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How to see if the mobile or e-mail has been filtered with Facebook

How to see if the email or mobile has been filtered with Facebook

When a problem of this type occurs there are many personal information that can be exposed on the Internet. This could be used by attackers to carry out their attacks. They could include us in spam campaigns, send Phishing attacks by mail or SMS, try to impersonate our identity …

That is why we must always maintain privacy when browsing the Internet. Must prevent our data from being leaked online and not have problems of any kind when using the different services or platforms that we use in our day to day.

But problems arise and it is not always up to users to avoid it. An example is the great leakage of personal data that has suffered Facebook. As we have mentioned, more than 500 million users worldwide and this also includes data from Spanish.

It should be noted that not all user data has been completely filtered, but quite a few have had their email or mobile number leaked. This makes it interesting to check if the email or phone has been leaked with Facebook.

Pages to see if Facebook data has been leaked

We can use multiple web pages to easily check if our data has been leaked through Facebook. We simply have to put our email address or phone number and see if it is part of that large amount that has been exposed on the network.

One of the options we have is to Have i been zucked. It is very intuitive, since we simply have to put the information that interests us at the top (email, mobile number, username …) and select below from the drop-down list and click Search.

* Note: for the mobile number to work, you must first enter “+34”, which is the telephone code for Spain.

We can meet with two situations– That the data has been leaked or is not part of this Facebook leak. In the first case we would find an image like the one we see below. It would indicate to us that our telephone number, e-mail and username are part of this information filtering.

In the second case, as we see in the image, it simply indicates that we have not been victims and that, therefore, we can be calm.

Unfiltered data on Facebook

Another option we have to see if we have been victims of this Facebook data leak is to use Have i been pwned. It is a classic on the Internet to check these types of problems. It is more generic and not only from the popular social network, so we will also see if we have suffered any leak at some point before.

Now, what to do if our data has been leaked? From RedesZone we recommend change Password and enable two-step authentication on Facebook. It is true that this filtering does not include the keys, but we could be victims of Phishing and similar attacks and it is advisable to change the password.