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The service to download by bittorrent directly to your Dropbox account is banned

Boxopus is (or rather, was) a new service for download .torrent files directly to our Dropbox accounts and also anonymously.

This new online service allowed automatically download files, without having to have the computer turned on. We just had to sync Boxopus and Dropbox accounts for it to start working.

This system is a good way to have our downloads automatically on our computer, and at high speed since if the file has few seeds, the time it takes to download, we will do it with the computer off and saving on the electricity bill. However, this great service has been banned by Dropbox for “supporting piracy”.

The company has decided to dleave without access to Boxopus because it actively collaborates with “piracy.”

The worst thing about the ban on this service is that it was explicitly approved by Dropbox. It seems that some audiovisual industry has contacted Dropbox about this issue, trying to put doors to the field, as usual.

Even though this service has failed, I think the idea will liveIf it doesn’t work with Dropbox, it will be another file storage in the cloud.

This service has lasted very little time, and it is that heThe record labels don’t stop putting pressure to further fill their coffers with shiny money. Let’s see if Mr. Kim Dotcom puts together a good system that makes the singers not depend on these record companies.

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Bittorrent private tracker opens its doors. Registration without invitation and Freeleech until Sunday

Bittorrent’s private tracker, Tibimate, opens its doors to new registrations without asking for an invitation.

They have also decided to put all new GOLD uploads, that is, the descent does not count but the rise does, perfect to increase our ratio if we are scarce, or if we are new to the tracker to be able to have a good mattress.

A private Bittorrent tracker is a tracker where people usually enter by invitation and must share as much as download and follow certain rules.

It is characterized by the high download speed and the quality of its torrents, there being no Fake and always trying to have the highest possible quality.

If none of you are on a private tracker, it is a good time to try these “open doors” of Tibimate, I’m sure that once you try it, you will not go back to public trackers.

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uTorrent 3.4 improves the speed of torrent network downloads

uTorrent is one of the most popular and widely used torrent network download clients on the web. Although many aspects have changed in recent months compared to previous versions (among other things, advertising), it is still one of the best clients available for the Windows operating system thanks to its excellent performance and low resource consumption that make it one of the best alternatives to download files from the internet.

A few hours ago the launch of a major update was announced: uTorrent 3.4. This update has reached users with a large number of internal changes, one of the best received being the change in the download management queues that will allow users to notice an improvement in speed and performance compared to previous versions. .

The new priority system that uTorrent developers have implemented on their platform is called «Canonical Peer«. Thanks to it, all uTorrent users will notice an improvement in download speed by working better with queues and peers, which better organizes all queues and thus optimizes downloads from the torrent network. On a technical level, this new model allows uTorrent to choose the pairs based on importance and priority instead of in order of discovery as has happened until now. In this way, dubious or low speed pairs are eliminated and we will only be connected to pairs with good speed and reliable, thus also improving our security.

A module for protection against DDoS attacks that prevents users from being victims of these attacks in the event of an attack on their networks. Several internal changes have also been made and more frequent updates and future enhancements have been announced for the messaging client.

At the moment there is still no news of a native uTorrent client for Linux, so only Linux and Mac users will be able to enjoy this new version of uTorrent and its features. uTorrent can be downloaded completely free of charge from your main web page.

What do you think of the new version of uTorrent? What is your preferred torrent client?

Source: Bittorrent

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Search and download torrents from the Linux or Windows terminal with Torrench


Torrench is a tool command line based that can be used to search and download torrents. It can be done from different hosting websites. This torrent search tool is not limited to Linux. It is also available for Windows and macOS. Torrench is a combination of the words Torrent + Search.

Torrench allows us to search and download a torrent file from the Internet. There are different sources available, although the developers have promised to add more websites to this list:

  • Linuxtracker
  • DistroWach
  • The pirate bay
  • KickassTorrents
  • SkyTorrents

Install Torrench

To install Torrench and download torrents using terminal on macOS or Linux, we need have python 3 pre-installed. For Windows, no additional packages are required to be installed.

Installing Torrench on Linux and macOS

On Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE, etc., users can install torrench using pip. In case pip is not installed, this is how we can do it on Ubuntu or similar systems. Same commands can also be used to install Torrench on macOS.

sudo apt-get install python3 pip

After that, we can install Torrench using pip by running this command:

$ sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade torrench

Installing Torrench on Windows

Installing Torrench on Windows is very simple. You just have to download the .exe file using this link and install it.

Configuration on Linux devices

To finish the configuration the configuration and be able to download torrents using the terminal, we must place a config.ini file in the $ HOME / .config / torrench location. To do this you have to download the file from here. We copy the file as follows:

$ cp -v ~/Downloads/config.ini $HOME/.config/torrench

In case the path is not defined, we can create the directory using this command:

$ mkdir $HOME/.config/torrench

Settings on macOS devices

In macOS, we can copy the config.ini file in the $ XDG_CONFIG_HOME / torrench / folder as follows:

$ cp ~ / Downloads / config.ini ~ / .config / torrench /

In the case that $ XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not defined, we create the torrench directory with this command:

$ mkdir ~ / .config / torrench /

Configuration on Windows devices

First, we need create the directories required. We take a look at this path and create the missing directories: C: Users . Config torrench

After that we copy the config.ini file to this path. That’s it.

How to use it to find and download files?

Before we see how to use Torrench utility to search torrent files and download them, we have to enable it. To do this, open the copied config.ini file and set enable = 1 at the end of the file. Save and exit. To use this function, we must open terminal or the command prompt and use the torrench command followed by the search term.

Searching in Linux Tracker

It works on many Linux distributions in an organized fashion. We can also search using categories:

$ torrench "SEARCH_STRING"

Looking for Distrowatch

$ torrench -d "SEARCH_STRING"

Looking for The Pirate Bay

$ torrench -t "SEARCH_STRING"

Looking for KickassTorrents

$ torrench -k "SEARCH_STRING"

Looking for SkyTorrents

$ torrench -s "SEARCH_STRING"

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Service to download torrents from the cloud

Not so long ago, the Boxopus service, which allowed us to download torrents directly to our DropBox account. Said service was blocked and banned soon after as it infringed on copyright.

Now a new cloud storage service, called Maxxo, with the main feature that it allows you to download torrent files directly to your storage space.

In this article we are going to tell you a little more about this service. The first thing we must do is enter your main website and look at the service.

Maxxo has four types of account:

  • A free one that allows us a maximum of 2 simultaneous torrent downloads, along with 5GB of storage and 5GB of download transfer.
  • A premium of $ 9.99 per month, which includes 50GB of storage and 50GB of download transfer.
  • A premium of $ 19.99 per month, which includes 100GB of storage and 150GB of download transfer.
  • A premium of $ 29.99 per month, which includes 200GB of storage and 300GB of download transfer.

All of them come with a number of features, such as good security, backups, and permission to upload and download files locally. Also, the premium versions have a dedicated bandwidth and increase the number of simultaneous torrent downloads, from 2 in the free version to 10 files at a time.

The first thing we must do to start using this service is to register. To do this, on the main website, click on “register”, select the plan we want and fill in the registration data.

Once registered, we proceed to download the Windows client from here.

We download, install and access it through our username and password. Once inside the program, to upload files, we just have to drag them to the program. In our case, we have dragged a torrent file from Ubuntu.

To start the torrent download, we must double click on the .torrent file that we have uploaded, and the download will begin.

With this little guide we already know how we can download torrents from a remote server.

Maxxo is still a rather incomplete program, since it lacks many features, such as a file explorer from the browser, mobile versions and more. We suppose that little by little they will add these characteristics, but the initiative is very good in terms of utility, for example, to download torrent files at night without having the PC turned on, or when a file has few sources to access it little a little bit.

Did you know about this service?

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Transmission 2.92 is now available for Windows

Just coinciding with its release, this download client was compiled for Linux and Mac OS XHowever, there was no version available for Windows users, until today. After a long wait, those responsible for the development of this torrent download client have published a compiled version on their servers so that users of Windows They can install and use this new version of the download client and be able to enjoy the improvements and internal changes that it has included in its new update, after these two long years of waiting.

Users who want download Transmission 2.92 for Windows they must do it manually from their official download server. Here we must scroll to the bottom and choose one of the following two entries, according to our architecture:

  • transmission-2.92-x64.msi
  • transmission-2.92-x86.msi

Any user who has already used this download client on any operating system will have no difficulty using this new version on Windows. Both its interface and options remain the same, except for small cosmetic changes, for example, the colored icons in the preferences menu.

All the changes that we will find in this new version of the download client are mainly internal, among which we should highlight:

  • Compatibility with OpenSSL, PolarSSL, CyaSSL and WolfSSL cryptographic libraries.
  • Compatibility with the new libraries miniupnpc and libevent.
  • Improvements to the Remote Procedure Call service.
  • UTF-8 validity check.
  • New views of torrents.
  • CMake support.

Windows XP and Vista users will not be able to use this new version, so they should continue to use the latest compatible for their operating systems, 2.84.

Without a doubt, a long-awaited update to what is probably the best multiplatform torrent download client, totally free, ad-free and open source.

How to download other Transmissions on other operating systems

Until now, the Windows version of this famous download client was run by Transmission-qtHowever, the new version 2.92 is the first that the project managers personally compile for Windows, the most used operating system in the world.

In the case of Ubuntu, we can download the packages already compiled from the previous web page or manually add one PPA to our system from which to update and always keep our download client updated:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa: transmissionbt / ppa
  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install transmission

Users of Mac OS Xinstead, they can only download the binary manually from their website. In this case, we remember that the version to be install is 2.92, never 2.90 since, we remember, it came with a hidden ransomware that infected several thousand users of this operating system.

Have you already installed the new version of Transmission? What do you think of her?

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Bittorrent HD-Spain private tracker has been down for more than 10 hours

If someone does not know HD-Spain, tell them that it is one of Bittorrent’s private trackers with high definition content largest in our country where they upload content daily.

That a known web is inoperative for 10 hours is something strange, however, that one of the Bittorrent private trackers best known in Spain take more than 10 hours offline is the least worrying.

This private tracker only uploads material in HD (high definition), films of foreign origin and also films of Spanish origin. Two years ago the Jazztel operator had problems with this tracker and other download websites such as HDCity or, however, we have verified that with Pepephone’s ADSL the problem persists.

Users are beginning to ask about other private trackers and forums what is happening, and the answer is the same in all: We do not know what is happening.

If any responsible for the HD-Spain tracker reads usWe ask you to comment or send us an email to communicate what is happening and reassure the users of this portal. HD-Spain was the first tracker to implement the SSL protocol for the web and also encryption for Bittorrent downloads.

Has the Sinde-Wert Act acted on a Sunday? Or is it just a glitch?

We will update this news as soon as there is news.


  • It seems that it has been a hardware problem on the HD-Spain server according to a comment in this news.
  • Now it works correctly, all systems have been restored.

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Stream torrents with Ace Stream Media

In recent months, streaming video playback has gained considerable success. Thanks to platforms like Popcorn Time it is possible to stream all kinds of movies and videos, although in most cases in the original version. Some multimedia players allow users to reproduce in a similar way, that is, in streaming, any other video file that is not within a closed library such as Popcorn Time simply by loading the corresponding .torrent file into it.

In this article we are going to talk about Ace Stream Media, a very easy to use player developed mainly to allow streaming content to be played through peer networks. This media player is based on VLC Media Player 2.0.5, so the way to use it is practically identical to that of the original version of this player and has the same functions as said version of VLC along with the possibility of playing streaming content from the torrent network.

We can download this browser for free from your main web page. Once downloaded we install it on our computer and we will have the player ready to use it.

To add a torrent to this player, we simply have to download the corresponding .torrent file beforehand, drag it to the player icon (for example, the one created by the installer on the desktop). Ace Stream Media will automatically start searching for the sources, connect to them and as soon as it has the necessary parts it will start playing the content while simultaneously downloading.

In tests, this browser has shown excellent performance when it comes to playing torrent files. When we load one of them before starting playback, about 30 seconds pass. During this time, the connections with the seeds are established and the first part of the file begins to download. When the first part of the file is downloaded it starts to play smoothly, as long as the file has multiple sources and our connection is faster than the data rate of the video in question.

What do you think of Ace Stream Media? Do you know other video players from the torrent network?

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Registrations open from Wednesday on this private BitTorrent tracker

Many of you will know this private BitTorrent tracker. It is one of the fastest growing trackers in Spain. In Tibimate you can find all kinds of multimedia material such as movies, music, games, e-books, and all kinds of software.

The main rule for this, and all other private trackers is: SHARE

On October 5, 6 and 7, registrations in this private tracker will be open.

Then we leave you with the video of the news made by the team of

We recommend that before starting to download, read the RULES and FAQ so that you are not banned as soon as you enter for breaching them