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Tips for choosing the best cloud storage service

How to choose the best cloud service

When we go to hire a storage service For our files in the cloud, whether free or paid, we must take into account several aspects that are very important. In this way we can avoid problems and also have something that really helps us. It is important to choose the best service for storing in the cloud.

Available size

Without a doubt something that we must take into account is the size available to store files. Here there can be very important differences. If we look at the most basic options, we have many in which we will find a 5 GB storage. Others like Google Drive also allow us to expand it up to 15 GB for free.

But it should be noted that there are alternatives in which we can achieve a greater capacity. Even more so if we decide to pay, where we can have even more than 1 TB of storage for our backups and files.

Be able to access on multiple devices

Another question that we must ask ourselves is whether we are going to enter from different devices. In this case, it would be very important that the cloud service we choose has compatibility for use on the computer and mobile, for example.

Today the truth is that most are multiplatform. However, some options are not so optimized for mobile or even do not work there. Therefore, we must ensure that we choose the correct option.

Security offered

Of course the security It is a very important factor at all levels and it is also when we talk about cloud storage services. We need to have a solution that is reliable, that adequately protects our files, and that does not compromise us in any way.

It should be noted that not all platforms encrypt our files the same. Sometimes we can even find services in which the files are stored without any security. This can be a major problem. Choosing secure cloud storage platforms is very important.

Inform us of other users

Through the Internet we can find a lot of information to ask questions that we have about a specific cloud service and thus inform us through other users. In this way we will also be more documented to choose the best cloud storage service that we can use.

File sharing permissions

But hosting content is not just about having files available anywhere or creating backups for private use. Keep in mind that we can host content so that others can modify or share it.

Not all cloud storage platforms have this feature and they don’t have the same ones either. permission levels. If we are looking for something flexible, that allows other users to work on files that we have uploaded, it is essential that we inform ourselves and choose an option that allows granting permissions.