Pepephone Pepephone ADSL: Configuración de routers

Pepephone ADSL configuration with Conceptronic routers

In this tutorial we will help you configure any Conceptronic router with the Pepephone ADSL service.

The router that we have tested with this configuration has been the Conceptronic C54APRA2 +, a router to take into account if Pepephone finally activates Annex M since it is one of the best behaving in upload speed. Thanks to its chipset, we can synchronize at the maximum speed that DSLAM allows us and obtain the maximum performance in upload speed.

The first thing we have to do to configure it is to open the browser and enter via and we enter the username and password «admin / admin» we proceed to go to the WAN tab of the configuration and we put the Pepephone data as and as you can see in the image:

At the bottom we have the option to put UBR, which is what we must put in order for it to work correctly. We select “Always ON” so that it is always connected to the ADSL line and does not disconnect since this option was for the old non-flat ADSL rates.


Once this is done, at the bottom we click on Apply, then we go to SYSTEM and TOOLS and click on “SAVE AND REBOOT” and the router will restart. Once it has restarted, if we go to “STATUS” and to “ADSL” we will see that the router synchronizes correctly:


And we will already have Internet in our equipment with Pepephone ADSL. We recommend the reading this manual where we teach you to configure the wireless part of the router as well as open ports.

Note: Users are advised to set the DNS settings of the routers to “Automatic”. If we set the DNS to automatic, the DNS that are assigned by default from the network will be used and not the central DNS that could have higher latency due to being further away from the user.

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