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Unboxing and first impressions of this 4G LTE IP camera

Reolink Go IP Camera Main Features

This Reolink Go IP camera is specifically designed for outdoor video surveillance, as this model has the IP65 certificationTherefore, it is able to withstand inclement weather such as water and dust. The resolution of this Reolink Go IP camera is Full HD 1080p at 15 frames per second, therefore, we will have a high resolution to view the video clips on the computer or zoom (it has a 6x zoom) without the image being pixelated. The Viewing angle of this IP camera is 110º diagonal, in addition, it incorporates infrared to view everything in complete darkness, with a distance of up to 10 meters maximum.

This IP camera is completely wireless, and it incorporates a 7800mAh capacity battery, so we can have weeks of autonomy (depending on how much we visualize the camera). In addition, this internal battery can be recharged externally via micro USB, or directly through the IP camera itself with this micro USB port. A very important detail is that this Reolink Go IP camera is compatible with a solar panel from the manufacturer. Thanks to this solar panel, we can extend the autonomy of the battery, and we will not even need to recharge it if the hours of sunlight allow it.

In order to record the sound, it incorporates a microphone on the front, it also has a speaker, therefore we will have two-way communication without any problem. In order to detect movement, incorporates a PIR sensorThanks to this sensor we will be able to detect movement up to a range of up to 10 meters and at an angle of 120º.

The most interesting without a doubt is the incorporation of 4G LTE connectivity to be a fully wireless IP camera. This IP camera supports the main 4G LTE frequency bands in Spain, such as the B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20 bands. In addition, in case of not having 4G coverage, we will have the possibility of connecting to 3G networks without any problem. Inside the Reolink Go it incorporates a slot for micro SIM cards, as it incorporates an internal modem.

We also have the possibility of recording videos locally, although we will be able to record content in the manufacturer Reolink’s own Cloud. We have a slot for micro SD cards of up to 64GB capacity.

The installation, visualization and administration of the Reolink Go IP camera is done from the free application, it does not have a firmware via the web, it is all from the Reolink App itself. You can download the Reolink Go application for smartphones with Android and iOS. totally free in official stores:


This application will allow us to configure push notifications to our mobile, and we can also configure email alerts. And we even have the option of recording motion alerts with our own voice so that the IP camera emits it with its speaker.

First impressions of the Reolink Go IP camera

In RedesZone we have already thoroughly tested this new Reolink Go IP camera, below, you can see a complete video where we explain all the characteristics of this camera, and also all the accessories that come with the box, and finally what the camera itself is like IP.

We have also made a complete video about the Reolink Solar Panel, a very interesting accessory that completes this totally wireless IP camera:

Soon we will offer you the complete analysis, where you can see the quality of your images, videos and the available configuration options. The price of this IP camera is around 300 euros, a fairly high price, although we must take into account all its specifications, including 4G LTE connectivity.