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Chrome tests new option to permanently mute pages

Google is testing a new feature for Chrome Canary, for now, with which we can mute pages in browser. The novelty is that we can make this action permanent, if we want. With this we prevent it from reproducing any type of sound. So far we have been able to silence any tab, but when I opened the Web again, it played sound again.

Mute Google Chrome

This option can be very useful for those pages with annoying sounds. On many occasions when we enter a website, they have music in the background that is not very relevant. Personally, it happens to me with a regional sports page where I only go to check the weekend scores and it always plays annoying music that makes it difficult if I’m listening to the radio or something else.

With this function we do not need to manually mute each time we enter a certain page. Just do it once and tell him that save action and from there whenever we enter it will be silenced.

It is also designed to avoid the annoying sound of advertising videos. Many times we enter pages and there are advertisements with sound.

So this is the new feature Google is testing in Chrome Canary. We saw recently that it is now possible to have the different versions of this browser installed. We can have the beta or Canary together with the stable version, without having to uninstall it previously.

That is why, for now, Chrome users who are interested in this function will only be able to test it in Canary. We will have to wait for it to reach the stable version.

Enable it

These are the steps to do it in Windows:

  1. You have to click with the right mouse button on the Chrome Canary icon, on the operating system taskbar. Right click on the menu that opens and select properties.
  2. Later the file is searched Direct access and you have to add these characters: -enable-features = SoundContentSetting
  3. Make sure there is a space between the last character within the target field and the new parameter.
  4. To select to accept to save the changes.
  5. Restart Google Canary.

This adds the sound settings of the browser. We can use this new option to control the sound in two different ways:

  • By clicking on the icon ยซiยป in front of a web page to display the content settings for that particular site. Here we will find Sound as a new option and we can change the default setting to “always allow” or “always deny” for that particular site.
  • The second option is in the chrome settings. To do this, you have to load chrome: // settings / content in the browser’s address bar and locate the Sound option there. The default is available. We can disable the sound there, and manage the list of permissions and blocked as well.

This is, therefore, one of the latest developments in Google Chrome, one of the browsers most used by users around the world.