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Opera Mini beta for Android is now available

Everything appears to indicate that after much work the beta version of this browser is already available to be downloaded from Google Play Store. The developers have thought of most of the users of this operating system and it will only be necessary to have at least Android 2.3 to enjoy this browser.

This decision confirms the ideas that had been used to create this browser in the beginning: lightweight and easy to use.

Among the data that have been known, the use of the same information compression system that the previous version had stands out. This implies that all the information travels through the Opera servers, which is where this process is actually carried out, helping the user to save on data consumption.

The definition of Opera Mini: minimalist and easy to use

This was already something that was known and that is not a novelty, at least for the first version of the browser, since the purpose of this was precisely that. However, many software that are born for this purpose later end up adopting greater complexity. For the peace of mind of all the faithful to this browser, it must be said that the new version is still as light and simple as the previous one, with the only difference being the presence of several functions that were missing.

One of them is private browsing, absent in the first version and which has been implemented in this one, being able to make use of it by clicking on the “+” button on the tabs.

The use of space is also something remarkable, since the user only has the tab bar and the address bar, maximizing the space available to display web pages.

Obviously it is a beta and it is likely that it has a bug that will be corrected, but the operation is very correct and fluid, therefore it should not take long to see the final version.

Source | ghacks