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What alternative uses can we give to a VPN installed on a mobile

What to do with a VPN on mobile

The way we connect to the Internet today has changed a lot. We have more and more devices with access to Wi-Fi networks and in this way to be able to surf without cable. This makes the tools we have more adapted to these devices. We are going to show some uses of a VPN for mobile.

Buy cheaper

This is something that many users do not take into account but that is possible thanks to a VPN. It does not mean that everything we buy will be cheaper, far from it. However, there are certain platforms and web pages that may have different prices depending on the country where we are.

This is something that we can see when buying a flight, for example. Also when hiring a Streaming service. If we connect through a VPN to another country, we could have a lower price.

Being able to watch restricted series and movies

Another use that we can give to a VPN on the mobile is to be able to watch both series and movies that may be geographically restricted. It could happen that we want to see some content that is only available in a determined country and we need to connect to a server of that nation. But also if we are traveling and we want to see some content that is only available for Spain.

Prevent them from reading messages when using Wi-Fi

When we connect to a public Wi-Fi network, we don’t really know who may be behind it. We do not know if there may be a hacker connected with the aim of stealing information and putting our security at risk.

If we use a messenger program If it is not encrypted, someone connected to that network could read the messages. Thanks to a VPN our connection would be encrypted and we would avoid this type of problems that affect privacy.

Have no IP restrictions

Our connection may be restricted and the IP blocked. This would prevent us from accessing certain web pages or services. Thanks to a VPN on the mobile, we can avoid these restrictions and navigate normally. It is an interesting service to avoid this type of problem.

Security add-on

But a VPN is not only going to allow us to access certain content or have improvements in certain aspects of navigation. It should also be noted that it can be used as a complement to security. It is not enough just to have a good antivirus or the updated device, but there are many more options to protect ourselves on the network.

A VPN can help improve that security by connecting to insecure networks. Therefore, it is a good complement to make our navigation more reliable and avoid having problems.