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Snapchat allows you to recover photos that are supposed to be deleted

Snapchat keeps changing its policy against users. Since the beginning, this application has been used to send (and receive) compromising photos of different contacts in the phone book. The fact that a photo was sent and completely deleted within seconds gave this messaging client an incredible boom, especially among teenagers. In the last month, Snapchat has twice changed its policy to distance itself from these users and avoid being associated with a porn photo sharing client.

A few weeks ago, Snapchat was updated to include the possibility for messages to take up to 1 full day to delete. This means that we can no longer have a short period of time in which our photography is vulnerable, but can remain on the devices for up to 24 hours. Now, Snapchat once again gives its client a twist and adds the possibility that, with a payment of 1 dollar, Any user could access from the web to the files he has received through the messaging client.

This means that the photos are no longer completely deleted, but are stored in the cloud and if a user pays, they will be able to access the photos that another contact has sent them, although, supposedly, these had already been completely deleted from the platform. .

At the moment, this new service is only available for iOS, although it is likely that it will not take long to extend to Android. Snaptchat moves away from its origins for unknown reasons, and this is not going to please its users. Over time we will see if it is oriented towards a new audience or, if not, and due to strong market competition, it ends up being just another customer with nothing special to offer its users.

Have you ever used Snapchat? What do you think of the changes in this client’s policy?