Pepephone Pepephone ADSL: Configuración de routers

Pepephone ADSL configuration with D-Link routers

In this tutorial we will teach you to correctly configure any D-Link router with the Pepephone ADSL operator.

The router that we have tested with this configuration has been the D-Link DSL-3580L. The web interface for configuration is exactly the same in all of them, so you can take advantage of this manual to configure it with other D-Link equipment without any problem, the menus change very little.

The first thing we have to do is enter the router’s web configuration through, the user is “admin“And the password is”admin”.

Next we go to the tab SETUP / Internet Setup, on the right side we will see ADSL Interface, we click on SETUP and we will start with the configuration.

The first thing we have to select is the type of connection, in our case it is PPPoE.


At the bottom of this same screen is where we have to enter the user data and password of the service. The username is “pepephone @ pepephone” and the password is “pepephone”. We also have to set the VCI and VPI with the parameters that the operator gives us.

Note: Users are advised to set the DNS settings of the routers to “Automatic”. If we set the DNS to automatic, the DNS that are assigned by default from the network will be used and not the central DNS that could have higher latency due to being further away from the user.

In the image you can see all the details:


Once we click on Apply, the following screen will appear:


In the Multiple PVC Settings part, we have to click UP (Action column), to correctly enable the PVC and be able to synchronize. Next we select ADSL2 + Enabled and AnnexM Enabled, in the following screenshot you can see how it would look with the correct configuration:


Once we have clicked on APPLY, we go to the STATUS tab and we will see the router synchronized and with public IP, we can navigate without problems.


So far we have arrived with the D-Link router configuration manual.

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