Pepephone Pepephone ADSL: Configuración de routers

Vodafone Huawei HG556a Configuration Manual

Once we have entered the router Huawei HG556a by Vodafone we will see this screen:

The first thing we have to do is go to «Advanced setup»And from there follow the configuration wizard. We click on ADSL Uplink and click on Next.

huawei_hg556a_pepephone_2Now several WAN connections will appear, we proceed to select all to remove (REMOVE) in this way we will have a clean configuration for Pepephone ADSL.


Once we have eliminated them, click on the ADD button to add a new rule. Click on Add and we can enter the VCI and VPI parameters of our Pepephone ADSL connection.


Then we will enter the PPPoE and LLC data as stated in the following screenshot:


Next, we must enter the username and password of the Pepephone ADSL PPPoE as stated in the table with the data:

  • User: pepephone @ pepephone
  • Key: pepephone

We put the rest of the options as they are in this screenshot:


On the next screen we activate the WAN and select that the Service Name is DATA / VOICE and click on Next. The following screen is a summary of the settings entered:


Once we have finished, click on SAVE to save the changes. Once saved, we are going to deactivate two options that are enabled by default, the SNMP server and the TR-069 client.

Let’s go to Management and in SNMP we deactivate it (DISABLE), then we press SAVE / APPLY.

huawei_hg556a_pepephone_9And finally we deactivate the TR-069 Client service as you can see in this image:


Now we are going to save all the changes and restart the router, we go to Management and in SAVE / REBOOT we do it.

Note: Users are advised to set the DNS settings of the routers to “Automatic”. If we set the DNS to automatic, the DNS that are assigned by default from the network will be used and not the central DNS that could have higher latency due to being further away from the user.

With this we will have configured the Huawei HG556a from Vodafone with Pepephone ADSL, soon we will complete this manual to add the configuration with OVH and VozIP.

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