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Do you have a Samsung? Try this browser for speed and security

New version of Samsung’s browser

It is true that in browsers today there is no rival and Google Chrome is the most used on different platforms. However for many users security and speed can play a very important point. Samsung is no stranger to this and has worked hard to develop Samsung Internet Browser 7.2 with interesting improvements in terms of speed and also security.

For this it uses an updated engine, Chromium M59. Among the improvements are speed, as we have mentioned, but also other aspects such as graphics. With this we obtain a considerable improvement when playing online.

But if there is something that users are very interested in, it is the security. Even more so if we talk about mobile terminals. As we know, cybercriminals set their sights on what has the most use, the most possible victims. Mobile phones are increasingly used for different actions that in other times we carried out from the computer.

Hence the emergence of banking Trojans, hidden cryptocurrency miners, etc. All this has been taken into account by Samsung in the update of its browser.

More security

Among these security measures included in the new version, it has a protected browsing. This means that it alerts users when they visit sites that are not safe. For example, those that can introduce malware into devices or that steal information. Ultimately, much of the malware comes to us through browsing.

As well its use has been optimized. Now it works better in low-end terminals that have 1 GB of RAM or even less. They have achieved this with improvements in the consumption of eyelashes and it is more efficient.

An important piece of information must be added. At the moment these speed and security improvements are only available in the Beta version of the browser. Therefore, those users who have the Samsung browser installed may not see these changes, unless they install the Beta version.

In any case, they will soon reach the normal version of the browser and it will be available for download.

Available for any device

On the other hand, although it is the Samsung browser, it is not exclusive for users of this brand. Anyone who has Android 5.0 or higherRegardless of the model, they will be able to download the browser.

As we know, one of the most interesting options to maintain security on our devices is to download from official sources. We have to avoid, therefore, downloading applications that are not in official stores such as Google play.

In short, with the new version of Samsung Internet Browser we can find a more efficient, faster and safer browser. Aspects that will undoubtedly be well received by users.

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