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Pepephone ADSL configuration with Comtrend routers

Next, we are going to explain how to configure Comtrend routers with Pepephone ADSL, a fixed broadband service that stands out for the absence of a telephone line and for the attractive price (23 euros per month).

In the next help tutorial we will focus on the Comtrend AR5381u router that Jazztel provisioned. This manual is also tested with the new Comtrend AR-5387un router currently provisioned by Jazztel. The steps detailed below can help you configure other equipment such as the Telefónica Comtrend CT5365 router, although the configuration menus are different.


The first thing we have to do to configure this router is to enter and enter the username and password “admin / admin”. Once inside, we must remove the Jazztel settings. We go to «Advanced Setup», «Layer2 Interface» and finally to «ATM Interface», once here we delete the data from Jazztel, the screen should look like this:

Now click on Add and proceed to enter the Pepephone information. The exact configuration is the one shown in the screenshot and it has not worked perfectly for us. Once we have entered the data, click on «Apply / SAVE».


Now on the next screen we will see the information that we have entered:


Once we have done this, we go to “WAN Service” at the top left of the menu. The following screen will appear and we will select the configuration that we have previously entered. Once selected, click on «Next» to go to the next configuration menu.


Here we select the first option, PPPoE and put the name of the service (PepephoneADSL), be careful not to put spaces or strange symbols since it will give an error. If by chance we are going to use a neutral router, we must select «Bridging» and in the neutral router with LAN IP select PPPoE and enter the Pepephone username and password (pepephone @ pepephone / pepephone).


On the next screen we must enter the Pepephone username and password as well as select certain options. We select “Enable NAT” for the router to act as NAT, we will also activate the Firewall. The following screenshot shows the exact configuration that we have tested and that will work without problems. When we have configured everything, click on «Next» to go to the next configuration screen.


Now we leave the router menu as it is on the next screen. We press Next.


Now we have to enter the DNS servers, we can enter those provided by Pepephone or any other, we have chosen Google’s DNS servers.

Note: Users are advised to set the DNS settings of the routers to “Automatic”. If we set the DNS to automatic, the DNS that by default are assigned from the network will be used and not the central DNS that could have higher latency due to being further from the user. If we don’t introduce any DNS server, the router itself will take them directly from the network.

Once entered, click on Next.


And we get to the last screen where they will put us a summary of what we have previously configured:


When we click on Apply / Save, it will take us to the initial screen where we clicked “Add” but now we have the Pepephone ADSL data.


Now if we go to Device Info, we will see that the router synchronizes correctly and that we have Internet:


And here we have come with the ADSL configuration with Comtrend routersThe interface of all the routers of this manufacturer is the same, so knowing how to configure it in one, we can configure anyone.

If you need help to configure other parameters we recommend visit the ADSLZone manuals.