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The Police virus hits Android again

The versions of this cyber threat do not stop and after the great success reaped in the desktop computers the cyber criminals they are attacking users of mobile terminals and tablets with operating system Android. On this occasion, the Police virus Prevents the user from using the device normally.

Android / Koler.A was discovered last week and despite not being able to encrypt the terminal data, it is quite annoying and difficult to remove. The problem is that the message that is displayed is on top of the rest of the content and each time it is closed we only have 5 seconds to do what is required, being quite annoying and making it impossible to uninstall.

With almost no time to analyze this first version, they began to create a second version that connected to a different server. However, this time those who made the mistake were cybercriminals and, as reported in Panda, they were able to temporarily access the MySQL database in which they stored information related to the threat and its infections.

In total, there would be affected users spread over 31 countries of which 23 are European.

How can I remove the Police Virus from my Android device?

A priori the process seems relatively simple, since you can go to the Application Manager and select a call BaDoink. However, as we have mentioned, we only have 5 seconds to carry out this task that seems complicated. Therefore, the only solution left for us is to restart the phone in safe mode and proceed with its uninstallation. After carrying out this process we can restart our terminal and the malware it will have disappeared without leaving any trace.

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