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Internet connection rates without television or landline services

With the passage of time, we have put aside the landline in favor of the mobile phone, since it provides us with greater mobility by always having it with us, and also thanks to the rates with unlimited calls. Likewise, we have also put television aside in favor of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, HBO, among others. You may be looking for the best possible offer to get Internet in your home through fiber optics to the home, without also having to pay for television or landline. In this case, we are going to talk to you about some of the best companies that we have found and that offer the best offers that fit your needs.

Some of the best companies that offer fiber-only rates

Finetwork offers, for 20.90 euros per month, the possibility of having a good connection of Internet at home from 100 megabytes of fiber optic, with the installation and the router totally free. It is important to note that this speed may change depending on geographical availability, you should ask the company before making a decision. Today with 100Mbps of FTTH you can surf the Internet without slowness problems, and you can even stream in 4K through services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Another very interesting option is Lowi. This company also offers a 100 mega fiber optic connection per 29.95 euros per month not including landline or TV, but has an installation fee of 70 euros the first month. Those who decide to opt for this company will have a stay of 3 months, much reduced compared to other companies. We must remember that Lowi is one of the highest rated Internet and mobile phone companies in the industry.

If you need more speed than the 100Mbps offered by these companies, then you can opt for Virgin Telco, this company offers a Internet connection speed of 300Mbps fiber optic at a price of 33 euros per month. This company gives the customer a choice between 12 months of permanence in the company, or to pay 90 euros in the first invoice for the installation of the optical fiber and the router. These factors must be taken into account before making a decision on which company to choose.

Compared to the other offers, even though it is not the cheapest rate, may seem like one of the best. We must bear in mind that in the case of Virgin Telco, we will have triple the real speed of the other two companies, so you can download content, surf the Internet and watch Netflix in 4K simultaneously on several TVs without having bandwidth problems. In any case, you must ensure the quality of the connection by asking the company itself, since this may change depending on the geographical location in which you are.

It is very important to do a little work of research and comparison of companies, to find the best rate that suits our situation. Whether we want a cheap rate, or the one that offers us the highest speed or the least number of months of permanence, we will have to dedicate a specific time to this cause. to make a sensible decision about the company that we are going to hire.

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