Pepephone Pepephone ADSL: Configuración de routers

Pepephone ADSL configuration with Huawei routers

Next we are going to explain how to configure Huawei routers with Pepephone’s ADSL. In this help tutorial we have focused on two routers that are currently provisioned with other carriers.

The routers tested with this configuration have been the Huawei HG532c from Jazztel, a router with a USB port that can be used as a backup through a 3G USB adapter in case we have a problem with the ADSL line.

We will also teach you how to configure the router Huawei HG556a that Vodafone ADSL currently sells, this router incorporates VoIP so we will teach you how to configure it with a voice over IP operator like OVH to be able to have calls through Pepephone’s ADSL.

Huawei HG532C by Jazztel

The first thing we must do is enter via and put user: admin and password: admin. Now we will see the main screen of the router:

To configure it with Pepephone we must go to BASIC / WAN and we will have to enter the Pepephone data.

Note: Users are advised to set the DNS settings of the routers to “Automatic”. If we set the DNS to automatic, the DNS that are assigned by default from the network will be used and not the central DNS that could have higher latency due to being further away from the user. If we do not put any DNS server in the next capture, it will take the DNS directly from the network.

In the following screenshot you can see the exact configuration that we have set with the operator and that it works perfectly:


Once we have entered the data, the router will synchronize us and we will have Internet. Here you can see our timing:


We recommend you go through the Huawei ADSLZone forum where you will find other manuals about this router.

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