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A clandestine forum explains how to use stolen bank data

The security company Trusteer, has discovered a clandestine forum on the internet where a type of scam takes place. In the forum it is explained how the information stolen from users using the phishing technique, it can be used to perform check counterfeiting.

The organization behind this crime has an internal structure that is in charge of selling counterfeit checks from a corporate bank, which has branches in China, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Pre-printed checks are practically the same as those of the corporation, so at first glance, it is impossible to identify that they are fake, even to the touch.

It is estimated that the production process each fake check can go to criminals for a few 5 dollars. While if anyone wants get one of them, the economic amount amounts to 50 dollars. Each check has the credentials of an account of a bank user, necessary to carry out the transaction.

All kinds of details are included

Fake checks do not lack any kind of detail. It includes any type of personal information of the user (name, address and contact telephone numbers), in addition to having the financial information necessary to carry out the operation (the account number, the internal routing code and the corresponding check number ).

To have obtained this information, from Trusteer they believe that it is more than likely that the criminals have been able to have access to a copy of an original check, since otherwise, so much detail would be totally impossible.

Scanned versions of checks in online banking are a problem

If user credentials are stolen, copies of checks and receipts that are used by criminals can easily be accessed, not only to make the exact copy of the checks, but they will also be able to check the capital available for be able to carry out the transaction and that it is not rejected due to insufficient capital.

This functionality of online banking makes criminals are currently one step ahead of bank security systems and be able to circumvent their verification systems.

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The National Police seizes Bitcoins in an anti-money laundering operation

Bitcoin is the virtual currency par excellence and widely used in online commerce. In the beginning, a Bitcoin was worth 1 cent, currently a Bitcoin is equivalent to more than $ 200. In many cases, Bitcoin is associated with criminal acts, Bitcoins cannot be controlled or tracked by any government (a priori), however, they can be seized, the FBI and the National Police have been the first to seize this virtual currency .

Cybercrime is on the rise, the way to exchange money is through this virtual currency that cannot be traced. If the National Police arrest a cybercriminal, they will not be able to seize your Bitcoins since they are in your virtual wallet and without the access key you cannot have access to your money to seize it. Recently the National Police has intervened Bitcoins, thanks to the cybercriminal had the computer turned on with his “wallets” open. The FBI has previously seized 26,000 Bitcoins from the SilkRoad crash.

Laundering Bitcoins

To launder Bitcoins, these cybercriminals have used a service in the US called MoneyPay. The cybercriminals used prepaid cards and made the call pretending that it was from the US, in this way they loaded the cards with money and later went to any ATM in Spain to withdraw the cash. Once the money was cashed, the trail was lost. This money generally came from phishing and infecting computers to create botnets.

Exchanging Bitcoins for Euros

Thanks to the speed of the National Police, the Bitcoins of this cybercriminal could be intervened. Subsequently, these Bitcoins were exchanged for Euros and deposited in court. However, because Bitcoin varies rapidly over time, if 1 Bitcoin now equals € 150, it may be equivalent to € 300 in a few years. What would happen if the defendant is finally innocent and asks for the money to be returned in Bitcoins? Surely the State should assume the difference in value.

Via The world

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Amazon Coins, the new Amazon currency

Freemium content is becoming more and more common in most of the applications that are used today on Android and on different platforms. You download a game for free but if you want to advance and have certain advantages you have to make in-game payments.

This may be fine for users who want to be able to play for free, but it can be a big expense at the end of the month if you don’t know how to control purchases.

Until now, most purchases were made through the gaming platform, for example Google play But little by little, companies are launching a kind of virtual currencies that allow us to acquire extra content in an easier way. In this case, who has added the new payment method has been Amazon.

Amazon has launched Amazon Coins, coins that will allow you to buy in-game content through the platforms developed by Amazon.

Amazon Coins have a value of $ 0.01 per unit. Amazon will offer bulk discounts of up to 10% per purchase. At the moment these coins are only available in the US although they will be arriving in other countries imminently to help strengthen the Amazon platform. As a launch promotion, all Amazon users have received 500 Amazon Coins totally free to exchange for content within the platform.

To promote the new Amazon currency, they have decided that the application developers that offer this currency for their programs or games will receive 70% of the payments in full, which will encourage many of the developers to improve their platform.

A well-known application with its own currency is Line, the messaging application that has been growing so much in recent weeks. This application offers the possibility of buying coins within the program to later exchange them for icon packs.

The Amazon Coins technique is a safe way for companies to earn money since, for example, if you want to spend 20 coins in an application, you will have to buy the minimum pack of 99 even if you do not use the rest later.

Will it take many companies to create their own content currency? Can you imagine the Angry Coins to buy content within Angry Birds?

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Take advantage of Black Friday with GeekBuying discount coupons

After 11.11, this week is taking place best Black Friday deals, a commercial campaign in which a large number of stores, both physical and online, offer all their customers a wide variety of discounted products so that those interested in getting something, for example, for Christmas, can do so ahead of time saving money that can be considerable at times. In addition to item sales, many stores, such as GeekBuying, also offer customers a number of discount coupons that allow them to save even more on their purchases by taking advantage of this week’s sales.

For just a few hours, the online store GeekBuying has activated its discount coupons so that all users who buy any device, accessory, or whatever (a smartphone, a drone, gadgets, a complete computer, etc.) on this platform can save a certain amount of the final price of the purchase.

We can save up to $ 50 with the new GeekBuying coupons

As we say, in addition to the discounts already applied to all products, depending on the final price of the shopping cart we will be able to save up to 50 dollars on the final price thanks to the coupons that this store has enabled.

The coupons that we can use in the GeekBuying store to further reduce the cost of the shopping cart are:

  • GEEKBUY1 – For a purchase of $ 10 or more, a discount of $ 1 on the final price. Valid for the first 1000 purchases of the day.
  • GEEKBUYING – For a purchase of $ 50 or more, a discount of $ 6 on the final price. Valid for the first 500 purchases of the day.
  • GEEKBUY20 – For a purchase of $ 200 or more, a discount of $ 20 on the final price. Valid for the first 500 purchases of the day.
  • GEEKBUY50 – For a purchase of $ 500 or more, a discount of $ 50 on the final price. Valid for the first 100 purchases of the day.

These coupons are not subject to any article limitations, so they are valid for anything we buy from your website.

In order to use these discount coupons when buying in this online store, we must access it from the following link, which will take us directly to the Black Friday promotions.

These coupons will be valid from this moment until the next November 29thTherefore, although we still have time (especially in case one of the coupons has already made its space, and does not allow us to use it more until the next day), we should not leave it until the last minute.

Have you bought something already, or do you have your eye on something, to take advantage of the Black Friday sales?

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So you can easily check the value of your cryptocurrencies

In the web We will be able to know at the minute the variation and the value of a large number of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies that we can consult at a glance are the following:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • XRP
  • DASH
  • LTC
  • BTG
  • XMR
  • ADA

On this website we can see the real-time price of all these cryptocurrencies, the variation they have suffered in the last 24 hours, the variation they have suffered in the last hour, the market capitalization (in USD) and a small graph with the evolution it has undergone. In the following screenshot you can see all this information:

What does this tool have that, for example, CoinDesk or the like? Well, we can run a query from the Linux terminal itself, and we can even automate the sending of emails to promptly inform us of the evolution.

Although the main website is «», the developer allows us to see all the values ​​in euros instead of USD, in this way, if we go to the website «»We will see all the values ​​of cryptocurrencies in this currency. Currently this website allows the following currencies, although by default it is USD (American dollars): USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, IDR, JPY, KRW, RUB. If we put in the browser “” we can see the help of the tool, and how it works.

This website is updated with the value of the cryptocurrencies every five minutes, so we must bear in mind that it is not in real time.

Launch in Linux terminal

To execute it in terminal, we will simply have to use the “curl” command, as you can see below:


Once we know that we can read this website through curl, the possibilities are almost endless. We can, for example, export to a text file for days, the evolution of all cryptocurrencies, this we would have to configure in a crontab with the following order:

0 * * * * curl > criptomonedas_$(date +%R__%d-%m-%Y).txt

With this order every hour on the dot, it will create a new text file with the name cryptocurrencies_hour_date.txt, and in this way, we can see the evolution of cryptocurrencies in recent days.

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They hacked eBay two months ago and now they ask us to change our passwords

He eBay online auction portal was hacked two months ago, Usernames, email address, physical address, phone number, and date of birth were stolen. More of 112 million users They will have to change the password as soon as possible, and if we have reused the same eBay key in other services, you will also have to change it for security.

Although the portal saves encrypted passwords, it is very possible that the attackers have been able to decipher themTherefore, as a precaution, Ebay is resetting all passwords. eBay ensures that the payment information has not been affected, that is, the credit card details. This is because such sensitive data is stored encrypted in a separate database.

The attack took place in late February and early March this year, but it is now when eBay is sending these e-mails to its customers since they realized the matter two weeks ago, too late since in two months they may have cracked a large number of these passwords. The attackers obtained the credentials of a small number of employees to break into their systems and steal the customer database.

Therefore, as users, what we must do is the following:

  • Change eBay password.
  • Change the passwords of all services if we have reused the eBay key in them.

You have more information about this attack in CNN Money and Reuters.

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Everything you need to know to buy online with your credit card safely

Shopping doesn’t require much effort and you don’t need to be a tech savvy. Any user can purchase an item in the thousands of existing stores on the Internet. However, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind to avoid exposing sensitive credit card information.

Tips for buying online with your credit card

Next, we offer you a list with those tips and recommended practices if we are going to carry out a purchase using an Internet service.

Never enter your PIN in a purchase process

In the process of buying in online stores there are a series of fields when making a purchase. The card number, CVV or expiration date is the required information, in addition to the verification code. In scams, cybercriminals will seek to obtain the greatest amount of data. For this reason, they will try on many occasions to provide you with the PIN of the same, or even the name of the owner.

In purchases through Internet services, the PIN should never be provided. In all the places where this information is requested, it is better not to continue with the process and to leave the website.

Don’t buy using public Wi-Fi networks

They are very comfortable and allow you to enjoy Internet access in public places. Restaurants, theaters, squares, museums, and so on until completing a list of important locations.

But there is a major security issue that could expose our information. More than a security problem, it is the possibility that attacks can be carried out Man-in-the-Middle (also known as MitM). That is, third parties connected to the same network and equipped with packet sniffer with the intention of stealing information.

For this reason, it is not a good idea to purchase “home” Wi-Fi networks.

Do not buy from websites under HTTP

Related to the previous section is this one. If the information is not sent securely, it is likely that, while traveling between the two extremes, a third person could steal or modify it. For this reason, it is not advisable to make purchases on the Internet on those pages that do not have HTTPS.

Detect phishing emails

If there is a preferred tool for cybercriminals, it is email. In this way they can distribute the scams and reach a larger number of users. The themes are usually related to problems with payments, card activation or failed purchases. In this way they capture the attention of users. Later, they are referred to web services with forms to “solve” the problem. But nothing is further from reality, it only seeks to collect information.

Card anti-fraud settings

In addition to everything seen so far, credit cards are equipped with security improvements. Many of them are adapted for electronic commerce. For this reason, it is advisable to inquire at the bank with which the contract has been formalized about the security options for these operations. Above all, it is advisable to set a limit when making purchases and the possibility of canceling payments, in the event that we detect an unauthorized one.

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Tips for shopping on Amazon and similar platforms safely

Tips for shopping on Amazon and similar platforms safely

Encrypt our account

One of the first steps to shopping safely is encrypt our accounts. It doesn’t matter if we use Amazon or another platform. It is vital to have a unique access key that is difficult to find out. We recommend that you have lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and other characters. We have recently seen the big data leak on Gearbest.

Use secure payment methods

It is very important that we use secure payment methods. Today it is possible to buy online using cards and platforms such as PayPal. It is important that in case of using platforms such as PayPal they are safe and we avoid misuse.

We must also be careful when we are going to use Bank cards to pay online. Something that can be very interesting is to make use of rechargeable prepaid cards. It is a good method to buy safely without having to insert other bank cards.

Beware of external links and coupons

This is something that we can receive by email, social networks or WhatsApp. We get a link where they assure us that we can buy a very cheap product or make use of a discount coupon. When entering this link, it asks us to enter the data to log in to Amazon. However, we are entering a server controlled by cybercriminals.

Therefore, whenever we go to buy online on Amazon or any similar platform, it is important that we enter its official page. Must avoid accessing through links that we receive by the mentioned means, as it could be a scam.

Use secure networks

This is something that must be applied whenever we are going to carry out any economic transaction through the network. You have to connect through secure networks. In this way our data and information are not at risk.

For example, you should avoid buying on Amazon or on other platforms from public and open networks, such as in an airport or shopping center. In case of need we can always use a VPN service.

Look at the seller and comments

When we go to acquire a product, for security to take what we are really looking for, we must take a good look at the seller. Fortunately, on platforms such as Amazon and the like, we can consult the comments of other users. In this way we can avoid deception, that the product does not correspond to what we want to buy, etc.

Especially be careful with new sellers, who have low or bad ratings.

We leave you an article to buy safely online.

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Meet this mega promotion in the Gearbest store for the arrival of summer

The Gearbest online store is preparing a mega promotion of products with significant discounts for the arrival of summer. Whenever there are certain dates, in Gearbest they take the opportunity to launch important offers on their most popular products, and this time we can find real bargains on smartphones, tablets, TV Box and other types of devices.

Gearbest has launched a dedicated page to this type of summer promotions, the first thing we should know is that if we make a purchase through our smartphone or tablet, we can have an additional discount of up to 5%, this strategy is widely used by many stores and brands to promote the use of their applications for mobile devices.

In this mega Gearbest promotion we can see smartphones such as the Elephone S3 at a price of € 88, the Bluboo Xfire 2 at a price of € 35, two phones that are worth approximately double if they were not in this promotion. We also have available a Teclast Tbook 11 2 in 1 Ultrabook tablet that costs € 123 when its normal price is close to € 200. We also have multimedia players such as the NEXBOX N9 TV Box for € 15.90 and other types of devices such as smart watches and drones.

This mega promotion will have very limited units so you must hurry to purchase a unit, and Gearbest limits you to being able to buy a single unit. This promotion will be available between June 14 and June 16, where the store will rotate the products so you will have to be careful to get the best bargains.

Gearbest has also enabled a page dedicated to the promotion of TV Box and networking devices such as routers, Wi-Fi repeaters, projectors, HD and 4K media players, and even portable speakers and USB sticks. Finally, they have also enabled a “Intel” area where we will have special discounts on laptops and tablets that use a model from the manufacturer Intel as the main CPU. We also have available a Beelink section to buy media players from this well-known manufacturer.

We remind you that in this online store the shipping costs are completely free for a large number of products, and that you can pay comfortably, easily and quickly through PayPal.

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Manual to prevent your children from shopping without control

PlayStation Store has a “wallet” to recharge via card and spend it on games, however, if we have this wallet at € 0 and we want to buy something within a game, the charge will automatically be sent to the default payment method. This reader had PayPal as a form of payment, and associated with PayPal his credit card, therefore, PayPal acted as a simple intermediary.

In fact, by making multiple purchases within a very short period of time, PayPal automatically detected a possible fraud and asked the PayPal account holder for confirmation of this. If I had put the credit / debit card directly into the account, it is very possible that the bank would not detect this and they would have continued to spend money on the games.

Could you ask the PlayStation Store for a refund for what happened? According to their terms and conditions, no.

In the terms and conditions of PlayStation Store we can see the following:

“When making your purchase, you request immediate access to it, knowing that you have a” cooling off period “of 14 days from the date of purchase during which you can cancel your purchase and request a refund. However:

(i) If you buy digital content (such as games) and start downloading or streaming it, you will lose the right to cancel. Keep in mind that the download can occur automatically (for example, in-game purchases or if you have activated the function [Descargar automáticamente] in your account settings). »

Therefore, even if your children have purchased it without the authorization of the PlayStation Store account holder, when purchasing digital content, you will not be able to request a refund from PlayStation and for in-game purchases to be ‘undone’.

How to pay in PlayStation Store and that your children do not put a hole in the card to you

PlayStation Store allows us to have a “Purse” with up to 150 euros in it, this wallet can be recharged through any Credit or debit card that is Visa, MasterCard or American Express, but it also allows us the possibility of using PayPal. PlayStation allows us to link a maximum of 3 cards in the account, and choose a default one to make payments and recharge the wallet, but if our wallet has € 0 and we want to buy something, that amount will directly go to the default payment method.

If your children are going to use the PlayStation, it is advisable to follow some security precautions so that they do not make purchases in the games, since it is too easy to make these purchases. The first thing to keep in mind is that we can activate an access code and prevent other people from accessing the account with our console, and of course, we can also set a password to finalize the purchase of a game or purchases within the games themselves.

Setting up an account for children: the easiest option

Children’s accounts are accounts for users under 18 years of age, and these accounts do not allow us to add credit or debit card data, only funds from the administrator’s wallet can be used, within the assigned limit that we define previously. By default, the spending limit is € 0, which we can increase so that our children make purchases in the games.

In RedesZone we have a complete tutorial on how to configure PlayStation security for minors, you can see it here:

Use a Bnext prepaid card on the PlayStation Store account

This is a very easy option to use. The Bnext prepaid card It is a Visa card that does not have any type of commission, this card is recharged through the application for smartphones, and is associated with our bank debit or credit card. If, for example, we recharge this card with € 50 and associate it with the PlayStation Store, our children can never spend more of these € 50 (it is important to have the automatic recharge of the prepaid card disabled), in addition, Bnext has promotions to pay on the PlayStation Network, returning 10% of what we pay and also on other platforms such as Spotify and Netflix among others.

Thanks to this option, it will not be necessary to create a specific account for children and configure the wallet limit, but we can directly register this card and limit the funds easily.

Even this option is very useful for the administrator profile, since we can only spend what is on this card and never again, it is a way to control ourselves. You can download the Bnext app and order this free prepaid card from here.

However, you can also contact your bank and request a prepaid card for the Internet, but you have to make sure before that PlayStation Store allows it since it is not possible in all of them. Or use the prepaid card Paysafecard which is supported by PlayStation. Finally, you can order one debit / credit card to your bank and configure daily purchase limitsIn this way, payments will automatically be blocked if we exceed a certain defined threshold.

Use PayPal as a “wallet”

By allowing the PlayStation Store to link with PayPal, it will allow us to use this platform as if it were a “wallet” making use of the PayPal balance. Normally we add our bank account directly to the PayPal account, or a credit / debit card to make payments, PayPal being only a mere intermediary.

However, we can make SEPA transfers to “top up” your PayPal balance completely free of charge. Currently only this option of transfers from the bank is allowed, and logically we will not have it available at the moment, but it will take a couple of days approximately. However, with the option of the previous prepaid card, recharges are made instantly when using our main credit / debit card.

These are three options to control that your children do not buy indiscriminately in PlayStation Store. Do not forget to properly protect your PlayStation account with two-step verification, in the following manual you have step by step how to get it:

We recommend access our computer security section where you will find manuals on how to protect your accounts, equipment and communications.