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Manage multiple clouds from Android with ZeroPC

ZeroPC features are:

  • Secure connection. No password is stored by ZeroPC or its servers.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Global searches that allow us to search several servers at the same time.
  • “Collections” or virtual folders in which we can associate several files independently of the original server.
  • Options to share files safely.
  • Strict privacy and security policy.

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is available to download from the Play Store. Once installed we run it on our smartphone. The first thing you are going to ask us to do is log into your servers. We can register from the program itself or from your Web page.

If we click on “Sign Up” we will have to enter the data requested by the service (email and password) to complete the registration.


Once registered we access the main window of the application.


By default we have the entry “My Storage” which is a storage space on ZeroPC’s own servers. If we click on “Add connection” we can add the servers we want manually.


In our case we are going to add a Box server and a DropBox server. We click on each of them and they will ask us for the login details of the corresponding service.


Once the different services have been added, they will appear in the main window of the application.


By clicking on the server we want we can access its files quickly.


If we click on a file we can see the different actions that we can perform such as copying, deleting, sharing, downloading, etc.


We can also upload files to the cloud from ZeroPC.


ZeroPC is a complete tool for Android that will allow us to manage several clouds simultaneously with great efficiency.

Have you tried ZeroPC? How do you manage multiple accounts in the cloud at the same time?

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