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Malware can fool antivirus and attack a computer

A hacker can fool the antivirus

Antiviruses are the main security bar that users install on their computers. However, we must bear in mind that it is not the only thing we can count on. We can also install firewalls and other tools that will also help increase protection.

Keep in mind that many antivirus have ransomware protection. It is one of the threats that have been most present in recent years. There are also Trojans that are capable of hiding themselves on a computer and waiting until the right moment to attack or serve as a gateway for cybercriminals.

However an attacker, through a malware, it could manage to fool the antivirus. You can do it so that it allows the entry of a specific malicious software, but also so that this malware is the one that activates the button so that other different types of threats, such as ransomware, could penetrate without being detected by the security program .

One of the most used methods to cheat the antivirus is control an app make it reliable. The security program will not detect this tool as dangerous. Therefore, what the cybercriminal is going to do is control that legitimate software, link it to malware, and thus enter the computer without being detected.

This could even allow ransomware to enter. After all, there are legitimate programs that have access to certain folders. If the attacker manages to control them, they could encrypt them through a variety of ransomware.

I could also just stop the antivirus. It could in some way modify certain functions of the computer or even simulate the movements of the mouse to go to the security program and stop it. This would allow free entry for other varieties of threats.

Antivirus is not enough for security

This we mentioned makes it not enough to have an antivirus to maintain security. It is necessary that we have other programs, tools and of course take into account certain recommendations to maintain maximum protection.

First of all, remember the importance of always keeping the updated equipment. Hackers can take advantage of many vulnerabilities that appear in the computers and applications that we use. They could exploit those glitches. Thanks to patches and updates we can easily fix them and make everything work fine.

Another essential point is not to trust everything to the antivirus in terms of security programs it means. We can have other tools, such as a firewall or even extensions for the browser that can detect the entry of malware.

But without a doubt something that cannot be missing is the fact that avoid making mistakes. Maintaining common sense is always going to be the best protection of all. Avoid downloading files that may be malicious or clicking on links that may be Phishing in order to steal information.

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