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Google raises the default use of two-step verification

Google wants to boost two-step authentication

Two-step authentication or multi-factor authentication is a very interesting complement to passwords. It serves as a second barrier, as a extra layer of security to avoid intruders on our accounts. In case someone managed to find out our password through an attack, such as Phishing, as well as a leak, a second step would be needed.

That second step basically consists of having to enter a security code. For example, we can receive it by SMS and verify that we are the legitimate user who has the right to enter that social network, bank account or any application.

Now Google wants users to use the two-step verification by default. Until now it is something that we could all configure voluntarily. In this way, when logging into our Google account on a computer, for example, we had to verify that it is us from our phone.

It should be noted that both on Android and iOS we can use our mobiles to authenticate ourselves in Google accounts. This is very useful to protect our accounts, since in case someone stole the password for any reason, they would not be able to access without that second step.

Different 2FA methods

Not only can we authenticate through a code that we receive by SMS, but there are many types of methods. For example we can name a call, a mobile application or even a physical key that we connect by USB. There are many threats on the net and it pays to be protected.

All this will allow our data to be safe, that no one can enter our Google account without that second step. We have already indicated that even the strongest password, one that is totally random, unique and has all kinds of symbols, could be guessed. There may be data leak and that affect security.

From Google they indicate that they hope to put this feature by default so that users always use multiple factor verification. The goal is none other than to prevent stolen passwords from continuing to be a major problem on the Internet.

It’s fundamental protect our accounts at all times. We must take precautionary measures, such as using keys that are strong, but also complementing it with other features. Among them we can name two-step authentication, but it is not the only one. You also have to protect your computers with a good antivirus, have your systems updated and, most importantly, common sense. Most attacks will require user interaction, so it is essential not to make mistakes.

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