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uBO Scope, the extension for Firefox and Chrome that scores privacy

When we surf the Internet, we constantly expose our privacy. Whether we want to or not, we leave some kind of trace when we connect. It is because of that uBO Scope, a new extension that is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, two of the most widely used browsers in the world, is responsible for telling us if we are exposing our privacy too much. What it basically does is analyze the traffic and calculate a score for our privacy exposure.

Measure privacy with uBO Scope

When we visit a specific web page, uBO Scope acts by analyzing that site. It collects all the traffic we send and returns us a score with which we can tell if we are exposing our privacy a lot or a little.

The extension grabs the base domain name for any third-party connection a site makes, even if it’s not allowed. What it collects from the primary domain name and third-party connections is stored in an extension database to calculate overall Internet exposure. The data are stored locally only.

The score is based on the browsing history, as well as content blockers if used.

uBO-Scope is essentially a tool to measure different points that they collect to calculate our privacy and its exposure. It is measured according to our own browsing history, so the results are completely relevant to us (unlike other external ones that most likely do not match our own browsing history). The goal is to increase awareness of our own level of exposure to third parties.

Heat map

The extension shows a heatmap when we click on the score general in the browser interface. Each square in the heat map represents a third-party connection. The cells are color-coded; red means that the connection was allowed, gray that it was rejected.

The interface ready two scores. The one on the right is the actual exposure score if you hadn’t used a content blocking extension, the one on the left the actual score that takes into account the content blocking.

When we hover over a cell, we get the domain name and the percentage values ​​that indicate how many sites visited that day made that connection.

We can change the display from heatmap to list view showing third-party connection domain names and scores directly. To do this we must click on the icon in the upper left part of the heat map to do so.

Change interval

The only options that the extension comes with, allow us to change the time interval in days that the extension uses to calculate the third-party exposure score and the color of the heat map.

Thus, with uBO Scope we can find out if we expose a lot of personal data when browsing a certain website. As we have mentioned, this extension is available for two of the most used browsers in the world. These are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.