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Upterm, a terminal emulator available for Linux

And that he is able to offer something is perhaps the most important thing. Above all, because already existing emulators are not able to convince users. Taking into account that it is based on Electron, a development framework that arguably has more detractors than followers. The results must be said that they are not bad at all, but it is true that in many applications greater integration is needed. Without going any further, taking into account that we are talking about terminal emulators, Hyper and Terminus we could consider them as two programs of the same type as Upterm.

Unlike these, the one we are dealing with integrates features of some development IDEs that we can find in some emulators.

Upterm details

The main feature is that it has predictive text. Or what is the same, it allows the autocompletion of the functions to be used, even advising on the arguments that must be provided for the function to be executed. However, it has been found that on several occasions it fails to advise in this regard, hence we cannot over-trust.

When Upterm is correct in the recommendation, the user will be able to view additional information that is related to the function to be used. But as we have already mentioned, on certain occasions it does not offer recommendations that we could consider valid.

Users who have tried the software tool indicate that to be a tool developed using Electron, it is not bad at all, although it is true that it has some bugs that need to be corrected, especially with regard to the initial appearance and the colors used. , making it impossible for the user to view some information.

Another negative aspect to take into account is that for Bash it does not have autocompletion, something that must also be extrapolated to other Linux tools.

Something that users highlight is that it has the support of monaco-editor, based on Microsoft Visual Studio and that it is developed using Electron. In the end, this software provides Upterm with functions such as zoom, autocomplete, appointments, searches, sessions in different tabs, … and so on until completing a fairly extensive list. If it is not supported by this software, the functionalities would be quite reduced, something that would prevent it from standing out from the rest.

Download the software from the GitHub project

General feelings when using the software

Although we have already indicated some negative aspects, it must be said that once again the consumption of hardware resources is not the best, especially if we consider that it is an application that is developed using Electron.

It is not a dedicated tool for advanced users, but it is true that it can quite comfortably meet the needs of users who have just started in this world.