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Purchase offer for € 3 per month with 2TB Cloud

Main features

The main features of this VPN service is that it has more than 2,000 servers in more than 76 locations around the world, in addition, a very important feature is that it no longer supports insecure protocols such as IPsec IKEv1, L2TP or PPTP, right now they support IPsec protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN and also the new ultra-fast WireGuard protocol, which we have already talked about in RedesZone before, and which has provided us with excellent performance. This service includes an intelligent firewall that is capable of making our connection more secure and reliable, in addition, it has full support for IPv6 networks, unlike other VPN providers that do not support this protocol.

Other very important features of is that it incorporates Split-Tunneling, to go to the Internet directly with certain applications, and through the VPN server with other applications. Of course, it incorporates IP and DNS leak protection. Thanks to this VPN service, we will be able to access its servers located geographically in dozens of countries, in this way, we will be able to evade regional blocks easily and quickly.

Other critical features for a VPN service like this one from are as follows, and all are incorporated into this service:

  • Strict no-log policy, the company headquarters is in Malaysia since 2012.
  • We can connect with the same account up to 10 devices simultaneously, therefore, we can connect our devices and even those of family and friends.
  • This VPN supports high speed P2P traffic, ideal for downloading from BitTorrent completely anonymously.
  • It supports video streaming in 4K resolution, of course, we can make use of Netflix, YouTube, Disney + and Amazon Prime without limitations.
  • It has Multihop VPN, this allows you to go to the Internet by previously connecting to 2 interconnected VPN servers, to have greater data security, and avoid country censorship and surveillance. This feature allows us to choose the incoming and outgoing VPN server, including where the country is.
  • Bolt from this feature is unique in VPNs, it is a technology that allows to improve the speed of the VPN, the latency of the connection and allows to fight against censorship as in China.

This VPN service is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and also iOS, it is also compatible as an extension with Chrome and Firefox browsers, and we can even configure the OpenVPN client on our router or on our PC manually, since it will give us all the necessary data to establish the connection.

As you have seen, this VPN service is really very interesting, and above all, it is cheap if we take advantage of the offer that we show you below. offer for € 3 per month with 2TB cloud storage

The team of has launched a very aggressive offer, this offer allows us to buy the annual Premium subscription for only € 3 per month, in addition, we will have 3 additional months for this same price of € 3 without having to renew a whole year. In this way, we will have a total of 15 months of service with this VPN for only 45 euros.

In addition, have partnered with a Spanish cloud provider called which gives us the possibility of storing a total of 2TB of information in the cloud. A very important characteristic of this storage in the Cloud is that it is oriented to privacy and to provide the best data security, in addition, we will have point-to-point encryption from the client to the servers, and, of course, all the information is saves encrypted on their servers.

With this offer from, we will have 15 months of Premium VPN subscription and access to 2TB of Internxt cloud storage for only 45 euros, a real bargain.

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