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Two-step authentication might fail and not protect

Two-step authentication is not completely secure

We always say that it is essential to have a good key to protecting our equipment. We must use passwords that have different symbols, letters and numbers to create adequate protection. However, none of them is totally infallible, since there can always be a security breach, a leak or that they can find out through some type of malware.

That’s where two-factor authentication comes in. Basically we can say that it is an extra layer of security that can help protect our accounts. It is a second code that we receive and that complements the password. In this way, a possible intruder could not enter even knowing the password.

But of course, nothing is perfect. Two-Step Authentication, although highly recommended, is not foolproof and could have certain security issues. This means that we should take precautions and not think that our accounts are 100% protected.

Vulnerabilities in the system

One of the most common problems where two-step authentication may not be 100% effective is the vulnerabilities what’s in the system. There may be security problems that are exploited and allow an intruder to access the codes that come to us by SMS, for example.

Many IT security experts say that, while it is better than nothing, enabling two-step authentication via SMS is not the best idea. An example is what we have mentioned, that a possible attacker had access to these messages due to some malware or system failure that they can use.

Social engineering attacks

The social engineering It basically consists of finding a way to trick the victim into doing something. A clear example is Phishing. They send a message or email prompting you to open a link or log in. But the techniques they use can be very diverse and even compromise two-step authentication.

Let’s say that an attacker has achieved our password to enter a social network or bank account. Will you need that second code, which could be a series of digits that we receive by SMS. If you do not have access to our phone, it would be difficult for you to enter.

This is where social engineering comes in. You could call the victim posing as a bank employee stating that there has been a problem and that they need to verify that we are the legitimate users, for example. They tell us that we are going to receive a code by SMS and that we tell them to verify our identity. Logically, that message will contain the multi-factor authentication code.

Therefore, we can say that two-step authentication is very interesting to improve security, but nothing is completely effective. It is essential to keep this in mind, as in the end it will be the combination of many methods and strategies that can protect our records on the web.

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