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Spotify’s latest move for streaming leadership

Many of Spotify users have been coming across a new playlist generated automatically by the streaming platform called «Weekly discovery«. This new list consists of 30 songs of varied artists but according to the type of music you have listened to lately and changes every Monday with new songs according to the last music listened to.

To create these playlists, Spotify relies on the history of recent songs and the histories of other users or friends with similar tastes to ours. Usually weekly discovery charts will have multiple songs from various groups that we have probably not heard before in order to meet new artists and groups.

This playlist will automatically appear to users in the «Your music«, Along with the rest of the playlists. If any user does not want this list to appear among the rest of their playlists, they can simply stop following it and access it from the «To explore“Or”Discover»From Spotify.

By default these playlists are private so as not to compromise our privacy, although they can easily be converted to public from the list settings menu.

Spotify Auto Playlist

The intention of Spotify with these new playlists is to create each week something similar to the cassette tapes that were recorded in the 80s and 90s with varied songs that the user can listen to again and again without getting tired, at least for 7 days. The content of this playlist will be different every week and the more we use the platform the more accurate the results will be.

These playlists have started to appear to some users in the last week of July and are gradually reaching a larger number of users. Those users to whom this automatic playlist still does not appear will have to wait a few more weeks or if they are not regular users of the platform they will have to use it more often since Spotify needs to be able to know the tastes and interests of the users in order to generate The lists.

Spotify, which until recently was an industry leader, now has tough rivals like Google Music, Apple Music and Tidal, so you have to find the best way to convince your users to use your service and not another, and one of the best ways to do it is by improving the algorithm of suggestions to be as accurate as possible and to be able to advise users about new songs, new groups and new trends from one place.

Before concluding we want to share with you the list that has generated us. After listening to it we have been able to verify that the songs have been very well selected according to our tastes and interests. We encourage you to share your lists with us in the comments, although remember to set them as “public” before doing so.

Are you a Spotify user? Do you already have one of these new playlists? Is it according to what you have heard before?

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How to avoid and clean malware in our browser

How to clean malware from our browser

When browsing we can find banners, notifications that sometimes become exasperating and other problems. All of them can affect not only the visibility of our browser (bars that we do not want, advertisements that flood us, etc.) but also to performance. Ultimately, like any other program, it can slow down if it contains malware or tools added without our consent.

The first thing we have to do is have security programs and tools. In the case of browsers, there are also many extensions that allow us to increase our security and privacy when browsing.

It is important to have a good antivirus and that it is updated to the latest version. So we can deal with the latest threats. It helps us avoid downloading malware or malicious files from getting installed. But, like everything else, they may not always stop the entry of malware.

In case we are already infected, that we find additional bars, banners, abusive advertising content … a good solution is to Adwcleaner. Its function is precisely that: to eliminate all traces of malware in our browser. All those extra bars that have gotten there and we don’t know how.

Its use is very simple and it is a free application. Of course, as a complement, it is convenient to uninstall possible junk programs that have infected our computer and disable the advertising bars, among other actions. This is not always enough, of course.

AdwCleaner performs a scan of our computer. Look for hidden malware, programs that infect our browser with banners or advertising bars. We will be able to remove all this unnecessary and unwanted content.

Also, as a solution to solve problems in browsers, we can restore to initial values. In this way, if we have something wrong configured, we can put the values ​​again as at the beginning.

Sometimes browsers are loaded with extensions and other add-ons that we don’t always use. Little by little they begin to slow down and, as a solution, it is convenient to reset them. For this we simply have to put the values ​​as they came when installing it.

Practices to prevent our browsers from being infected

How can we prevent our browser from getting infected? We have mentioned that it is convenient to have security programs. However, sometimes it is not enough. In the end it is the way in which we navigate that is really important.

We have to avoid downloading applications, extensions and any other type of programs from unofficial sources. This way we avoid modified or malicious applications that really aim to introduce malware.

Must avoid updating from banners that appears to us while we browse third-party websites. On many occasions they seek, through social engineering, to make the victim believe that they urgently need to update their browser.

Nor should we open, respond to or download from spam emails or that we do not recognize as legitimate. Sometimes malware hides under supposedly legitimate emails.

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How to download legal music for free to use freely in projects

One of the libraries with a greater number of musical contents is Musicjungle. From this website we will be able to search practically any type of music or sound to use it in our projects, however, the use of the music that we find on this platform will be protected by a license which requires us to pay an amount of money ( that varies according to the song), so, although it is a great option if we have the means, if we cannot afford to pay for the music for our project, we must opt ​​for one of the free music platforms that we are going to see at continuation.

Jamendo It was one of the most complete platforms for searching and downloading copyright-free music, however, this platform currently asks to pay an internal license to be able to use its library in commercial projects, so it no longer serves as an alternative in this aspect.

Websites to search and download free music for our projects

As we have said, below we are going to see 4 platforms from which to access a large amount of multimedia content free of licenses that we can download completely free of charge and use it in our projects freely.


The first of the pages we want to talk about is Incompetech. This website gives us access to a large number of songs free of copyright so that we can download and use them in our commercial projects without having to pay any license, optionally quoting the author.

On this page we will select the section «Royality-Free Music»And we will access the free music search engine. From here we can search for the song we want and download it, both in MP3 format and in uncompressed format, that is, in AIF or WAV.


We can access this platform from the following link.

Free Music Archive

A complete royalty-free audio search engine similar to the one above is Free Music Archive. This website allows us to search both by contributors and by genres, thus being able to find the music that best suits our project.

Once we find the song that best suits our needs, we will download it in MP3 format and we will be able to listen to it in private, in public and use it in any project, even for commercial purposes.

Free Music Archive

We can access this web page from the following link.

YouTube, great source of multimedia content

Youtube It is a great source of multimedia content and, how could it be less, it has a specific section from where we can search and download any type of copyright-free audio to use in our projects. Within this section we will find both totally free music and music supported by advertisements and sound effects, so that we can use all of this to give our project a more professional touch without having to pay licenses for it.

We can access this music collection from the following link.

Also on YouTube we can find several channels with music without copyright so that the search variety is as wide as possible. One of these channels, for example, is Free Music Channel.

We want to thank Pablo Acinas for having shared the video with these pages.

Do you know more similar musical platforms from where you can download free music for free to use in commercial projects?

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Build your own Mini NES with a Raspberry Pi and these components

The Mini NES is a retro-console marketed by Nintendo to honor its 8-bit game console, NES, which was so successful in the 1980s. The interest that this retro console has raised has been much higher than expected by the company , so superior that, to this day, it is sold out all over the world.

In RedesZone we have already talked on other occasions about the Raspberry Pi and the possible uses that we can give to this mini-computer. Therefore, this time we are going to explain how we can ride our own retro-console for a price similar to the Mini NES from Nintendo to replace the original or, at least, to make the wait until new units start to be marketed as bearable as possible.

As operating system we are going to use RetroPie, an all-in-one operating system that combines Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch and other projects to give us the best retro-arcade experience possible.

What should we buy to mount our Mini NES with a Raspberry Pi

The first thing we should buy is a Raspberry Pi, specifically, to get the most out of our retro-console, the model 3.

In addition, we will also buy a Micro-SD memory card to install RetroPie on it and copy the games, both from our computer and through the local network.

Microsd Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

In order for our console to be as faithful as possible to the original, we must buy controllers that mimic the appearance of the original NES. In Amazon we can find many of many different prices, but we have specifically chosen these:

Mini NES Raspberry Pi Controller

We will also buy a cable HDMI.

HDMI Cable Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

And a power adapter to connect the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit Power Adapter

(If we have any of these last two elements, for example, a mobile charger that we do not use, we can save ourselves from buying the HDMI cable or the transformer).

Finally, if we want to fully imitate the appearance of this classic game console, we must buy a case according to it. As we have not found any similar looking box on Amazon, we have investigated and found several interesting models:

The total price of everything will be around 80 euros, about 30 euros more than the original Mini NES, depending on the components we choose and buy. As we can see, the price is somewhat higher than the original Mini NES retro-console costs us, however, we must bear in mind that we are using original controls, a much more powerful mini-computer and, above all, that we will be able to play any retro game on any platform and not focus on the 30 games previously installed on the original Nintendo console.

Once we have everything, we can start installing a system like RetroPie specialized in emulating games.

Would you rather build your own Mini NES or wait to buy the original model?

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Western Digital presents its new WD Gold hard drives

One of the best known hard drive manufacturers is Western Digital. This manufacturer, in order to adapt to modern times and to continue growing in the market, a few hours ago made public its new range of hard drives characterized by high capacity, high performance and high reliability designed especially for the environment. business and, specifically, for data center storage: WD Gold.

These new hard drives differ from the others especially by offering very high performance and storage capacities, so its main objective is data centers or data centers. In addition, the company has developed a new technology known as HelioSeal thanks to which it improves the performance of the disks and reduces energy consumption.

Being discs designed for professional environments, the main characteristics on which the company has worked the most are:

  • Improve energy efficiency. In addition to its new electronic system that consumes 15% less energy, HelioSeal technology enables consumption to be reduced by up to 26%.
  • You improve performance. These new drives improve performance over previous data center WD Re drives by 18-30%.
  • They offer high reliability. These hard drives improve their design and have much stricter manufacturing and control processes, achieving the highest ratings in reliability and guaranteeing more than 2.5 million hours MTBF.
  • They provide premium customer service. Anyone who owns one of these new Gold discs can count on 24/7 support.

These new WD Gold hard drives are manufactured in 3 different capacities, whose model numbers correspond to the following:

  • 8TB – model no. WD8002FRYZ
  • 6TB – model no. WD6002FRYZ
  • 4TB – model no. WD4002FYYZ

We can find more information about these hard drives on the manufacturer’s main website.

Western Digital, a hard drive for every need

Western Digital hard drives are color-coded according to their performance and purpose. With these new gold discs, the manufacturer’s range is as follows:

  • WD Green – Low range and low consumption specially designed for storage.
  • WD Blue – Basic range for PC users.
  • WD Black – High performance drives for the most demanding users and processes.
  • WD Red – Special long-life discs for NAS.
  • WD Purple – Hard drives designed for monitoring and surveillance.
  • WD Gold – High performance disks for data center.

One of the main characteristics of Western Digital is the manufacture of specific storage devices for each purpose. While the Green / Blue / Black range can be designed for home users, even small businesses, the Red / Purple and the new Gold ranges are clearly focused on the business environment since, in addition to offering the best features, they also have a higher price to the first three.

What do you think of these new Western Digital hard drives? Do you use any other models from this same manufacturer?

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The WD PiDrive now available in Spain

The words that the company have used to define it have been accessibility, reliability and ease of integration, in addition to low consumption to which must be added a capacity of 314 GB. They have also confirmed that it is based on the 500 GB platform that they sell for laptops, but that for reasons of efficiency and adaptations they have been forced to make changes in the design, emphasizing above all on reducing consumption. of energy that manufacturers of consumer electronics in general are giving so much importance. But all this would be useless if good performance was not maintained both in reading and writing, and this has been achieved since WD.

BerryBoot version for users

But hardware is useless if there is no software that allows you to obtain the maximum performance. It is software that many users of this very small computer are already familiar with. It is based on free software and this time it is a special version for users who purchase WD PiDrive, including applications that allow you to make the most of storage, as well as optimal storage of operating systems and their files.

The user can easily choose which operating system to start and with just a few clicks you can load it, following a quick and simple process, as if it were a GRUB.

A lot of accessories for WD Pidrive

Let’s talk about prices and accessories, as users can find a fairly wide range of housings and cables in the manufacturer’s store. Similarly, they can choose to purchase the unit at a recommended price of 49.99 euros, which on some occasions and temporarily can be found around 34.28 euros. Regarding the warranty, the manufacturer has clarified that it is limited to two years, also extending it to all available accessories.

You can buy this unit and all its accessories via the WD Store.

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Differences between VirtualBox virtualization and a Container (Docker)

When we virtualize an operating system we use one of the virtualization software, such as VirtualBox, which is responsible for creating virtual hardware, configuring them and allowing us to work with it. These types of virtual machines work directly with a Hypervisor, and within it the complete operating system is installed, not using any dependencies on the main system or sharing dependencies between other virtual systems.

When it comes to virtualizing an operating system with VirtualBox, the only thing that is shared is the infrastructure (our real hardware) and the hypervisor. Using these two elements, isolated elements are created completely isolated virtual machines to work on.

As we refer to VirtualBox, it would include VMware, Hyper-V, QEMU and any other similar software.

When we talk about containers the thing changes. This type of technology not only shares the infrastructure and delegates the rest to the hypervisor, but also depends, on the one hand, on the main operating system, and on the other, on a tool in charge of making these containers work, such as, for example, Docker.

Docker has the necessary libraries and dependencies to create containers, so within these, instead of having a complete operating system, only the necessary binaries and libraries (the dependencies) and the application in question that we want to virtualize are included.

Virtualize with Docker

So how are these two technologies different?

The main difference between both technologies is that, on the one hand, when we virtualize an operating system with VirtualBox we install and run 100% of the operating system, with its kernel, its environment, its libraries, its dependencies, etc. Just as we install Windows or Linux on a real computer, it is fully installed in VirtualBox.

When we use Docker containers, for example, things change. Instead of virtualizing an entire operating system, we only create a small kernel with the necessary libraries and dependencies to perform our task, ignoring everything else. In this way, containers are not a virtual operating system as such, but rather are understood as “packages” that run in isolation from the main operating system, but without depending on a virtual system.

When should I use VirtualBox and when should I use Docker?

In case of wanting use a full operating system above our main one, then the best we can do is resort to VirtualBox. In this way we will have the complete system and we will be able to use it just as we use our main system, but with the assurance that if something happens (for example, we get infected by a virus), the main system is not affected.

Conversely, if what we need is a specific application, or several instances of a server (for example, several Apache web servers), instead of having to install several virtual operating systems and run them complete in memory, the best option is Docker, running what is strictly necessary to meet our needs, without wasting resources and, in addition, a much faster and easier way.

Do you usually use VirtualBox or Docker?

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Manipulate the servers of the lottery agency to win

Eddie raymond tipton, a former director of security systems for the Iowa Lottery Agency He may have hacked into the computer systems of the lottery and betting agency to become the winner of a lottery ticket, although in reality this has never been claimed by him or any close acquaintance.

In 2010, he was suspected of tampering with the systems in order to issue a winning lottery ticket, which led to an investigation by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. After this, as a preventive measure, he was prohibited from purchasing lottery tickets. After 5 years of investigation, he has finally been arrested and charged with scam.

To achieve this, this former director needed to get direct access to the server in charge of generating the random numbers. The room that houses this server is protected both by personnel (with a maximum of only two people at the same time) and by surveillance cameras.

How could you access it to manipulate the results? The first thing that is believed is that the configuration of the surveillance camera was changed so that they only recorded one second every minute, thus having enough time to take control of the servers. With the new configuration of the security cameras, this former director was able to have enough time to sneak into the room of the random number generator and thus be able to modify it to obtain his own numbers.

According to the authorities Tipton was obsessed with rootkits, and there is even the possibility that some of the servers have been modified by one of these pieces of malware created by him that allowed him to take control of the server and, once he was the winner, self-destruct without leaving a trace.

Tipton is currently charged with attempted fraud and faces a $ 7,500 fine and 5 years in prison, despite not being able to collect the ticket in 2010.

Is it reliable that a computer system handles the generation of random numbers in the lottery? It all depends on the algorithm that is used, however, it is very difficult for a computer to generate truly random values ​​and in most cases they are only numbers pseudo-random that, through different studies, can become predictable. Tipton was aware of this and tried to prove the security flaw, either for his own benefit or to expose the lottery systems.

Do you think the randomization systems and the security of state betting systems should be improved?

Source: Business Insider

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Outlook adds support for aliases on your mail server

Mail aliases allow users to create sub-email addresses from itself. This will allow, in particular, web page administrators, to create several aliases for the different services of their web page, for example, contact, information or support without having to register a new email address for each of these services. .

Although Gmail had already had support for aliases for quite some time, Outlook has decided to incorporate it now to continue improving and gaining ground on Google’s email server. Its use is very simple: we must introduce the parameter “+” between the name of the address and the letter at “@”, for example:

  • myuser + information »@»
  • myuser + sales »@»

In the first case, all the emails sent to that address will reach the inbox of the “myuser” account and, once there, administrators can create a filter so that emails with the alias “information” are forwarded to another internal company account or move to a certain folder.

Outlook aliases are easily manageable by administrators. It is very easy to create an alias and configure it to be forwarded to a specific address, or that all emails that arrive at a certain alias go directly to the trash. Although everything is stored within a single email address, it can be an easier way to organize emails or to have greater control over them by prioritizing a specific group.

This type of email address has a considerable vulnerability, which is that it allows easy access to the original email address by eliminating the content that follows the plus “+”. Other services could also be contacted by changing the “alias”, for example from information to sales. Although many users prefer the use of separate email addresses, this feature can be useful for all those Outlook users who do not want to complicate their lives when managing multiple email addresses for different services.

Are you a user of the mail aliases? What use do you make of them?

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Download over 240 Microsoft technical books for free

Computer science and technology is a world that is constantly changing, so any professional, or simply any user interested in this world must constantly update their knowledge in order to be up to date with the technology sector. While most technical books and training courses cost money (and are not exactly cheap), Microsoft seeks to help its users by offering them, year after year, a series of updated technical books on its different products for free. .

For a few years, at this time, Microsoft offers any interested user a series of technical books for free so that anyone can expand their knowledge. These books range from the most basic levels (introduction to Windows and Office) to the most advanced (application development, cloud computing, etc. After the success of last year’s books (more than 3.5 million downloads), in this time the company has decided to repeat it, but this time adding more than 100 more books to the list, all of them updated for new products.

On this occasion, Eric Ligman, Microsoft’s director of sales, has published on the official blog of MSDN a complete library of 240 books for all those users who want to download them freely in digital format. In addition, the company continues to offer the more than 130 books given away last year, for a total of more than 370 different books.

Among the books included we can find step-by-step guides, reference guides for different products and, in addition, other different resources on more products of the company or partners of the same. These books can be downloaded for free in different digital formats (Epub, Mobi, PDF, Docx, Sway, etc) both one by one (for users who are only interested in a specific title) and in a pack in which we will include all These books.

As the main drawback, we can highlight that these titles are all in english, so in order to understand and follow them we will need to have a certain level of language and understand the different technical concepts used. Despite this, they are undoubtedly a great opportunity for anyone interested in being always up to date with Microsoft software and being able to master, and even expand their own knowledge.

A great summer gift with which we can spend many hours entertaining.

What do you think of these 240 books given away by Microsoft?

In another article we show some safety tips for the e-book.