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create shared folders between Windows and Android

How to access Windows folders and files from Android

ES File Explorer is a very interesting application for Android that allows us to perform different functions, all of them aimed at managing our data and files. We can exchange folders between the internal card and the microSD, for example. But we can also access Windows folders, share or copy files.

Its use is very simple and it is quite useful for everything we have mentioned. Personally I find it useful when I need to transfer files from the Tablet to the computer or simply access folders on my computer from the mobile.

The first thing we have to do is install the ES File Explorer application on our Android device. We can download it from official store.

Once this is done, we will see different options when opening it. We have to go to Net and we access LAN. Inside here are the computers that we can access. They are those that are in our network and that we can access.

We have to perform a search and, once the team we want appears, we give it to enter. You have to put the username and password of that computer to be able to see the folders and have access to it. Once this is done, we simply navigate through the different folders until we get to where we want.

We can open files, copy or modify documents. In this way we can transfer folders from our mobile device to the computer, or vice versa.

Create a network drive to share between Android and Windows

On the other hand, we also have the possibility to create a shared folder with ES File Explorer. In this way we can access it from our computer. Basically we can do the same as the above, but we gain accessibility from Windows. A way to have more control over everything we have on our Android device.

In my case I have done it with a Tablet. I have created a folder that appears to me as if it were another drive on my computer.

This time we have to open the ES File Explorer application and hit Red and access Remote. We have to press the On button. As we know, we have to be connected to the same network as the other computer.

Find network ES File Explorer

Once this is done, an address will appear that we will have to open from the browser on the computer. Now we can see all the folders we have, in my case on the Tablet.

However our goal is to create a new drive for easier access. In this case we go to Computer, click with the second mouse button and click Add a network location.

Add network location

We configure the initial basic steps until it tells us to enter the network address. Here we must copy the same address that we put in the browser. We give the following and accept. It will ask us to put a name, in my case I put Shared Folder Tablet.

Shared folder

Now we can access our Android device from Windows easily.