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How to navigate from your mobile faster and safer

Most users already browse from mobile

Something more than 48% of users choose the mobile phone to browse the Internet and perform day-to-day actions, depending on Ofcom. But this is even more significant if we compare it with a laptop, which accounts for 24%, and a desktop, which now represents only 9%. Regarding a Tablet, it is the preferred option for 15% of Internet users.

It is a reality that Internet users increasingly trust mobile phones to surf the net. But we are not just talking about searching on Google or visiting specific pages. The truth is that they are increasingly used to make purchases, carry out actions through our bank accounts or use social networks.

Now this fact can also suppose some inconvenience. Especially in terms of security, since cybercriminals set their sights on what is most used. Many banking Trojans and other threats have emerged in recent times for these types of devices.

But also speed may be diminished. We are talking about wireless connections, where coverage is not always ideal.

For all this we are going to give some tips and recommendations to navigate from the mobile with greater security and optimize resources more.

How to navigate from your mobile with more security and speed

First of all let’s talk about security. We are going to give some essential tips to navigate reliably and reduce risks. It is a type of device where we store a lot of personal information, photos, many applications …

One of the main recommendations is to always download the applications from official sites. In this way, we avoid risks when obtaining software that could have been maliciously modified. It is a major entry for very diverse malware.

Also have to have the systems updated. This applies to both the operating system and the different applications that we can use to connect to the Internet. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can compromise our devices. The manufacturers themselves release security patches to correct these problems.

In addition, it is convenient to have security programs and tools. It is an interesting way to protect ourselves against possible threats.

But above all common sense is important. We must be very careful with the emails or messages we receive. We may be facing phishing attacks that could get our credentials and keys.

As for how to navigate faster on mobile, it is essential to have a good general condition Of the device. Several points above can help this. But the key in many cases is in the browser. There are many options that we can find and it may be interesting to try several in case of not obtaining the results we want. We can always make a speed test and see how it works.

The networks we use are also very important. We must always try to connect to secure, encrypted networks and avoid doing so in those that may affect the proper functioning of our system.