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LEDE, the rebirth of the OpenWRT system

OpenWRT is a Linux-based operating system specially designed to take full advantage of the power of home routers. Thanks to this operating system, or firmware, users can have the benefits of a high-end router (for example, support for VLANs) in a simple router for just over 20 euros, in addition to generally improving operation, performance, the speed and security of it compared to the original firmware.

It is not something new that the original development of OpenWRT had been a while too class. While a large number of developers participated in its development, in the end everything was controlled by a few. When most developers sent changes or made suggestions to continue with the development of the firmware, the final managers took weeks or months to confirm these changes, that when they did not reject them for no apparent reason and it was time to start with the development of new features, generating thus a very slow development.

For this, and another series of internal problems, a group of developers of the original OpenWRT project has created a fork, or copy of the project, has separated and has begun the development of a new project, which will be called Linux EDE, Or simply LEDE, acronym for Linux Embedded Development Environment.

LEDE, the rebirth of OpenWRT

LEDE will have the same objectives as OpenWRT, although its development from now on will have a different rhythm. This new project seeks to be an operating system for both routers and other types of devices and mini-computers, thus implementing all kinds of functions and features that, until now, had been rejected from the original branch of OpenWRT. LEDE will have fully transparent and 50/50 based decision making (50% of the votes for developers and 50% for the most relevant users of the project) and will eventually seek the full rebirth of the original project.

We can get more information about this new project on your main website, and the source code in git:

git clone

Without a doubt, a great opportunity to start over with OpenWRT and create a new firmware or operating system for routers and other types of devices where we have a predictable update schedule, a development controlled by everyone and where a few do not choose the functions and features. that the system will have, but it is everyone who contributes their ideas and decides the future of it.

Thanks to edkalrio for the tip.

What do you think of LEDE, the new fork of OpenWRT?

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