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Bento, the perfect browser for those who use the mobile “for everything”

Bento, the browser that orders our use

Those who are related to Japan, its language and its culture, will know that the word Bento is the name of the portion of food that is ready to go. It consists of several dishes arranged in small drawers. Well, that’s exactly what the Bento browser does with the pages we visit and the searches we carry out.

Perhaps on a computer, when we browse, we have a broader view of all the tabs that are open. It doesn’t take long to find the one we want, even though there are many.

On mobile things change. Let’s imagine that we are going to book a hotel. On the one hand we have the tab open to see the hotel options, on the other, user comments, possible blogs that talk about that place, etc. It can be complicated if we have many different tabs open.

Bento replaces that traditional tabbed browsing. What it does is join related pages on cards. In this way, the user has more at hand the different open websites that are related to a specific search, the hotel reservation in the case we mentioned.

With Bento, users identify what pages or content are useful for your search, avoiding the useless things. It will also gather the search results and include them in a configuration similar to a task card so that the entire project can be stored for later, as we mentioned.

It even offers the opportunity to share these labels so that they can be viewed on another device.

The goal of Bento is to be a browser that works in a similar way to how we think. That is, gather information from the results obtained, according to our searches.

Better user experience

Now, on paper, everything seems to help the way many users navigate. Especially those who browse many and who use their mobile phone beyond making simple inquiries. However you can also bring certain problems in the future, such as displaying advertising on those labels that collect our searched information.

In short, Bento is a browser that order our sessions to make navigation easier. It allows us to focus on what we are working on. On many occasions we open many pages but really there are only a few that are useful for us. This is just one of the functions it has: sort the results that are really relevant to the user.

At the moment it is only available in a trial version for iOS. In the future we can also have it for Android.