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How to know if a domain is free or we can use it

How to see if a domain is taken

We have in mind a Web page for our business, for an organization or simply for private use. We know what we want to offer on that site, be it information, sell a product or service … We have to register the domain. However, we do not really know if that name that we want to use is already taken and therefore it will be a problem.

Luckily this is something that we can know in a simple and fast way. Simply by using some domain registrar service we will be able to know if a specific name is taken and also see which extensions could be free.

Keep in mind that a domain name may be taken for an extension, but nevertheless it is free in others. For example, if we want to create a page called website, maybe is taken but not

There are many services on the Internet that allow us to know if a domain is available. An example is that of Mr. Dominio. We just have to enter the page, put the name that interests us and give it a search. The different extensions will automatically appear and it will tell us if they are free or not.

What to do if the domain name we are looking for is not available

In the event that we see that the domain that we want to use is taken, all is not lost. It is true that we cannot just use the name and extension that we had in mind, but we can make use of other alternatives. We can adapt to the situation. We are going to see different options.

Choose a different extension

The simplest option is choose another extension that we can find available. Going back to the example we gave earlier, perhaps we wanted to create a page with the name of We look if that domain is free and we see that it is taken. However, we note that the extension .es or .net, for example, are free.

We therefore have the option of creating a page like the one we wanted, but changing slightly for another extension. In this case it would be or, for example. We have a wide range of options in this regard.

Find an alternate name

Another option is to use another different name. We can change the brand we want to put on that website, the product or service that we are going to offer. This will logically be an alternative as long as it does not disrupt our final objectives, since sometimes the name of the site corresponds to that of an existing company and we cannot put anything else.

However, as long as it is a web page that we are going to create from scratch, which is not present in any other site such as social networks and therefore the name is not linked to anything, we can choose any other related one.

Modify the domain we want to use

To avoid the problem of having to choose a completely new name, we can modify the domain we want to use. That is, we are going to continue using the same name but in a different way or adding something new that is differential.

For example, if we want to create a page that is and the name is taken, we can see if or is free. As we can see, we slightly modify the name by adding a word or symbol but keeping the main thing.

In short, as we can see, it is easy to know if a domain is busy or not. In case the name we want to put on our page is not free, we can always make use of alternatives such as changing the extension, modifying the name or, ultimately, choosing a totally different one.

Today there are millions of web pages and the truth is that most of the main domain names are busy. Therefore, sometimes it can be difficult that the one we are looking for is not busy, unless it is something out of the ordinary.