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Many VPNs Find Uncorrected Vulnerabilities

Many VPN programs are not patched

First of all, it should be noted that the vulnerabilities and security flaws they are very present in our day to day. We can run into problems that affect the operating system and the different programs we use. This means that we must always keep everything updated, with all available patches.

The problem now affects VPNs. According to a safety report from SpiderLabs of which we echo, remote work has led to a considerable increase in the use of this type of program. It is something that we have been able to see a lot in the last year.

However, the important point is that 5% of all installed VPNs have uncorrected vulnerabilities. This means that there are many users who, without knowing it, are using a program that has a flaw that can be exploited by a third party. This logically puts security and privacy at risk.

It should be noted that a VPN will manage all the our network traffic. This means that our personal information, the sites we visit or the programs we use on the web, could be exposed. If we use a tool that has a security flaw, which can be easily exploited, we could run the risk that our privacy is affected.

We have seen on occasion that cracked programs are dangerous. We can also apply this to VPNs. Many of them are free and we can even find supposed offers or ways to download them from the Internet without paying. However, with this we would also be putting security at risk.

More VPN usage, more attacks

This is something that happens frequently. The hackers they set their sights on what has the most users or what is most used at any given time. Ultimately in this way they will have a greater chance of success.

And if we talk about VPN, in recent times its use has grown a lot. This has also sparked increased interest from cybercriminals. We have more and more possibilities for our day to day, but not all of them are going to be safe. Not all the services that we use are going to be guaranteed and we could even run into certain vulnerabilities without correcting, as we have seen.

Our advice is to choose the VPN very well. But beyond that, it is essential keep safe and do a periodic review. In this way we can solve certain errors that may appear and avoid attacks against our devices. A VPN could even allow you to use Google as if you were in another country. This is very useful at certain times, but it must be done safely.

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