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What to do so that the router does not heat up and turn off

The router overheating problem

This is something that can happen with many devices. Surely on some occasion it has happened to us that, beyond the router, we have had problems with a video player, television or similar, which gets caught and we have had to turn it off a bit and turn it on again.

It is true that technology has improved remarkably in this area in recent years. Teams are already more optimized to consume fewer resources and have fewer problems with heating. However, it is not something that has completely disappeared and we can see it with the example of the router.

The way in which we use these devices is going to influence a lot. It will depend largely on the user whether we may have problems or not. In case we suffer overheating in the router it could translate into loss of internet speed, micro cuts and stand still, without responding to requests from other devices. This is a problem that we can easily solve if we consider a few tips.

Especially when the temperature rises, as it happens in the summer months, this type of device can have problems. We can run out of signal and the reason is usually a overheating. It can happen at a specific moment, for example if it is working at its maximum, but it could also be something more extended in time.

Tips so that the router does not get too hot

It is important to take care of our appliances so that they have the best possible performance and extend their useful life. Normally only with making small changes we can achieve it. Therefore, we will see the main recommendations to prevent the router from heating up.

Place it away from other electrical appliances

Something very important is to avoid putting the router near others electric appliances. If for example we put it next to the television, next to a video player or even next to the computer tower, we can have problems.

All of these devices can affect the performance of the router. They could cause overheating and malfunction. Therefore, one of the main tips is to place it as isolated as possible, always with a good separation of heat sources that can cause other domestic equipment that we use in our day to day life.

Watch out for windows and direct sun

This is another typical mistake. On many occasions we place the router near a window and, even if it is far from other devices, the direct sunlight. This can be very damaging to any appliance.

This means that we should recommend avoiding putting the router near a window where it can receive direct light at some time of the day. We could have major problems that even permanently affect the device.

Avoid placing things on top

Of course we must also avoid putting anything on top router and that may obstruct the free passage of air. For example, we must avoid putting a book on top or any object that can cover it.

The best thing, once again, is that the device is as insulated as possible. We must place it on a table, connected to the current and, furthermore, away from power strips and anything similar that can give off heat. But we should never put something on top.

Avoid getting dusty

It should also be borne in mind that over time the router may pick up dust. This is something that happens to any device, such as our computer. However, the accumulation of dust can seriously affect the circuits of the device. It could cause overheating.

The best thing to avoid this is to have continuous maintenance and that the surface is clean at all times. The goal is to prevent dust from building up inside the router and causing problems.

Keep it up to date

To avoid overheating in the router it is also important to have it updated. In this way we will ensure that it will work correctly, that it will make the most of the available resources and that it will not have any type of vulnerability.

It could happen that there is a failure in that particular model and that, when it comes to handling connection requests, it overheats or cannot respond properly and needs to use more resources than necessary. These failures are usually solved thanks to patches and firmware updates.

Know if the router is up to date

Return to factory settings

In case we have everything correct and we see that it continues to heat up excessively, it is possible that we have some bad configuration or that we have touched some parameter of the router. This could cause malfunctions that result in overheating.

Our advice would be to go back to the factory settings. Basically what we are going to do is reset the router as it came when we purchased it. We will have to put a new password, name to the network, etc. This can sometimes be very useful to solve faults that may appear.

Use USB fan

One option we have available to avoid overheating in the router is to use a USB fan. This is very useful for laptops, for example. Normally modern routers have a USB port where we can connect other devices. In this way we can have an improvement in cooling.

In case we do not have a USB port integrated in the router, we could use any other device that we have nearby and connect the cable. So we could have this device under the router and cooling it much better.

In short, overheating of the router is a major problem that could weigh down the speed of the connection and its proper functioning. It is important that we always keep our appliance safe, in a good place and away from heat sources.

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What is SEO poisoning and how does it affect users

How SEO Poisoning Works

We can say that SEO poisoning is one of the security issues that can affect a web page. A main objective for any private user or company that has a website is to position it correctly in search engines. In this way, visitors enter Google, for example, and through a series of terms they can reach that page.

This is what is known as SEO. It is all that entails that this same article becomes relevant to search engines. Now this can also be used by hackers to increase traffic to certain sites that are actually malicious. This is also what is known as Black Hat SEO.

Basically what a hacker is going to do with SEO poisoning is optimize a page so that it appears in the first results when search in Google or any search engine. The victim will click on that site thinking it is relevant, but they will find that they have actually accessed a page that may be dangerous.

Keep in mind that search engines more and more they improve their operation to know how to detect this problem. However, as with many types of attacks, pages that are fraud can sometimes sneak in and appear among the first results.

This is usually a website that belongs to the attacker. They can create it to report on a certain topic, promote a popular product or anything that can be successful and receive many visits. But they could also use a legitimate site, which they control and modify for their purposes.

What can they achieve with a Black Hat SEO attack?

We have explained what is SEO poisoning or also known as Black Hat SEO. It is something that logically could put Internet users at risk. Now let’s see how it could affect us. We are going to explain what cybercriminals can get with this technique.

Sneak malware

One of the most common uses of a website with SEO poisoning is trying to sneak malware To visitors. They can upload malicious files with the aim that the victim downloads them thinking that they are legitimate and that nothing is going to happen.

We already know that there are many varieties of malware. Many kinds of malicious software they can put our equipment at risk. In many cases they arrive through downloads that we make on sites that are not legitimate. Hence, cybercriminals make use of these techniques.

Stealing passwords with Phishing attacks

Of course they can also position a website well with the aim of steal passwords of the users. They can create a page to carry out Phishing attacks. In this way, the victim will log in thinking that they are in front of an official page, but in reality they are handing over their access codes to cybercriminals.

Redirect traffic to other scam sites

Another issue to take into account is that that web page could be used as a bridge to reach other places where the threat really is. That is, they could use SEO poisoning to attract traffic to a created website and this page has links that redirect to content hosted on other servers and that are really a danger to computer security.

This technique is also widely used for the two cases that we mentioned above: the theft of passwords and the delivery of malware. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to lure victims to dangerous sites.

Promote fake products

Of course they can also use Black Hat SEO to promote certain products that are actually a fraud. For example, let’s say a new mobile, a novel smart watch or any device comes out. They can create a fake page to attract users and even sell that product but in reality it is a hoax.

Malware on the network

How to avoid falling victim to SEO poisoning

Now we are going to talk about the most important thing of all: how to avoid being a victim of this problem. We must take into account certain recommendations that can help us to reduce the risk of having security problems in our equipment.

Verify that the website is official

Something basic will always be to verify that the website we are accessing is official. Must check url, the information they show and the general appearance. In this way we will avoid giving our data or downloading a file on a site that is actually false and has been created only to attack, but has appeared in Google in a good position due to SEO poisoning.

Always check the links we access

Another issue to take into account is to always check that we are going to click on a link and see that we are really going to a legitimate site. We have seen that a Black Hat SEO strategy is to redirect traffic to dangerous pages. Therefore, you always have to maintain common sense and not enter a URL that redirects us to a page that has nothing to do with what we expect.

Keep computers protected

On the other hand, the importance of keeping our devices properly protected cannot be overlooked. We must maintain security at all times. Intruders must be prevented from entering by security programs, in addition to having all the updates. In many cases vulnerabilities can appear that are exploited by cybercriminals, hence we must have all the patches.

In short, SEO poisoning is a problem to take into account when browsing the Internet and conducting a search. We must always check that we are entering a legitimate site and never put our equipment at risk.

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what to do to encrypt it with password

Why it is important to protect our accounts

Any account that we create on the Internet must be properly protected. We must generate a password that is strong, that prevents the entry of any intruder. We should never leave our records unprotected.

Keep in mind that our personal information they have great value on the net. This will cause a possible intruder to collect information that can be put up for sale on the Internet, use it to attack our contacts on social networks, create personalized Phishing campaigns …

All of this makes us always properly protect any account In Internet. This also applies to the different programs and services that we use and where we are going to host personal content or data that may relate to us.

On many occasions we can make mistakes when protecting a registry or a device. Sometimes just creating a key is not enough, as there could be leaks. This makes it interesting to apply two-factor authentication whenever possible. This will add an extra layer of security. But without a doubt something that can not be missing is to have a periodic review and change the access code from time to time and thus avoid a possible leak that could affect us.

Steps to protect Google history

We have mentioned the importance of always protecting our accounts or whatever services we use. Now we are going to explain what to do to protect Google history. The search giant is going to store what we previously searched for. It will save our activity to offer us more personalized results and even also so that we ourselves obtain certain data.

Google allows you to protect this information. It allows us to encrypt the history and thus prevent a possible intruder from accessing the data that we have saved. This can be very useful in order to preserve privacy at all times.

The first thing we have to do to protect the Google history is to log in with our account. Once inside, we have to click on the Settings icon and enter Manage your Google account.

Subsequently, in the menu on the left you have to click on Data and personalization. It is the third option that appears. We have to go down until we see Activity and timeline. There you have to click on My activity.

A new window will automatically open. There we have to give Manage verification of My Activity.

Manage account verification

We have to mark the option of Need additional verification. We simply have to hit save.

Additional verification Google

From that moment on, Google will ask us for the account password in order to view the activity history. If, for example, someone has access to our computer or we leave the account open on the work team, it would be necessary to enter the access code to show the history.

Tips to protect your Google account

But we want to give some more tips to protect our Google account. We speak in a general way, some recommendations to prevent intruders that could compromise our privacy. We need everything to stay in good shape.

Create a strong password

Something essential is going to be creating a key code make it strong and complex enough. This means that we must create a unique password, which has letters, numbers and other special symbols. All this also in a random way. We should never use the same one that we already use in other services.

Ultimately this is the main barrier that will allow us to keep intruders out. We must have good protection and thus reduce the risk as much as possible. We can use key managers to help us generate strong passwords.

Enable two-step authentication

But the password is not the only security barrier we can have. There are more and more services in which we can use the two-step authentication. One of them is the Google account. We can add this extra layer to protect our account.

For this we have to enter once more in Settings. Later we go to Security and click on Verification in two steps. We will have to configure it as we want, since we can receive an SMS with a code or even use an application on the mobile.

Google 2-Step Verification

Use official apps

A very important issue that we must take into account is to use official applications. It is true that today we can count on many third-party programs that offer the possibility of surfing the net, logging in or making use of different features, but without becoming official programs.

If we use this type of software we run the risk of using something that has been maliciously modified. We don’t really know who may be behind that tool. This makes it very important to always opt for legitimate, official programs.

Common sense

On the other hand, one more point that we can take into account to protect our Google account is the common sense. We should never make mistakes such as logging in through a link that may be insecure or downloading programs from sites that are not legitimate.

Most cyber attacks are going to require user interaction. They are going to need us to click somewhere or download some dangerous file. Therefore, if we maintain common sense at all times we will have a lot of money to protect our Google account or any other service that we use on the Internet.

Ultimately, in this way we can protect the google history. We have mentioned the importance of keeping your account safe and also some recommendations to avoid problems at any time.

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What to do to prevent intruders from entering your computer

Methods they can use to get into a computer

The cybercriminals they constantly refine their techniques to attack users. They always look for a way to break any vulnerability, to sneak malware, to put computers at risk. When we talk about methods for them to enter our computer, they can use different ones to achieve their objective. Let’s see the main ones.


Undoubtedly one of the most used methods to be able to control a computer in an illegitimate way, to be able to access a computer, is through a trojan. There are many different types, but basically we can say that it is a malware that allows remote control from another device.

Trojans can sneak in, creating a back door on your computer. The antivirus does not detect it and the hacker would have full access. It could control system functions, change settings, sneak even other varieties of malware, etc.

Vulnerabilities in remote desktop

Today it is very common to use the remote Desktop. Very useful to work without having to be physically in a place. Windows and other operating systems have a large number of options. Some of them are integrated, while we can also make use of external programs.

However, on many occasions there may be vulnerabilities. We may be using programs without patching, without updating correctly. This could be exploited by hackers and carry out their attacks. They could access our computer through this type of failure.

Malicious program download

Another widely used method is by programs we download from the internet and they are not safe. They can sneak in any variety of malware that allows a hacker to access your computer. For example, Trojans could sneak in, as we saw earlier, but also other varieties that can compromise us.

This is a very common reason for our computers to get infected. The software we download may have been maliciously modified and contain any variety of malware that affects us.

Insecure Wi-Fi network

Of course they can also use insecure wireless networks to steal information or access our equipment. Nowadays it is very common to enter a Wi-Fi in public sites like a shopping mall, airports, etc. Intruders could be on that network without our knowledge, waiting for the victim to connect.

Detect intruders on your computer

We will also see different methods that can help us detect intruders on the computer. They can tell us that something is wrong and that we need to take action as soon as possible. Only then can we improve security.

Analyze the system

A basic initial step is to perform a system analysis. For this, we must have an antivirus installed that allows us to detect possible varieties of malware. For example, it could detect Trojans, something that would alert us that something is wrong and could mean that there are intruders on the computer.

Notice a malfunction

Another important issue to consider is whether we notice a malfunction general computer. For example, if we notice that it works slowly, that when browsing the Internet there are errors, that the network speed is very limited …

All this could indicate that our computer is malfunctioning and that there could be a cybercriminal. This would help us make decisions with the aim of improving security and preventing personal data from being stolen.

View programs or folders that shouldn’t be

Did we notice anything weird about the team? They may have appeared programs or files that were not there before. This could be software that an intruder has installed or folders that have been moved. This could also give us a clue that our computer has been infected and a cybercriminal has taken control.

How to prevent them from entering your computer

It is very important to always keep our equipment safe. We are going to give some essential recommendations to avoid intruders on the computer and to minimize the risk of being victims of any type of attack.

Always use security programs

Something basic and that cannot be missed is the use of security programs. We are talking, for example, of a good antivirus, as well as a firewall that can protect the network. There are many security threats on the Internet. Many types of attacks that in one way or another affect us.

Thanks to security software we can prevent hackers from taking control of our computer. We can reduce the risk and also avoid other varieties of malware that can compromise us.

Windows Defender Security

Upgrade systems

On many occasions, security flaws appear that can be exploited by cybercriminals. We have discussed the case of remote desktop programs, but it could also affect the operating system itself.

Our advice is to always keep the updated equipment adequately. You have to avoid any obsolete program or have without updating the firmware of the network card or any device. This is very important to reduce the risk of problems.

Download only from legitimate sources

Of course, something else we should mention is the fact that you only download from sources that are official. We must avoid downloading files from third-party sites, since they could have been maliciously modified and be a threat to our computers. We must always use pages and platforms that are legitimate.

Common sense

Yet another issue is the fact avoid making mistakes. We should not, for example, download email attachments if we suspect that they may be a threat. Also, do not open links that could be malicious.

In most cases, the intruders will need the interaction of the victim. They are going to need us to take some action. This makes common sense vital to avoid security concerns.

Therefore, these are some essential tips to prevent them from entering our computer. It is essential to maintain security and not take any kind of risk.

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Why do I have high latency when using the WiFi network at home and not wired?

Why do I have high latency on WiFi?

Before we start talking about why I have high latency in WiFi networks, we should know a little about how the wireless WiFi networks that we all use regularly work.

Wireless WiFi networks use the network access control protocol CSMA / CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance)that is, they make use of multiple access by carrier detection and collision avoidance. This protocol is essential because it allows multiple stations (such as wireless clients) to use the same transmission medium (in this case, air). Each team involved in the communication announces its intention to transmit before doing so, in order to avoid possible collisions of the frames in the air. Thanks to this behavior, we will avoid frame collisions and their subsequent retransmission. In case someone is transmitting, a random time is waited to reduce the probability of new collisions.

Basically the communication process in WiFi networks consists of three steps, first we listen to see if the network is free, if it is free we transmit the information, and finally, we wait for the confirmation of the receiver indicating that it has received everything correctly. CSMA / CA solves some typical problems in wireless networks:

  • “Hidden” WiFi clients: a client might believe that the channel is free, when in fact it is not because another client is transmitting and this client does not “hear” it.
  • Exposed WiFi clients: A client might believe that the channel is busy, when in fact it is not because the other client does not interfere with the communication.

In WiFi networks up to WiFi 5, we make use of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), this technology allows multiplexing a set of carrier waves of different frequencies, where each one carries information and is modulated in QAM or PSK. In WiFi 5 networks, the quadrature amplitude modulation is 256QAM, while in the latest WiFi 6 standard it supports up to 1024QAM, therefore, we can send more data per symbol in the latest standard. In WiFi 6 networks technology is incorporated OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access), which is a huge improvement over the OFDM we had so far, OFDMA technology is the OFDM “multi-user”, allowing us to share the spectrum of a certain channel, this is called subcarriers or subcarriers, and they are ideal for low-power applications. velocity. The channel is divided and divided into groups based on the needs of wireless clients, greatly optimizing WiFi wireless networks when we have dozens of clients connected.

High latency in a WiFi network can be due to several reasons, in some cases only one reason can be given, and in other cases there could be each and every one of the reasons that we are going to indicate.

We are far from the WiFi router or AP

When we are very far from the WiFi router or AP we have a low coverage, this means that the packet will take longer to get from our WiFi client to the WiFi router or AP. The most important thing when we are very far from the access point, is that, normally there are also other WiFi clients transmitting, so we will have to “wait” until the channel is free for us to broadcast, so it could cause latency is higher than normal, and even that there are collisions and we have to retransmit the packet.

Furthermore, a very important detail is that the “slower” customers hurt the faster ones, because they take longer to send their package. When we are very far from the WiFi router or AP, the synchronization speed will drop, and we will have less real speed, therefore, this must also be taken into account.

Many WiFi clients connected at the same time

When there are many WiFi clients simultaneously connected to a WiFi router or AP, the wireless network will be more collapsed, and we will have to wait longer until the channel is free to be able to broadcast. The new routers incorporate technologies such as MU-MIMO and OFDMA that allow to improve this aspect enormously, creating groups to transmit (MU-MIMO) at the same time, and creating subcarriers (OFDMA) to serve all clients.

When we have many WiFi clients connected to the same router or AP at the same time, regardless of whether they are in “stand-by”, they will always be transferring some data, so the occupation of the channel will be greater, and we will have a greater collapse in the wireless network, therefore, we will have to “wait” until the channel is free to be able to broadcast. In this case, the same thing happens as before, if we have many WiFi clients, it is possible that some clients are “slow” either due to their type of WiFi network card or because they have little coverage, and this will affect the rest of the network.

There is a technology called «Airtime Fairness»That allows the WiFi router or AP to provide a certain time to each of the wireless clients to be able to broadcast, in this way, when we are in an environment with a mixture of fast and slow clients, we can improve the performance of the fastest clients because they will not be interrupted by slower clients, speeding up and reducing the latency of the WiFi connection. This feature is ideal in environments where there are dozens of wireless clients connected.

WiFi clients transferring a lot of data

If we have one or more WiFi clients transferring a lot of data, it will be more difficult to find a “hole” in the wireless network for us to be able to broadcast our packet, therefore, the latency will increase without being able to do anything. When we have a wireless client or several that do not stop sending and receiving data, the other wireless clients will be harmed because they will have to wait longer until they can transmit. This could be mitigated by performing a bandwidth control per connected wireless client, so that the same WiFi client is not able to occupy all the available channel time, in this way, the latency of the WiFi connection will decrease.

Interference with other WiFi networks and frequency bands

If our WiFi router or AP is transmitting on the same WiFi channel as other neighboring networks, we could have interference with both your router or AP, as well as your WiFi clients because they will be “occupying” time in the air. These interferences could also cause high latency because our customer will have to wait until the network is free.

The 2.4GHz band has a greater range than the 5GHz band, this is a clear problem for interference with neighbors’ WiFi networks. If we use the 2.4GHz band, it is very likely that we will have more interference with neighboring WiFi networks, and, therefore, we will have higher latency in the connection. If we use the 5GHz band (which has less range), surely we will not have interference with neighboring networks, or at least, we will not have so much interference with neighboring WiFi networks, therefore, if you want to have the best latency you should always use the band of 5GHz. Soon we will have available the 6GHz band thanks to the WiFi 6E, this will allow us to reduce the interference of the WiFi networks enormously by having a new frequency band.

As you have seen, these are the reasons why we could have a high latency in our WiFi connection, now we are going to give you some solutions to mitigate the problem (because surely you cannot solve it completely).

Solutions to mitigate the problem of having high latency in WiFi

If you are far from the router

If you are far from the WiFi router or WiFi access point, the best thing you can do is get closer to the AP that is broadcasting, in this way, you will have better coverage, higher synchronization speed, higher performance and lower latency. In the case that you are a WiFi network administrator, we recommend that you activate the Airtime Fairness functionality, to prevent these “slow” clients that are so far from the AP, harming the faster clients that are close to the access point . Also, it might be a good decision to use the disconnect functions for WiFi clients that are too far away, in order to kick them out of the WiFi network and not harm others.

If there are many WiFi clients connected at the same time

In the case that there are many WiFi clients connected at the same time to the same WiFi router or AP, we have two ways to make this more bearable and not affect latency. The first thing we can do is activate the “Airtime Fairness”, so that slow clients do not harm faster clients. Another option is to install an additional access point to distribute the load of the wireless clients, or a WiFi Mesh system with simultaneous triple band to have a frequency band specifically for the interconnection of the nodes (if it allows Ethernet backhaul much better), In this way, we will be distributing all the wireless clients among several nodes, performing a load balancing.

If you have clients transferring a lot of data

In the event that you have clients transferring a lot of data, the most advisable thing is to limit the maximum bandwidth per wireless client, for example, put each WiFi client connected to our network to download at 50Mbps symmetric speed, in this way, we will avoid that a wireless WiFi client monopolizes all the WiFi bandwidth of the network. In addition, in this case it would also be advisable to enable Airtime Fairness to prevent slow clients from harming faster ones, and to optimize the wireless network as best as possible.

Use 5GHz or 6GHz and change channels if necessary

In the event that you are using the 2.4GHz band to connect, we recommend connecting to the 5GHz band or to the future 6GHz frequency band, in order to have as little interference as possible. In the event that you have interference, changing the WiFi channel will also improve the latency of the connection, in addition, if you use very large channel widths such as 40MHz in 2.4GHz or 80MHz in 5GHz, possibly if you reduce the width of channel (at the cost of reducing the maximum real speed) you will have less interference with other WiFi networks.

As you have seen, depending on the scenario where we will find ourselves, we can perform different actions in order to improve the latency of our WiFi connection.

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How to Modify the DHCP Lease Time on the Router

DHCP lease time

As we have indicated, the elements that will allow us to connect to the network are different. Some we can modify and adapt to our needs. We can make the connection speed faster, that everything goes more fluid and have less problems connecting our equipment.

Sometimes it is convenient to carry out some changes in the router or in our devices. It may even be necessary to make it work better. In this case, when we talk about time of DHCP lease or Lease time, we refer to the refresh time of the IP. Basically it is the time that elapses until the IP address changes.

We can easily configure this value in the router. This could be interesting on certain occasions. Usually it comes configured in 12 or 24 hours. We can lower or increase that time.

Keep in mind that our telephone operator assigns us a dynamic IP address when we connect. We are going to keep that IP for a while, unless we turn off the device. Now, we can also determine the time on the device itself.

This term can also be found as DHCP rental. But, why can it be interesting to change the concession time? This might be necessary for example in a network with many connected computers. We could have problems if the IP does not restart after a certain period of time has passed.

This means that we must configure it to renew earlier. If, for example, we have it set by default so that it changes every day, we can set it to do so after a few hours. We could also need the opposite, that this time be lengthened. We will be able to easily modify it according to our interests.

How to view DHCP lease time

On Windows 10, which is the most used operating system on desktop computers, we can easily see the DHCP lease time. To do this you simply have to run a command. We will not have to install anything additional to obtain this information.

The first thing we are going to do is go to Start, open the Command Prompt and execute the command ipconfig / all.

It will show us a series of data, as we can see in the image. We will have information regarding the type of network card, the physical address, whether or not we have DHCP enabled, etc. But what interests us in our case is the information that shows the concession obtained and when it expires. We will easily see it with the exact time.

We can also use it in Windows PowerShell. The procedure is exactly the same. You just have to go to Start, open PowerShell and execute the command ipconfig / all. There it will show us this information that we have seen. It will also show us data related to the network and, what interests us most, the IP lease time.

In both cases we will see the exact moment in which we obtained the grant of that IP address and also when the grant will expire. That time interval is what we can modify in the router, in case we are interested in doing so. It is a simple process and we will only need a series of data to be able to access and change it.

How to modify the IP lease time on the router

Inside the router we can configure different parameters that can help improve security or even performance. One of these options is to modify the Lease time or lease time of an IP address. It is something that we can do with practically any home router.

To achieve this we will have to access the device. We need to know the default gateway. Generally it is, but it could be something else. To confirm we can go to the Command Prompt again and execute ipconfig. There it will show us the exact address.

Know default gateway

Once we know the default gateway we can access the router. The password is usually generic, of the type 1234, admin1234, etc. Of course, we always recommend changing it and using a different one, created by us, and that is totally safe. We must never leave the factory settings, as it could allow intruders to enter our network and affect the speed and quality of the signal. You always have to create keys that are random and that meet the appropriate requirements to avoid taking risks.

When we are in the router, to change the lease of an IP address can depend on the model. However, the steps will always be similar. We will have to go to the menu, we enter settings or advanced configuration and there to LAN. The option to change the Lease time may appear there or we may have to enter DHCP Server.

Modify Lease time on the router

As we see in the image, it shows us first that the DHCP server. This is basic for what interests us. It also shows us the range of IP addresses where it is going to act and, below, the concession time measured in hours. This is what we can modify. We can put what interests us.

If we enter device information and DHCP, all the devices that are connected to the network will appear and when the IP address assigned to them will expire. This also provides us with information that may be relevant.

In short, by following these steps that we have explained, we can change the IP address lease time. It is a simple process, as we have seen. It can be useful at different times if we are interested in having the IP renewed more frequently, especially if we have many devices connected to a network and we have problems.

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Why is the virtual network adapter not showing up in Windows

What is the Virtual Hosted Network Adapter

In order to surf the Internet it is necessary to have a series of devices and tools. We can have different types of programs, configuration and equipment that help us in our day to day. All this will make it possible for us to navigate normally. But of course, on many occasions some of these factors may not work properly and that is where we would be unable to connect.

The virtual hosted network adapter is a Microsoft service that helps us to turn on or off the wireless network or virtual Wi-Fi. It may happen that it does not appear, that it is not available, and the causes are diverse, as it usually happens in these cases.

Usually this appears due to having made an update in the system. There may have been an error and this causes services like this not to appear. It is something relatively common and that can affect the operation of the systems or devices that we use in our day to day life.

It could also happen some system level error. Windows could be affected by different problems that could interfere with the operation of these types of services. This causes us to encounter the message that the hosted network could not be indicated.

Hosted Network Virtual Adapter Does Not Appear

As it usually happens when errors of this type appear, we will always have different options to solve it. We are going to see some simple steps that we can take into account and thus avoid the error that indicates that the virtual hosted network adapter is not available appears.

Update network drivers

This is something basic but it can solve many problems of this type. We must always have the latest versions, especially when it comes to devices connected to the network. In this way we will be able to include all the improvements that are present, in addition to solving certain problems.

Therefore, the first thing we are going to do if we see that the hosted network adapter does not appear or gives an error, is to update the network drivers. To do this we must go to Start, enter Device Manager, go to Network adapters and there we click on the corresponding network card, click with the second mouse button and click Update driver.

Check that Windows is correctly updated

We have mentioned that one of the main causes for this problem is an error when update windows. The update may have been hanging or that there is even a bug with that version and it is generating conflict.

Therefore, we must confirm that Windows has been updated well. We can go to Start, we enter Settings and we go to Update and security. There we will see the exact version that we have and we will check if there is something pending to be installed. It is important that a system update is completed correctly, otherwise something could remain and cause problems of this type.

Reset the wireless hosted network

Another step we can take to solve this error is reset wireless hosted network. Basically what we are going to do is deactivate the hosted network manually and then re-enable it. This way we will get it to be restored and see if the problem is solved.

To achieve this, we have to execute the following commands:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

netsh wlan set hostednetwork [mode=]allow

Later we will have to restart the computer. In this way it will be restored correctly and we can see if this problem has really been solved or not.

Restart the WLAN Auto Configuration Service

The automatic WLAN configuration service or AutoConfig Wlan Allows you to establish a connection between the computer and the wireless network or an adapter. It is linked to the Windows Hosted Network Virtual Adapter, so it could be the cause of this problem.

To do this we have to go to Start, look for Services and there, once a new window opens, we look for Automatic WLAN configuration. We have to click with the right button of the mouse and we give it to Stop and later to start it again.

Restart the automatic configuration service

Once this is done, once again we will have to restart the computer for the changes to take effect correctly.

Reset Windows Network

We can also take into account the possibility of resetting the network in Windows. On many occasions this option can solve problems that appear. What we are going to do is revert to the default values ​​of the network adapters.

To do this, we have to go to Start, we enter Settings, we go to Network and Internet and there we will see the option to Network reset. We have to give it to follow and accept. We will restart the system again.

Reset the network

Check that there is no malware on the computer

Of course we must also make sure that there is no security threat on the computer. On many occasions there may be malware that jeopardizes the proper functioning and that affects the devices and the different functions.

It is essential that we keep systems safe, with a good antivirus and firewall installed. In this way we can detect possible security threats and know if a virus or any malicious software could be causing this network error. We have both free and paid options available, although we must always choose one that really protects us.

Ultimately, following these steps we can solve the problem when the message that the virtual network adapter does not appear appears. You just have to take these tips into account and see if it is solved. It is an error that can appear occasionally and should be fixed.

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Advantages of sharing files online or using the cloud

Share and store files over the Internet, something very common

Use Internet to share or store files it is something very common today. We have a wide range of possibilities for this. We can use free and paid services, multiplatform, that maintain better or worse security … But there are two different options, although both useful: send files directly online, through a web page, or use programs in the cloud.

Let’s see what the advantage to use both options, but first of all we want to remember how the use of this type of services on the Internet has increased. They are very useful to have the files available at all times, for example. Also to create backup copies and gain accessibility.

Therefore, sharing and storing files on the network is very common today. We must always choose the best option so that our data does not run any type of danger and have everything available anywhere. These are the main benefits of storing files on the Internet:

  • Maximum availability: undoubtedly one of the advantages of using the Internet to store files is having maximum availability at all times. This means that we will be able to access that content from anywhere and at any time. An interesting way to always have everything available.
  • Create backups: it also allows us to create backup copies. On the one hand, we can store the files and keep them safe to prevent them from being lost in case the equipment is stolen or it has a hardware or software problem. In the cloud we will always have the files. But it will also serve to create off-device copies to free up disk space.
  • Have files on all devices: it is a good solution to be able to have all the files on any device. It does not matter if we are using a computer or mobile, since most of these services are going to be multiplatform.
  • Be able to easily share with others: A very important reason to use these options is the fact that you can easily share files with other users. Here we have the option of sharing files online directly through a service or using a cloud program.
  • Keep safe: but we must also mention safety. We may not want to have files stored in physical memory that can be lost or accessed by a third party. Thanks to online storage we will be able to keep security safe and have files encrypted.

Send files directly online

One of the options we have for share files with third parties through the Internet is to directly use online services. They are basically web pages that allow us to upload files and share them with other users. This has its advantages, although the risks must also be taken into account.

On the Internet we can find many pages where we can send files. Its operation is very simple and intuitive. They don’t usually need registration and we can load up to a certain capacity. It is not usual that they allow to host large files, but it can be more than enough to send not very large folders, for example.

Advantages of sending files online

  • No registration required– One of the main advantages of opting to send files directly online is that you don’t need any kind of registration. We will not have to create an account to be able to send files to anyone.
  • No need to install application: we will not have to install any type of program either. It is as easy as accessing the website, uploading the file we want to share and generating a link that we will later share with others.
  • Easy to use: the way to use this type of service is very simple. As we have explained, we will only have to drag and drop the file. Later we generate a link that we can share with other users quickly and easily.
  • We do not put personal data: we will not need to give our personal data, or email, or generate any type of information. The normal thing is that these services are simple, without records or data. An option for those looking to simply share a file quickly.

Disadvantages of sending files online

  • Files are not properly protectedSecurity is undoubtedly very important and with this type of page to send files online there is usually not a good encryption. It is true that some promise to keep the files safe, without third parties being able to access it, but the encryption used is not usually the most optimal. In many cases there is nothing.
  • They usually have a maximum time before being deleted: you also have to indicate that they usually have a maximum time available through the link that we are going to share before being deleted. After that time the files are not available.
  • Size limit: Another issue to keep in mind is that they have a size limit that can be much lower. After all, the normal thing is that we use free services, which do not have great benefits. They may fall short for many users.
  • Less options: they will also have fewer options. They are simple, basic services for sending files, but they do not have a diverse configuration.

Use cloud programs to share files

Another option we have available is to use a cloud storage program. Here we talk about alternatives like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. They allow you to have the files saved on the Internet and be able to access them from any device and at any time.

Without a doubt it is something more complete, with more possibilities, but it also has its negative points. We are going to show, once again, what are the advantages and disadvantages. In this way we can know if it is better to send files online directly or use an application in the cloud.

In this case, it consists of hosting the content on this Internet service and sending a link for another user to download it. In part, the operation is similar to the previous case we saw, but it has peculiarities.

Advantages of using a cloud program

  • Greater control on the files: one of the main advantages is that we will have more control over the files that we have stored. After all, it is a program in which we are registered with our data. The files will not disappear after a while.
  • Improvement in safety: it is also more reliable. They tend to have stronger encryption and this means that we are going to avoid problems that affect our privacy.
  • Reliability by being able to register: the fact of registering with our data means that we will be able to offer greater veracity when sharing files. The person who receives the link will know who it belongs to.
  • Share without downloading: Another issue to take into account is that we will be able to share with third parties without necessarily having to download the file. Many options allow us to edit a text file online, for example.
  • Greater capacity: we can also send larger files. This will depend on the service we use, but in general they have a greater capacity.

Disadvantages of using cloud programs

  • You need registration: a disadvantage is that you need registration. We will have to create an account and provide our details.
  • You have to download application in many cases: it will also be necessary to install a program on our computer on some occasions. Of course, they also have an online version.
  • Not so fast to send something basic: having to create an account we are going to waste time. It is not as fast as the previous option, in which we simply accessed the web and sent the file.

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Is it possible to browse with a proxy and a VPN at the same time?

Proxy and VPN: two different options

Both the use of proxy and VPN can improve our web privacy. They serve to hide the IP address and make our connection anonymous. This is important to avoid problems when browsing web pages, make use of online services, but also to be able to access certain platforms that may be geographically restricted.

Our personal data and information they have great value on the net. There are many techniques you can use to collect them. They can be used to include us in spam lists, send targeted advertising or even sell them to third parties for profit.

When we install a program, when visiting a web page, registering with an online service… We constantly leave a trace on the Internet. Some of that information is related to our IP address and everything they can find out from it. This causes users to choose to use certain tools that help us protect ourselves. Now, when we talk about proxy and VPN we refer to two different options, although in both cases they help us to improve the privacy and anonymity.

What is a proxy

First we will explain how a proxy works. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the source device and the destination device. Let’s take as an example that we are using a computer and we want to access a web page. That proxy is going to act as a bridge. In this way our IP address is not visible in the destination, but that program that we are using acts as an intermediary.

We have both free and paid options. We can use them for example to connect to services that may be geographically restricted. An example would be a Streaming service that is only available for one country. We can pretend that we are in that nation and be able to visualize it without problem.

Keep in mind that a proxy server what it does is hide our IP address. This will not prevent our information from being compromised if we enter unsafe sites or use programs that do not go through your server.

How a VPN works

A different option, and undoubtedly very popular today, is to have a VPN. It is a service that can once again help improve privacy and make our connections more anonymous on the web. We will also find a wide range of possibilities, both free and paid, for all types of operating systems.

A VPN is a virtual private network. Its function is to create a tunnel where the information is encrypted. If for example we try to access a web page, our provider would not know where we are actually accessing.

This type of service has many uses, such as accessing services available only in a geographical region, avoiding the censorship that may exist in certain countries, teleworking … But without a doubt something essential is once again security and privacy. We can use it to enter wireless networks that may be insecure and pose a problem.

However, you always have to choose the VPN correctly. If we have one installed that does not adequately encrypt the information, our data could be compromised and be an even greater problem for privacy and anonymity.

In this case, thanks to a VPN we will be able to encrypt all internet traffic. That is, we are not only going to hide the IP address from the program that we are using (for example the browser), but also all the tools that we have on that device and that connect to the network.

Is it possible to browse with a proxy and VPN?

We have seen what a proxy and a VPN. As we have seen, there are two types of tools that will help improve privacy and anonymity on the web. Now, could we use both services at the same time and further improve reliability?

The answer is yes. We can use a VPN and proxy at the same time. After all, what a proxy does is change our IP address and redirect the traffic to another server. Basically what we achieve with this is hide our real IP with the proxy and later the IP of that proxy with the VPN. We would have a double layer, a double encryption.

We can have a VPN installed on our computer and in parallel navigate through a proxy. It is an option that we have available, although the truth is that it is not the most optimal. We cannot even say that it will necessarily improve security and privacy on the Internet.

Signs of VPN Problems

It is not necessary if we want speed and security

We can think that by using a proxy and a VPN at the same time we will be able to surf safer and keep our privacy safe. However, there are several things to think about before making this decision: the speed of the Internet and the need to use both options at the same time.

First of all, if we take into account the velocity It should be noted that we would have problems. Using a separate proxy or VPN can already affect the quality of the Internet signal. We could have a significant loss of speed and even suffer outages, if the service we are using is not the most suitable.

But we must also bear in mind that it is not necessary to use both options if we want to maintain the security and privacy. If we simply want to hide the IP address, either of the two options is valid and only one of them is more than enough. If what we want is to improve security, in this case we should definitely use a VPN program. In this way we can encrypt the entire connection, hide the IP address and achieve greater security and reliability when browsing the network.

In short, it is possible to surf the Internet through a proxy and VPN at the same time. We will have double encryption and we will be able to hide the real IP address through the proxy and that of the latter through the VPN. But, as we have explained, this could lead to speed problems and it really is not something that is going to improve our security. Better to use a good VPN that protects your internet connection.

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Which VPN to use for smooth Internet gaming

Why use a VPN to play games

In order to play online we are going to need a good internet connection. This must also be safe, stable and have a low latency so as not to have problems when connecting to the servers. However this does not always happen. We can suffer from speed, stability, security problems … Even having access to certain games restricted simply because of our geographical location.

We can avoid all this, or at least improve it, thanks to using a program VPN. Keep in mind that they are available for both desktop computers and mobile devices. The latter are increasingly used in our day to day and when playing online they are no exception.

Be able to use geo-blocked games

One of the uses of a VPN to play online is to be able to access certain games that may be geo-blocked. This is something that happens on some occasions. It may be that directly a game is not allowed in a country, but also that part of that game is only available in certain nations.

A VPN allows us to connect to a server in another country and thus be able to access without problems. Let’s say we are in Spain and we want to access a game of a game that is only available to users in Japan. With a VPN program we can change our location as if we were in the Asian country and be able to access the game.

Get ahead of the launch in our country

Something similar can happen with the launches of certain video games or features concrete. It may initially be launched for a geographic region and take a few days or weeks to reach our country.

Once again, the use of a VPN will allow us to play that video game that has already been released in another country ahead of time. We can simply modify the physical location from which we connect and thus be able to enter.

Avoid IP address blocks

Here we can find several possibilities. One of them is that our IP adress is restricted from playing a certain game over the Internet. It may be due to the Internet operator that we have contracted, to having a shared IP, some error …

But it could also be that they kick us out of a game. This is common in certain games where the administrator might think that the user is cheating and decides to kick him out. That administrator can block a user for a certain amount of time by IP address.

If we are using a VPN we will hide our real IP and to be able to change it easily when connecting to another server. It is very useful for these types of moments, as we have mentioned. We can run into a block in our direction that we can jump over.

Improve ping

Although a VPN normally affects the speed and ping a connection, Yes there may be circumstances in which latency improves when playing online. This can happen when we are connected to a server in another country and the ping of the connection would be quite high.

With a VPN we can connect to a server that is in the same country as the video game. In this way we can improve latency somewhat and make it work better. It is not something that will always happen, but it could be the solution at certain times.

Keeps us safe on public networks

Of course, it is also useful to use a VPN to play online in order to improve security when connecting to public networks. Sometimes we have no choice but to access a Public Wi-Fi in a mall or airport, where we don’t really know who may be behind that connection.

Thanks to using a VPN we will be able to improve security. Our data will be encrypted and it does not matter if we have to log in to play. All that information is going to travel in an encrypted tunnel and nobody could get to read the content.

Which VPN to use to play

We have seen that using a VPN can be useful for online gaming in certain circumstances. Now we are going to show some options that we have available. It should be mentioned that we have both free and paid services. However, the latter are the most reliable for both performance and safety.

It is important that we choose correctly which VPN to use to play and in this way not have any kind of problem. The objective here is that it works as well as possible, that it is stable and that it provides us with enough servers to be able to connect according to our needs.


One of the best options we have to have a VPN to play is NordVPN. Offers more than 5,000 servers different distributed among 60 countries. This will allow us to avoid connection problems, blockages when connecting to a game in another country.

NordVPN is one of the most popular options. It is safe, protects our data very well, offers good speed and is also compatible with all types of devices, operating systems and even has a browser extension.

Surfshark VPN

Another option that is also widely used is that of Surfshark VPN. It offers a wide variety of plans, maximum security and is also available for all types of platforms. In this case, it has 3,200 servers spread over 65 countries. Once again we will have the opportunity to have a wide range of possibilities to connect.

It has a feature that may be interesting for many users: Whitelister. It allows you to add applications to a white list and in this way get it to ignore the VPN. It also has a kill switch, so our data is never compromised.


PureVPN promises great speed when using its service. This can be very interesting to play online. It also uses important security and privacy measures, such as 256-bit AES encryption, with which we can keep our data always protected.

Regarding servers and countries, the figure is quite high. It has 6,500 different servers and they are spread over no less than 140 countries. Very useful if we have problems playing online due to the location where we are.


Another VPN that we also want to talk about when playing online is Cyberghost. It also stands out for large number of servers, since it exceeds 6,000 available. It has AES 256-bit encryption, allows it to be used on 7 devices at the same time, automatic shutdown switch and available for operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android or iOS.

Cyberghost is therefore an interesting option to use a VPN in order to play online. It offers different plans that we can adapt to our needs. One more alternative that we can show in our list.


Undoubtedly ExpressVPN It is one of the most used VPNs and one that has the most possibilities for users. It offers a safe, fast and totally anonymous service. We can use it in the main operating systems and it also has a large number of available servers and countries.

In short, these are some of the main VPNs that we can use to play online. It is important that we correctly choose the one that best suits what we are looking for, that it is totally safe and compatible with our system.