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The Mi Orange application for Android downloads 10-minute videos every day, consuming the data rate

Several users are reporting problems on their mobile terminals, and it is that daily data consumption shows that a 600-second video has been downloaded, and day after day, the download of this video causes us to consume our data rate.

As we can read on HTCMania, the user in question owns an LG G2, and even if I restore it from the factory the problem persists. This user, when calling Orange customer service (it is a 902) and spending more than 40 minutes, the operator informs him that the culprit is the mobile terminal and that the billing is correct. However, the user does not give up and installs a Firewall on the terminal that allows him to know which applications are consuming data and the details of the exact time the connection is made.

Below you can see a screenshot of “Apps Orange” making a connection at 21:13:03 to a specific server.

The destination IP can be seen as and according to this web page, belongs to France Telecom (Orange).

Later, when looking at the consumption detail from the Mi Orange application, this data consumption is reflected:


Judging by the data that it exposes in the forum thread, and the Lookup of the IP address that the application indicates, It seems that it is the Orange application itself that performs these downloads of videos and for this reason the user consumes a large amount of data daily, this problem of excessive data consumption could lead to hiring an additional data bonus. You can follow all the news on this topic at this HTCMania forum thread.

Are you from Orange and something similar has happened to you?


Orange has contacted us and indicated the following:

  • In some forums it is said that the My Orange application consumes extra data associated with a video download, which is not true. The data associated with the Mi Orange application appears with the concept “AppMiOrange”. Confusion has been generated between Orange Updates (which appears as Apps Orange on the terminals) and My Orange.
  • In any case, it is false also that the Apps Orange application consumes customer data.
  • This application connects once a day to detect if there are updates to the Orange applications that the user has installed on their terminal. The confusion has been generated because in the log of connections that the user sees in his client area it appears with the concept “video0”, but this is a concept that Orange uses to identify the apps that have to be treated differently for pricing, that is, it identifies that this app should not consume data from the customer’s voucher.
  • We understand that is why the confusion has occurred and we are working to fix it.

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