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How to know when a web domain has been created

How to know when they created a website

Hackers can create domains to attack in many different ways. They can use them, for example, to create Phishing attacks. When security tools detect that a page is dangerous they can include it in a black list and in this way it is blocked. This means that cybercriminals can constantly generate new domains. Something similar could happen with Spam and how our email provider blocks it.

Therefore, if we know the creation date of a web page, beyond simply knowing that data, we can also understand a little better if it is something reliable or not. We will know if it is a site that has just been created and could be used to carry out attacks.

How do we know when they have created a website? That data is public and we can find out very easily. We have several options and several sites to find out about, but one of the most reliable is the I CAN. There, as soon as we enter the web, we will see a search bar to put a domain. We simply have to put the address and give Lookup.

Once we are inside, it will show us a series of data that correspond to that domain. We will know if it is active or not, the Nameservers, when it expires, as well as when it was created. This data is very accurate, since it informs us of the specific day and time. You have to take into account some tips to create a domain.

The date of creation of a domain provides security

Maybe the creation date of a page by itself does not indicate whether the domain is really secure or not. They can suffer very different attacks, such as code injection, a vulnerability in the content manager or an installed plug-in. But it certainly does add value and reputation to a page.

In case we receive a link and we have doubts as to whether it is really legit, whether it is a copy or not, knowing the creation date can help us to avoid trouble. Let’s take as an example that we want to enter a platform that we know has been around for a long time. But now we receive a link with a domain that supposedly corresponds to that service and we see that it has been created recently. It could be a scam, an attempt to carry out Phishing attacks.

Therefore, the date on which a web page has been created can help us navigate safely, avoid risks when entering any domain. As we have seen, it is a very simple process and we will not only know when they created a website, but also other information of interest.