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Debian 8 abandons GNOME and replaces it with Xfce

Although later we will see how they have tried to justify the decision, the saying “a dead king is king” should be applied. Those responsible for the distribution have already sought a replacement for GNOME and have chosen Xfce, something that has surprised many. However, this is obviously not going to prevent users from later deciding to install the GNOME desktop and use it instead of Xfce.

However, this is nothing new. If you follow the news related to Linux daily, surely you remember that before Debian 7 was released, the same statements made by another person responsible for the development of the distribution were published, stating that GNOME would be replaced.

Despite everything, Debian 7 incorporated GNOME as the default desktop, so something happened at that time to prevent it from happening and now try again.

GNOME is replaced because there are no references

This needs to be clarified because said so, it seems that even the desk is being replaced because it has not been on the market for a long time. What they have wanted to say from Debian is that with respect to the use of their distribution with the different desktops, they have data that indicates a higher percentage of users with Xfce than GNOME. But let’s say the contradictory is that GNOME doesn’t even have data collected from its use, so it seems at least weird.

The main reason for the change

After you’ve explained the “excuse” for the change, it’s time to find out the real reason: the design of the new version of GNOME. And it is that everything seems to indicate that many distribution developers expected advances of version 3 with respect to the previous one, and yet they have found that the operation and appearance has not advanced, but has regressed in many aspects to the version GNOME 2.

We seek your opinion: Do you think that GNOME 3, far from improving, has worsened features and aspects with respect to GNOME 2?

Source | very linux