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Users with hacked Textra SMS app are being reported

It is a free application that is available through the Google Play Store, and therefore advertisements are displayed that serve in some way to defray its development costs. But nowadays it is not difficult to find it free of advertising if we turn to unofficial application stores, something that seems to have not liked its owners too much, who have decided to take action on the matter.

It is already known that resorting to this method to obtain free or paid software is not entirely reliable, often causing the device to suffer the infection of some type of malware.

This application has more than five million downloads in the Google Play Store and what is surprising is that, being free, many users proceed to download it through other sources to avoid advertising.

Those responsible for the application have decided to take action on the matter and warn these users about the illegal practice carried out, offering a period of three days to install the legitimate version through the official operating system store.

What happens if the deadline offered by Textra SMS is exceeded?

From the outset, many have believed that the sending of this message by those responsible for the application is a bluff to put pressure on users. Different web portals have been able to speak with those responsible and have confirmed the veracity of the message. It has also been known that the number of affected users is quite important, adding that we cannot be fooled by the downloads from the Google Play Store, since many have uninstalled one and opted for the other that has the modified code.

On what will happen to those who do not comply with the grace period granted they have not wanted to offer details but it seems that they can take action in the form of fines. They explain that they do not understand why users take risks in this way by downloading an application from another source that is completely free.

Source | Torrentfreak