mbps 4.07 Mbps 133 ms
Infantado Palace (location 2) 13.05 Mbps 4.58 Mbps 120 ms
town hall
8.59 Mbps 3.86 Mbps 107 ms
6.60 Mbps 4.82 Mbps 1273 ms
Orange and Yoigo stores
8.59 Mbps 3.86 Mbps 107 ms
Santo Domingo 8.10 Mbps 4.65 Mbps 143 ms

In the following photo gallery you can find all the screenshots of the speed test application:

Comparative charts

In the following graph you can see the difference in download speed between the two networks, you can see Pepephone 4G (in Movistar blue color) and Pepephone 3G (in Vodafone red color):


In the following graph you can see the difference in the upload speed between the two networks, you can see Pepephone 4G (in Movistar blue color) and Pepephone 3G (in Vodafone red color):


Soon we will offer you more analysis and comparisons of Pepephone 4G.

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Movistar ADB Pirelli P.DGA4001N routers have a serious security flaw

Eduardo Novella has discovered this serious vulnerability in this router model, below we will explain in detail what it consists of and how you can exploit this failure of your own equipment to check if you are affected.

  • Router affected: ADB BroadBand Pirelli ADSL2 / 2 + Wireless Router P.DGA4001N
  • Tested router firmware: PDG_TEF_SP_4.06L.6
  • CVE associated with the vulnerability: CVE-2015-0554

Movistar’s HomeStation router developed by the manufacturer Pirelli has a serious security flaw that allows reading HTML code from the Internet, that is, just by knowing the public IP of the victim, and that is the router does not incorporate any type of authentication no additional protection to prevent the extraction of sensitive information, such as the connection’s SSID, WPS PIN, WPA key and a lot of other information.

Risks: Reading sensitive information and remote reboot of the router

Users who have this router are running a great risk, and that is that anyone could read sensitive information stored in the router, just make a CURL to the public IP address of the target and then put the file that we want to read.

Reading the router SSID:

curl -s http://${IP_ADDRESS}/wlsecurity.html | grep -i "WLAN_"

Reading the router’s WPA key:

curl -s http://${IP_ADDRESS}/wlsecurity.html | grep -i "var wpapskkey"

Reading the WPS PIN:

curl -s http://${IP_ADDRESS}/wlsecurity.html | grep -i "var WscDevPin"

And not only can we do this, since we could also restart the victim’s router remotely, and therefore, do a denial of service against our target.


In this link you can see all the .html files that can be easily seen on Movistar’s ADB Pirelli P.DGA4001N. As you have seen, this vulnerability can be exploited remotely, a cybercriminal could track our network and even incorporate it into a botnet without us knowing anything. It is necessary that the manufacturer of the ADB Pirelli P.DGA4001N router and Movistar launch an update as soon as possible to correct this serious security flaw. We recommend access this link where you will find all the details, you can also enter the Movistar forum in ADSLZone.

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T-Mobile doesn’t like P2P downloads intensively over its 4G network

The US operator T-Mobile has in its portfolio of offers a unlimited data plan for your 4G connection. Although in Spain there is currently no unlimited data plan through 4G (or even 3G), in the United States the operator T-Mobile has created it with the purpose of meeting the needs of intensive customers.

The unlimited 4G data plans They have a cost between 70 and 80 dollars, however, the operator did not like at all that certain users dedicate themselves to downloading through P2P networks intensively. The main problem that operators have if many users download intensively, is that their mobile networks are saturated, and they do it more easily than fixed networks. By saturating networks, they prevent other clients from making normal use of the network, which leads to a poor user experience.

T-Mobile has warned that users who make this use of the unlimited data rate are exposed to a limitation in download speed, although they have not made it clear what this limitation will be. A clear example of violation of the terms of use of the service is tethering to download content through BitTorrent.

Currently in Spain the download limitation if we go over the data rate depends on the operator, but it is around 64Kbps, a completely insufficient speed for today.

You have more information about T-Mobile at Tmonews.

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The speed increase for Movistar TV clients under ADSL / VDSL becomes a mirage

Confusion has always predominated in the migration process and after several days of refusals to users, both in 1004 and in the Movistar Community the first migrations began to take place, although not all of them satisfactorily, or at least at the desired speed. . Users who have contracted the operator’s IPTV service are the ones who are encountering the most problems and in many cases the process is not carried out, or if the router is carried out it never synchronizes at 20 Mbps.

According to the information offered by some moderators of the Movistar Community, if this service is available, the maximum synchronization speed will be 15 Mbps, highlighting that this does not have to be the effective one, since each channel of the service consumes between 2.5-3 Mbps, therefore, if we have the service Multiroom the effective speed would be reduced to 10 Mbps or less.

When carrying out the process, there will be users who will have a certain benefit and others who will lose out with the change.

VDSL lines are not used and ADSL users up to 10 Mbps are the most favored

Users who so far enjoy ADSL up to 10 Mbps and Movistar TV are the great beneficiaries, since from now on they will be able to enjoy almost entirely the contracted megabytes, since the router synchronizes at 11.5 Mbps or 15 Mbps, being effective more than 9 Mbps.

However, in the case of users with a VDSL connection, this technology is completely wasted and the synchronization speed is not even close to the 30 Mbps that users who hired the now defunct Trio Futura came to enjoy.

Users without Movistar TV synchronize to the maximum that their loop allows up to 20 Mbps

Although VDSL allows higher speeds, it must be said that this time its capacity is not used either, since Movistar guarantees that the profile is released for both ADSL2 + and VDSL connections up to a maximum of 20 Mbps, hoping that in the case of the second technology the limit was 30 Mbps.

Have you requested the increase? Have you had any problems or have you not been assigned the expected speed? Tell us

It may interest you:

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Anonymous accesses the page of the Popular Party of Catalonia

The hacker group election campaign continues. If a long time ago the affected page was that of the socialist candidate, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, this time it was the turn of the Catalonia page of the opposition party.

Anonymous already indicated long before the electoral campaign began that they themselves would also run their own electoral campaign to try to change the mentality of citizens and break with the bipartisanship that reigned in Spain for many years.

The first reaction was the criticism of the socialist candidate for his management carried out while he held the position of Minister of the Interior.

With this new act, Anonymous wanted to make it clear that corrupt political leaders are not liked by them, nor by the citizens.

Throughout the morning a link has been enabled on the page of the Popular Party of Catalonia, a URL that, although it does not appear on the front page of the page, can be accessed:

The page to which we accessed simulated an error in the navigation of the page but which in turn justified the reason for the error that had occurred.

Complaint against corruption

That is the main message Anonymous wants to send before the next elections. They also affirm that Spain is a paradise to make you corrupt and that you only have to be a politician to earn a lot of money without doing anything.

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What faults do the ADSL operators in Spain have?

After the closure of Yacom, there are many doubts that have begun to emerge about the viability of ADSL operators in Spain. Although it seems that all of these are viable, perhaps it is necessary to think that there are too many operators for the entire national territory.

Despite it seems clear that Movistar, With OR NOT, Orange, Jazztel and Vodafone They are the ones that have the clearest future, many of the local cable companies and minority ADSL companies are the ones that are experiencing the greatest problems at the moment.

Taking into account the situation in which we find ourselves, What do you think a profitable ADSL company could do?

For an ADSL company to become profitable, it first of all has to earn a reputation. Obviously, starting from scratch is never easy, but with a good service, together with an affordable price and a customer service that allows the user to have confidence that if a problem arises they will be able to solve it, they could be some of the keys for an operator ADSL in Spain is well received by users.

Customer care and service, the main problems

Calling the customer service phone and after spending several minutes you still have not managed to get in touch with the person specialized in the question or problem you have is one of the biggest problems that operators have today. Many times this specialized person does not exist, and the calls are repeated day after day without obtaining a clear answer from the operator.

Many times these operators, being an indirect service, never offer what was promised at the beginning with the user, either due to the limitations of the line or because the product is not available in that geographical area.

All this ends up despairing of the user, who makes the decision to request the cancellation.

Problems when you leave the company

Many have been the cases of being discharged from a company, and that invoices continue to arrive with amounts of which the origin is unknown. Contracts are never clear, and the ease with which one can often become a client of a company, sometimes they become real headaches if you want to cancel the service.

These are some of the problems that all ADSL operators have today, without any exception.

Good time to start a company?

Yes, but you must be very clear about things and know the needs of users. Although we have previously stated that there are many companies for Spain, we also say that if a company arrives with lower prices than current companies (similar to what happens with the mobile market) it is likely to be well received. .

However, for this to happen it is necessary for said company to have some history either in the Spanish market or in European markets to illustrate a certain confidence to users.

Can you imagine Yoigo being ADSL provider? Would you hire their ADSL? And Pepephone’s?

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Movistar will improve FTTH connections of 30 and 300 megabytes from February

It is only necessary to read between the lines and observe what the needs of the users are to realize that this improvement revolves around symmetry of connections. The operator highlights that user habits have changed and more and more content is being uploaded to the Internet, hence the need for an upload speed that adapts to the real needs of users.

As is often the case with these changes, Movistar has confirmed that they will be applied in a staggered manner to all users who have one of the two fiber optic modalities mentioned above and it will not be necessary for the user to contact the customer service client so that it becomes effective.

ASUS launches Triple-VLAN functionality for Movistar FTTH in its RT-AC87U and RT-AC68U routers

The increased speed means that the routers must be able to give the user good performance. Taking into account the existing limitations in many cases, the operator will also launch a product during the first quarter of 2016 that will allow to solve the limitations of Wi-Fi connections.

It is necessary to add that these changes will be accompanied by an increase of 3 euros per month in the Merger price. This corresponds to the measures carried out by some operators increasing the price of their combined, something that some experts in the sector have already advanced on several occasions this year.

The best Wi-Fi routers for the 300 Megas of the Movistar FTTH

Movistar adds 1 GB of data to Fusion mobile lines

Although this is something that the operator will communicate using the invoice annex and that customers will check in the coming days, it is confirmed that the mobile lines that are within the Fusion products will receive 1 GB of additional data for free. It must be taken into account that currently it has a price of 10 euros and yet Movistar has decided to add it for free, benefiting more than 4 million mobile lines.

Movistar Fusion pricing overview

After talking about all the changes, it’s time to talk about prices. The convergent offer of 300 symmetric megabytes will have a monthly cost of 80 euros, including unlimited calls to landlines and 550 for mobile lines, in addition to HD quality television, including Canal + and 350 hours to make recordings in the cloud of our favorite programs.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the user will have access to Yomvi for free, just for being a customer, enjoying more than 5,000 titles in relation to series, films and documentaries.

Visit our Movistar FTTH section

More information: ADSLZone