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Features of this professional Mesh

Main features

This new WiFi Mesh system is a team Simultaneous dual band with WiFi AX1800. In the 2.4GHz band we can achieve a speed of up to 574Mbps and in the 5GHz band we can achieve a speed of up to 1,201Mbps. In each of the two frequency bands we have a MU-MIMO 2T2R configuration, a very important detail is that in the 5GHz band we will have 80MHz of channel width, and not the 160MHz of channel width that would allow us to achieve double the speed with the same number of WiFi antennas. This equipment incorporates all the technologies of WiFi 6, such as Beamforming implicit and explicit, the MU-MIMO and the OFDMA in both frequency bands.

The team that acts as router It has 1 Gigabit Ethernet port for the Internet WAN and a total of 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports for the LAN. The model that acts as satelite it has a total of four Gigabit Ethernet ports for the LAN.

The most important thing about this new Orbi WiFi 6 Mini is its firmware, normally home WiFi Mesh systems do not allow you to configure VLANs or multiple SSIDs, however, this WiFi Mesh system does. The firmware will allow us to configure the 802.1Q VLAN standard both in the wired network and also in the wireless network, therefore, we can correctly segment both the wired network and the WiFi, separating the equipment from each other so that they do not communicate with each other. We can also configure access control lists to allow or deny traffic between the different networks that we can create. If we use a manageable switch with VLANs, we can manage them from the equipment that acts as a router to perform inter-vlan routing, in this way, we can pass the WiFi Mesh system a trunk of VLANs with all the created ones.

At the wireless level, it will allow us to create a total of 4 SSIDs, specifically, we can create a WiFi network for the management of the different devices, a wireless network for employee devices, guest WiFi network with captive portal and even also a separate WiFi network for IoT devices. This equipment supports all encryption standards such as WPA2-PSK and also the new WPA3-PSK, in addition, it also supports WPA2 / WPA3-Enterprise to authenticate clients to a RADIUS server.

This new WiFi Mesh system is sold in packs of a router and a satellite (SXK30), two satellites (SXK30B3) or three satellites (SXK30B4), although both the router and the satellite could also be purchased individually. A very important detail is that these new Orbi WiFi 6 Mini are not compatible with the Orbi for home environments nor are they compatible with the Orbi Pro that has WiFi 5. Another interesting feature is that, by purchasing this WiFi Mesh system, we will have one year subscription to NETGEAR Insight completely free, then we would have to pay for the management of the router through the Cloud.

Incorporating NETGEAR Insight in this type of device is a great success, because it integrates perfectly with the rest of the manufacturer’s equipment such as switches, professional APs and even routers, and we will have all the centralized management in the manufacturer’s cloud. Of course, we can use the apps for Android and iOS.

We recommend you visit the NETGEAR Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini official website where you will find all the details.

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