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How to change the subject and recipients when forwarding or replying to an email

How to change the subject when forwarding or replying to an email in Gmail

As we know, emails carry a message in subject. It is a way of showing who we send that email what it is about or what they are going to expect. So we can even keep an order and look for a certain message in the future more easily.

However when it comes to forward or reply to an email this option is not so present. It exists, but it is not something that we see very clearly. Therefore we are going to explain how to change the subject when we are going to forward or reply to an email in Gmail.

When we click on forward or reply, a field appears to write the recipient, as well as the message to send. However, we do not see clearly how to change the matter. To do this, click on the arrow that appears just to the left of For. Here you have to enter Edit subject. In this way we can put a different subject to the one that is predetermined. A way to further personalize the message that we are going to reply or forward.

We just have to write the new subject that we want, we complete the e-mail and send it. In this way it will no longer be sent with the predetermined subject, but with the one that we have put again.

What we have explained is for the Gmail web version. In the mobile application it is much easier. In this case we simply give it to forward or reply and the subject title appears that we can change. We just have to tap on it and write what we want. Later we send the message and that’s it.

How to change recipients when replying to or forwarding an email

This process is simpler than the previous one. Gmail allows us change recipients when we decide to reply to or forward an email. By default, when we click on reply, it shows us the email of the person who sent us that email. However we can change it or add new ones.

For this we simply have to click on the subject box and we can delete the one that appears by default, as well as add new emails. We can write as many as we need.

Once we have it ready, we just have to finish writing that message and send it. It will reach the accounts that we have previously selected. So we can have more control when forwarding or replying to an email in Gmail.

In short, in this way we can both change the subject of a Gmail email and modify the recipients to whom we forward or reply to an email.