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How to control and modify application permissions on Android

Control and modify application permissions on Android

In previous versions of Android we had less control over the permissions we granted to applications. This luckily changed with the newer versions. Now we can see what permissions an app has or to which elements others can access.

First of all, you have to differentiate between two aspects. One of them is the possibility of seeing a list of allowed accesses (microphone, camera, etc.) and seeing which applications have access to it. On the other hand, we can see a particular application and check which ones we have granted.

If we start by looking at the types of permissions and which applications have access to them, we have to do the following:

  • The first thing is to go to Setting. For this we can go to the menu or directly display the notifications and click on the configuration icon.
  • Later we will Applications and inside, top right, click on the menu and we will Application permissions.
  • This can vary by version that we have installed, but basically these are the steps. Once inside Application Permissions, we will see a list with different aspects: calendar, contacts, camera, location …
  • Here, by pressing each one of them, it shows us the applications that have access. For example, if we have a program to check the weather, the normal thing is that it has access to our location. However, it does not make sense that, for example, this same program to check the weather wants to have access to our SMS.

If we see that an application has access to permissions that we do not like, we can deactivate it. To do so, we simply remove the marking that appears to the right of each of the applications and the corresponding permission.

What access does an application have

On the other hand, we can also see what permissions a specific application has. To do this we doing the next:

  • Again we will Setting and we entered Applications.
  • Once here we will see a list of all installed applications. If they do not all appear visually, click on “see all”.
  • When selecting one of them we will find an option called Permissions. If we enter here it shows us all the permissions that can be accessed. It can be storage, contacts, SMS, location …

From here we can also remove permissions to a specific application so that it can access any of the options. Returning to the example of the weather application, we can enter and remove the permission to access our SMS and leave the location.

In short, in this way we can have greater control over the control that our Android applications have. A way to increase security and avoid problems.